1991 - The Third Decade Conference, June 29 Freedonia, New York

ballanim.gif  The Use of Computers in Researching the Assassination of President Kennedy  W. Anthony Marsh

1992 - The Third Decade First Annual Midwest Symposium, October 26-28 Chicago, IL

1993 - The Third Decade Second Research Conference, June 18-20 Providence, RI

ballanim.gif  Circumstantial Evidence of a Head Shot From the Grassy Knoll  W. Anthony Marsh
ballanim.gif  Conspiracy is not a fact  Kenneth A. Rahn

1995 - Second Annual National COPA Conference, October 20-22 Washington, D.C.

ballanim.gif  Best Witness: JFK's Limousine  W. Anthony Marsh

1995 - The 1999 Providence Conference on the JFK Assassination

From Evidence to Truth and Justice - April 16-18, 1999

ballanim.gif  The Zapruder Film is Authentic  W. Anthony Marsh