Photo of Faculty Welcome to my Forensic Page. Please find on this page information about forensic science education, training, seminars, criminalistics, crime photography, questioned documents, trace evidence, entomology, investigation, anthropology, criminal profiling, criminology, odontology, pathology and anatomy for investigators. In addition, you will find information on courses or research topics such as forensic psychology, psychiatry and law. If you have suggestions for new pages or links on forensics or related fields or if you have questions seeking information, please e-mail me at this address: jdavis@somt.nu.edu

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(Dr. Davis lectures over a cadaver to students during a course in Forensic Anatomy)

Overview and Contents of this Web Page

This PAGE provides information on Forensics (Criminalistics, Forensic Chemistry and Biology), Criminology and Psychology . I am a University Professor and Practitioner (specializing in Forensic Psychology and Forensic Mental Health Law). I provide up-to-date information for those interested in Forensic Science, Education, Workshops and Training, Research, Forensic Psychology and Workplace Violence.

Hi! Welcome to Dr. Joe Davis' FORENSIC WEB PAGE! Thank you for the overwhelming response to my PAGE! I am a university professor, scientist and practitioner residing in southern California. Specifically, I reside in San Diego and specialize in the field of Forensics (my area is Forensic Psychology and Forensic Mental Health), Criminal Investigative Analysis also called Criminal-Psychological Profiling and Equivocal Death Analysis (Psychological Autopsy).

There are only a few Forensic Science Graduate Programs in the United States (about 13 in all, 32 undergraduate, no doctorates) and abroad. As the scientific field of forensics grows so do inquiries about forensics and training. As your forensic "tour guide", let me direct you to an area for education, research, books, workshops and training relating to FORENSICS.

(Dr. Davis and forensic student examining articulated skeleton in Forensic Anatomy)

Where You Can Reach Dr. Joe Davis

Dr. Davis can be reached through the Department of Forensic Science, Criminal Justice and Criminology at NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, 4141 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, California, 92108 or at 1-800-NAT-UNIV, 619-564-7427 or by fax at 619-563-7124.

National University has provided quality education in the fields of criminal justice and forensic sciences since 1979. Currently, a student can obtain a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice or a graduate degree in the highly acclaimed Forensic Science Program (MFS). I also recently designed and implemented a Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ). In 1996, we will add and offer the MCJ in addition to the MFS and B.S. degrees.

Contact me at the university or through this WEB PAGE via my E-mail address. This PAGE site is updated frequently with additional "hot links" to other locations. You also be informed of recent changes by filling out the form at the end of my web page !!!

Dr. Davis' Activities during the Oklahoma City Bombing

In April, I was asked by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) in Washington D.C. to assist in the Oklahoma Bombing Disaster. Working with other public service safety experts, I spent 4 days there providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD) to service providers, schools, families and children. For more information on OKC, contact me for a reprint of an article I published in the Journal of the American College of Forensic Examiners (ABFE and ACFE) the "FORENSIC EXAMINER", released in the September, 1995. You can also contact the ABFE for a back issue or I can send you, your organization or agency a courtesy copy.

Forensic Science Information and Resources

Associations, Universities, Colleges and Societies

Forensic Reference List
ASCLD: American Society of Crime Lab Directors
American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
American Board of Forensic Examiners (ABFE)
American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE)
California Association of Criminalists
International Association of Blood Pattern Analysts
Forensic Science Society
World-wide Criminological Centers and Institutes

Forensic Publications and Research Literature

Journal of Clinical-Forensic Medicine
Forensic Science International
The FORS Database on Data Star
Forensic Research Tools (gopher)
Searching Forensic Literature
Web Master Search
EINet Galaxy
Rutgers University Archie Service
Criminal Justice Related Research
Federal Agency Servers
Web Crawler Search
AskERIC Search Home Page

More Forensic Web Sites and Pages

Dean's Forensic Page (Excellent Resource)
Forensic Web Page at USFWS
Banarien's Web Page
Forensic Education
Michigan State: Criminal Justice Department
Forensic Development Program
Legal Research Network
Hank's Forensic Page
National Law Enforcement Technology Center
UK Police and Forensics

Forensic Sciences Resource Lists

Police Resource List : Forensics
Forensic Mailing Lists
Forensic Organizations
Directory - Criminological Institutes
E-mail Addresses in Forensic Science

Additional Forensic Science Sites

Forensic Crime and Related Laboratories

Metro-Dade Police Department Crime Lab
U.S. Fish Wildlife Services Forensic Laboratory
Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI

Mass Spectrometry

American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS)
Introduction to the Mass Spectrometry
Bear Instruments - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Page
Murray's Spectrometry Web Page
Mass Spectrometry Facility at NCSU
Italian Mass Spectrometry Web Page
Zhang's Mass Spectrometry Web Page
Systems Applications Web Page

DNA "Fingerprinting" Technology

Bio Guide to PCR Testing
DNA on Trial
DNA Technology and Forensic Science

Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry Mailing List
Forensic Chemistry
NAU Chemistry

Hair and Fiber Analysis

Hair Comparison and Neural Networks

Firearms and Ballistics

Hot Links to Firearms
Images of Firearms
Related Firearms Research

Linguistic Assessment

Forensic Linguistics

Toolmark and Shoeprint Evidence

Shoeprint Analysis

Photography, Crime Scene Investigation and Scientific Evidence

Crime Scene Photography
Scientific Evidence

Traffic Investigation

Stolen Vehicle List

Handwriting and Questioned Document Analysis

Handwriting Mailing List

Image Processing

Neural Networks in Forensics
Forensic Computer Science
SPIE-Conference San Diego Investigative and Trial Image Processing

Computer Crime Analysis

Computer Crime Directory

Forensic Medicine

Dr. David Ransom's Page at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology
Forensic Medicine Search

Additional Areas of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Pathology

Research in Forensic Pathology
Forensic Pathology Images
Forensic Pathology in Luxemburg
Forensic Medicine Search
University of Rochester Department of Pathology
Pathology and Forensic Medicine (gopher)
Department of Pathology - Florida
Faculty for Forensic Medicine (UK gopher)
Forensic Medicine at Monash University (gopher)
Search for Forensic Anthropology
Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology Courses at ASIP

American Society of Investigative Pathology

Forensic Anatomy Course at National University

Forensic Anatomy for Investigators and Forensic Scientists at National University

Forensic Odontology (Dentistry)

Forensic Dentistry (gopher)
Forensic Odontology
International Associations - Forensic Odontology

Forensic Entomology

Forensic Entomology (Norway)
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Entomology: Estimation of Time of Death

Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology

FAQ-List in Anthropology
List Services
Post Mortem Computerized Tomography
Forensic Archaeology

Forensic Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law

Psychiatry "On-line" in the United Kingdom
Mental Health on the Internet
Dr. Hooper's Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Alabama (Excellent Resource)
Dr. Davis' Forensic Psychology at National University
Dr. Bursztajn's Forensic Psychiatry at Harvard University
The Department of Psychiatry at UC-Davis
Psychology Mailing List
Forensic Psychiatry Services Information Bank
Forensic Psychiatry
Search of Forensic Psychiatry Resources
Forensic Psychiatry in Texas

Criminal and Psychological Profiling (Criminal Investigative Analysis)

Dr. Davis' Criminal & Psychological Profiling
References on Profiling and Crime Scene Investigative Analysis
Serial Crime and Violence
Research on Sex Offenders
Research on Sex Crimes
Cults, Crime and Related Groups
Serial Killer Hit List
Mass Murderer Hit List

Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychology
Books and References
Fatal Justice: Jeffrey McDonald Case

Psychology Related Resources

American Psychological Society
American Psychological Association
Psychology Students Handbook
Clinical Psychology: Overview

Police Psychology and Police Psychology Services

The Police Psychologist: The Emerging Role of Behavioral Scientists in Law Enforcement

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Research and Treatment

PTSD Research at the V.A. Medical Center
Dr. Frank Ochberg's Research on the Treatment of PTSD
Dr. Jim Goodwin's Research on the History of PTSD

Other Related Fields

Forensic Accounting

OSHA, Violence in the Workplace and Related Resources

Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines
Overview of Workplace Violence
Profiling Workplace Violence Offenders
Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office Violence
Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin on WPV
Judith Weiss' Assault Prevention and Intervention Page (APIN)

Center for Disease Control (CDC) with Related Resources

Research from CDC, Prevention Guidelines and Protocols

Mental Health Links with Related Resources

Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Page

The Medical Web and Related Links on the Internet

The Information Network on Mental Health
Medical Information Network Search
Harvard's Medical Gopher
National Institute of Health Gopher

Victimology and Victim Services

Research, Crime Victim Services and Compensation

Criminology and Criminology Research

The Internet Crime Archives
Dr. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page (Excellent Resource)
Capital Punishment and the Electric Chair

Law Enforcement Web Pages and Criminal Justice Resources

Ira Wilsker's Criminal Justice Pages (Excellent Resource)
Law Enforcement Related Research
Crime Data Archives
Police Resource List

Guide to Educational Resources on the Web

American Universities
Graduate Programs and Professional Studies
Graduate Education and Degree Geographic Locator
California Colleges and Universities
Yale University WWW Front Door
Additional Educational Resources on the Web
The Chronicle of Higher Education - This Week
The Whole Internet Catalog on the Web (Excellent Resource)

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Jobs and Related Announcements

Law Enforcement and Related Job Search
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Academic Positions

Joseph A. Davis, Ph.D., D.Law. (hon.)

(Dr. Davis curently holds Diplomate and Board Certifcation status in Forensics)

Director, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences

Specialities: Public Safety, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Mental Health, Profiling

National University, Tarson Hall, San Diego Campus, San Diego, CA USA 92108

Phone: 1-800-NAT-UNIV x 427 or School and Department Fax: 1-619-563-7124

E-mail: jdavis@somt.nu.edu

Earned and Honorary Degrees and Professional Certificates

Specialities and Research Interests

Training (Clinical, Police, Criminal and Forensic Psychology)

Board Certification in Forensics

Advisory Board Appointments

Recent Citations of Merit

Courses Taught in the Forensic Sciences

Undergraduate Courses Taught in Criminology/Criminal Justice

Most Recent Book Publication

Davis, J. A. (1995). Conducting Research in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. New York: Whittier Publications. ISBN: 1-878045-77-3. For a copy, call Marvin Lieb, Editor- in-Chief at: 516-432-8120 or Fax at 516-889-0341.

Journal and Editorial Boards

Professional Affiliations

Most Recent Journal Publications

  1. Davis, J. A. (September, 1995). Mass Disaster in Oklahoma City, The Forensic Examiner The Official Publication of the American College of Forensic Examiners, Springfield, MO: Vol. 4, No. 9 & 10, Pages 16-22.

  2. Davis, J. A.(Nov. 1995). The Police Psychologist: The Emergence of Behavioral Scientists in Law Enforcement.The Police Chief, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Alexandra, VA: Vol. LXII, No. 11, Pages 36-38.

Dr. Davis and Professor Dan Matticks during a typical "SKULL SESSION" (Lab Exercise in Forensic Anatomy).


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