Critiques and Essays


ballanim.gif  Tidbits From the ARRB Depositions  - Anthony Marsh, August 14, 1998
ballanim.gif  A Photogrammetric Method to Calculate When the Moorman 5 Photo Was Exposed   - Anthony Marsh, July 17, 1998
ballanim.gif  Between The Signal and the Noise (a critique of David Lifton's book Best Evidence)  - Roger Feinman, June 23, 1993


ballanim.gif  Acoustics: Rebuttal to Ramsey and computer programs in QBASIC  - Anthony Marsh, July 6, 1998

Critiques of Assassination Science

ballanim.gif  Proof that the Zapruder film is authentic  - Anthony Marsh, July 26, 1998

[UPDATE]  Mantik Responds to My Zapruder Film Article  - Anthony Marsh, August 13, 1998

ballanim.gif  The Zapruder Film "Anomalies"  - Anthony Marsh, August 14, 1998

ballanim.gif  Mantik's Misuse Of Witnesses Who Said That the Limousine Stopped  - Anthony Marsh, June 5, 1998

[UPDATE] Do Pictures Lie? : Fetzer admits error in Appendix L caption  - Anthony Marsh, July 19, 1998

ballanim.gif  Did Connally Turn Left or Right?  - Anthony Marsh, August 11, 1998

ballanim.gif  Was there a bullet hole in the windshield?  - Anthony Marsh, August 23, 1998