Acronym Master List for LANL

This list is provided as a courtesy to customers of the Computing, Information, and Communications Division. The AML mostly lists those acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, and short forms that are used by or useful to Los Alamos National Laboratory. Some abbreviations or short forms (such as names for code subroutines) are too specialized to be listed in the AML; other short forms may be too well known to need to be included here.

Even though an acronym may be included in this list (for example, an office or a program name), CIC-1 cannot guarantee that it is still accurate or in use. We recommend the prudent use of acronyms in business and scientific writing and the definition of an acronym when it is first used.

Please send additions, suggestions, and corrections to CIC-1/AML at, Mail Stop D416, or fax 505-665-5097.



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A Return to Alphabet A absorbance, amplitude, or area A Administrative Division, 7/44­12/46 A air A analysis and assessment A Analysis & Assessment Div., 7/87­10/93 A Assay and Accountability, 9/70­12/75 AA access authorization AA accountable/activity area AA activity area AA adverse action AA affirmative action AA aiming algorithm AA arithmetical average AA assistant administrator AA atomic absorption AA Audits & Assessments Office A3 armor/anti-armor AAA American Arbitration Association AA3 (Accident Analysis Computer Program) AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAV advanced amphibious assault vehicle AACD Financial Administration Dept. (JCI) AACR Anglo-American cataloging rules AACS airborne activity confinement system AADP Administrative Automatic Data Processing Division, 2/76­3/81 AADT average annual weekday traffic AAEE American Academy of Environmental Engineers AA/EEO affirmative action/equal employment opportunity AAH advanced attack helicopter AALC amphibious assault landing craft AAM airborne activity monitor AAM air-to-air missile AANC Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Development & Demonstration Center (SNL) AAP affirmative action program AAP asbestos action program AAQS ambient air quality standard AAR affirmative action representative AAR Association of American Railroads AARADCOM U.S. Army Armaments R&D Command AARC Alliance for Acid Rain Control AARE a-associate response (telecom.) AARQ a-associate request (telecom.) AAS acid addition system AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy A.A.S. Academiae Americanae Socius (American Academy of Sciences) AASM Advanced Air to Surface Missile AASO Army Aeronautical Service Office AAT asbestos awareness training AAUS airborne atmospheric uranium sensor AAW antiair warfare AB - AC A.B. artium baccalaureus; bachelor of arts A&B (dual lock) A/B air bus ABA American Bar Association ABAQUS (finite-element computer code) ABB Asea Brown Boveri ABC accelerator-based conversion ABC advanced ball concept ABC atomic, biological & chemical ABFEL air-based free-electron laser ABE Army Background Experiment ABES Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions ABF ammonium bifluoride ABHX air blast heat exchanger Abk. Abkurzung; abbreviation ABL airborne laser ABL atmospheric boundary layer ABLE activity balance line evaluation ABM antiballistic missile ABM asynchronous balanced mode (telecom.) ABR advanced battery research ABRES advanced ballistic re-entry system ABRV advanced ballistic re-entry vehicle ABS American Bureau of Shipping ABS alkylbenzene sulfonate ABS automatic backup shutdown (system) ABSS average base shear stress ABS-SC automatic backup shutdown of safety computer ABTA Applied Biotreatment Association ABTRES abatement & residual forecasting model ABV auxiliary building ventilation ABW airborne waste AC access control AC accountability measurement (plutonium) AC actual commitment AC advisory circular (also A/C) AC advisory committee ac alternating current (also AC) AC Ancho Canyon (TA-39) AC area coordinator AC (drawing number prefix-inspection instruction) A/C air conditioning (also AC) a.c. année courant; current year (French) A&C abatement and control ACA American Conservation Association, Inc. ACA applied combinatorial analysis ACB air-operated circuit breaker ACBM asbestos-containing building material ACC abnormal condition control ACC accumulator (injection) ACCD aircraft compatibility control drawing ACD advanced conceptual design ACD automatic call director (telecom.) ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency ACDF Advanced Chemical Diagnostics Facility ACDP Advisory Committee for Disabled People (DOE/AL) ACE Achieving the Competitive Edge (PNL) ACE a compact ENDF (file format) ACE aerosol control experiment ACE aerotherm chemical equilibrium (program) ACE alkyl cobalt dicarbollide extraction ACE Alliance for Clean Energy ACE Army Corps of Engineers (U.S.) ACEC American Consulting Engineers Council ACEP Advisory Committee, Export Policy (DOC) ACF acid concentrator feed ACF automatic control feature acfm actual cubic feet per minute ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists ACH air changes per hour ACH automated clearing house ACI Advanced Computing Initiative ACI American Concrete Instit. ACI automatic closure and interlock ACIA American Construction Inspection Assn. ACID atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (telecom.) ACIS automated chemical inventory system ACL access control list ACL Advanced Computing Laboratory ACL alternative concentration level/limit ACL auxiliary cooling loop ACM advanced conventional munitions ACM advanced cruise missile ACM airport certification manual ACM asbestos-containing material ACM Association of Communication Maanagers ACM Association for Computing Machinery ACME Annual Conference of Managing Editors (DOE meeting) ACNFS Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety (DOE) ACNPRS Advisory Committee on New Production Reactor Safety ACNTS Arms Control & Nonproliferation Technology Support (DOE) ACO administrative consent order ACO advance change order ACO Atomic Coordinating Office ACOM Communications Department (JCI) ACONET Akademisches Computer Netz (Austria) ACO/UK Atomic Coordinating Office/United Kingdom ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards ACS account control system ACS advanced communication systems ACS Aldus color file ACS American Cancer Society ACS American Chemical Society ACS attitude control system ACS auxiliary cooling system ACSE association control service element (ISO) ACSH American Council on Science & Health ACT Accounting Division, 3/81­?/91? ACTI advanced computational technology initiative ACTS advanced communications technology satellite ACU acknowledgment signal unit (telecom.) ACV air-cushion vehicle ACV at-completion variance ACVC arms control verification committee ACWA American Clean Water Association ACWP actual cost of work performed AD - AE AD airworthiness directive AD assistant/associate director (obsolete) AD (drawing no. prefix-acceptance equipment & specification list) A/D analog to digital ADA Americans with Disabilities Act ADA applied decision analysis ADABAS adaptable database system ADAL Associate Director at Large ADaPT Advanced Design and Production Technology ADB Apple desktop bus ADC atomic demolition charge ADC authorized derivative classifier ADCCP advanced data communication control procedure AD&D accidental death and dismemberment ADCM Associate Director for Chemistry and Materials ADDS Automated Departmental Directives System ADEE Associate Director for Energy and Environment ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite (Japan) ADEP accelerator-driven energy production ADEPT assisting deployment of energy and environmental practices and technologies ADET Associate Director for Energy and Technology ADF automatic direction finding ADI acceptable daily intake ADI air defense initiative ADI alternating-direction implicit (method) ADISS analytical data interchange & storage standards ADIT accelerator-driven transmutation technologies ADL above detection limit ADLD Associate Director for Laboratory Development ADM action description memorandum ADM arrow diagram method ADM atomic demolition munition ADMD administrative management domain ADNWT Associate Director for Nuclear Weapons Technology ADO Associate Director for Operations ADP administrative data processing ADP Administrative Data Processing Division, 03/81­11/93 ADPCM adaptive differential pulse code modulation ADPE ADP equipment ADPLS Associate Director for Physics and Life Sciences ADQPP Associate Director for Quality, Policy, and Performance ADR alternative/alternate dispute resolution ADR Associate Director for Research ADR audit discrepancy report ADRE Associate Director for Research and Education ADS activity data sheet ADSCEPTS advanced self-contained chemical energy propulsion ADSIMS air defense simulation ADSL asymmetrical digital subscriber line (Bellcore video transmission) ADSM Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (backup software) ADT aerated drain tank ADT atomic damage template ADTF At Depth Test Facility ADTT accelerator-driven transmutation technologies (also ADT2) ADV adeno-associated virus ADV atmospheric dump valve AE acceptance equipment AE Anchor Site East (TA-9) AE architect/engineer AEA air entraining agent AEA Atomic Energy Act of 1954 AEA Atomic Energy Authority (U.K.) AEB auxiliary equipment building AEC Associate Enforcement Counsel (EPA) AEC Atomic Energy Commission (DOE predecessor) AECA Arms Export Control Act AECL Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd. AED Air Enforcement Division (EPA OECM) AEDA atomic energy defense activities AEDS atomic energy detection system AEE Alliance for Environmental Education AEEN Agence Européenne pour l'Énergie Nucléaire AEERL Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory (EPA ORD) AEM acoustic emission monitoring AEM application evaluation matrix AEMS automated energy management system AEN administrative exception note AEO Atomic Energy Organization (Iran) AEOS analytic equation of state AEP airport emergency plan AEP alkaline earth precipitate AEP application environment profile (POSIX) AER advanced electric reactor AER advance engineering release AER appropriate extent of remedy AER average evoked response AERE Association of Environmental & Resources Economists AERE Atomic Energy Research Establishment AES acceptance equipment system AES aircraft earth station (telecom.) AES atomic emission spectroscopy AES Auger electron spectroscopy AESD Advanced Energy System Division (Westinghouse) AET accelerated environmental test AETM accelerated environmental test mockup AEW airborne early warning AF - AH AF Air Force (U.S.) AF affiliate AF auxiliary feed AF (drawing no. - operating procedure) AFA American Forestry Association AFADS automated flexible air defense system AFAP artillery-fired atomic projectile AFATL Air Force Armament and Testing Laboratory AFB air force base AFB atmospheric fluidized bed AFC automatic flow control AFCSA/CC Commander, Air Force Center for Studies and Analysis AFD acid fractionator distillate AFD axial flux difference AFDM Advanced Fluid Dynamics Model [code] AFE analog front end AFEL advanced free-electron laser AFESC Air Force Engineering & Sciences Center AFF adaptive feedforward AF&F arming, fuzing, and firing (component) AFFF aqueous film-forming foam AFIC Air Force Intelligence Command AFGE American Federation of Government Employees AFGL Air Force Geophysics Lab AFGL (atmospheric constituent model) AFI authority and format identifier (telecom.) AF/IN Air Force Asst. Chief of Staff, Intelligence AF/INX Air Force Asst. Chief of Staff, Director of Policy, Plans & & Programs AFIS automated fingerprint identification system AFISA Air Force Intelligence Support Agency AFM Adobe Font Manager AFM atomic force microscopy (also ATM) AFNB (U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board) AFNE American for Nuclear Energy AFO available for obligations AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFP advanced flexible processor AFP approved financial/funding plan AFP approved funding program AFPEO/ST Air Force Programs Executive Officer, Director of Strategic Programs AFR Air Force Regulation AFR air/fuel ratio AFR Arndt-Ford-Roper (two-pole fit) AFR audit finding report AFS Andrew file system AFS automatic fuel dispensing AFS auxiliary feedwater system AFSAS Air Force Director for Strategic Force Analysis AFSCM Air Force Systems Command Manual AFSSO Air Force Special Security Office AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center AFV alternative fuel vehicle AFV armored fighting vehicle AFW auxiliary feedwater AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory (KAFB) AG alternating gradient AG Australia Group (nonproliferation) A.G. Aktiengesellschaft; corporation AGA automatic gas analyzer AGC automatic gain control AGEN General Accounting Branch (JCI) AGEX above ground experiments AGFNET Arbeitgemeinschaft der Grossforschungseinrichtungen AGL above ground level AGM associate general manager (EG&G RFO) AGNS Allied General Nuclear Services AGR advanced gas-cooled reactor AGS alternating-gradient synchrotron (BNL) AGS American Glovebox Society AGS annulus gas system AGT aboveground test AGT advanced ground transport AGU American Geophysical Union AH Akademiya Nauk (Russian Academy of Sciences) AH aldehyde A/H air handling AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act AHF Advanced Hadron Facility AHP analytical hierarchy process AHS automated highway system AI - AM AI action item AI artificial intelligence AI Atomics International AI authorized inspector A/I accident/incident A.I. anno inventionis; in the year of the discovery AIAIT Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center AIAS automatic incident actuation system AIC acceptable intake for chronic exposure AICC adiabatic isochoric complete combustion AICE American Institute of Consulting Engineers AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers AID air inlet damper AID Agency for International Development AIDS Activity Information Data Systems AIDS autoimmune deficiency syndrome AI-EOD artificial intelligence-explosive ordnance disposal (LANL) AIF Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. AIFF audio interchange file format AIIM Association for Information and Image Management AIM adaptive injection molding AIM advanced industrial materials AIM analytical instrumentation module AIM artificial ionization mirror AIMS advanced information management systems AIMS Automated Instrumentation and Monitoring System AI&O annual inspection and overhaul AIP additions in progress AIP agreement in principle AIP American Indian Program AIP American Institute of Physics AIRAPT (International Association for Research on High Pressure Science & Technology) AIRFA American Indian Religious Freedom Act AIRS advanced inertial reference sphere AIS acceptable intake for subchronic exposure AIS accumulator injection system AIS administrative information systems AIS advanced isotope separation AIS affiliate information system AIS Affiliate and Immigration Services AIS automated information systems AISC American Institute of Steel Construction AISC (Industry, Science & Technology Canada) AISD Information Systems Department (JCI) AISEC Army Information Engineering Command AISES American Indian Science and Engineering Society AIST Agency of Industrial Science & Technology (Japan) AIT atmospheric interceptor technology AIT audit inventory team A/I adsorption isotherm AIX advanced interactive executive AL Albuquerque Operations Office AL Ames Laboratory AL analytical laboratory AL apparatus list (drawing no. prefix) AL authorized leave with pay (attendance code) ALA amino-levulinic acid ALAP as late as possible ALAP as low as possible/practicable ALA-O delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydrates ALAPCO Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials AL/APD AL Advance Planning Division ALARA as low as reasonably achievable ALBM air-launched ballistic missile ALBURT Albuquerque budget reform task ALC airlift circulator ALC allocations ALCLAD (clad aluminum alloy) ALCM air-launched cruise missile ALCS automated laboratory control system ALDNW Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Wapons ALDSSR Associate Laboratory for Strategic and Supporting Research ALDTR Associate Laboratory Director for Threat Reduction ALE arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (code) ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council AL/EPD AL Environmental Protection Division ALEXIS array of low-energy x-ray imaging sensors AL/FPMD AL Facilities Planning and Maintenance Division AL/HPD AL Health Protection Division ALJ Administrative Law Judge ALI Alpha/LAMP Integration ALI annual limit on intake ALKEM (German laboratory/firm) AL/KAO AL Kirtland Area Office AL/MRD AL Management Review Division ALMS atomic line molecular spectroscopy ALO Albuquerque Operations Office ALOO Albuquerque Operations Office AL/OESH AL Office of Environment, Safety, and Health AL/OIEA AL Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs AL/OQD AL Operations Safety Division ALP airport layout plan ALP assembly language preprocessor ALPAL (parallel program developed at LLNL) AL/PIRD AL Personnel, Industrial Relations Division ALPMI AL property management instructions ALPR Argonne Low Power Reactor ALPS accidental launch protection system ALPS alternate launch point system ALS accident localization system (reactor) ALR administrative license revocation ALS advanced launch system ALS advanced light source ALSAS At-Line Solution Assay ALSI aluminum silicon alloy AL/SPD AL Special Programs Division ALT alteration ALU arithmetic logic unit AL-WDD AL Weapons Development Division AL/WMOSD AL Waste Management & Operational Surety Division AM Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual AM Ampex, Inc. AM (drawing no. prefix-tester control program) A&M agricultural and mechanical (college/univ) AMAD activity-median aerodynamic diameter AMAX American Metals Climax (potash mine) AMBIENS atmospheric mass balance of industrially emitted and natural sulfur AMC American Mining Congress AMC appraisal management center AMC Army Materiel Command AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD alpha activity median diameter AMDA acceptable minimum detectable activity AMDO Administration (JCI) AMESS autonomous machine environmental surveillance system AMFS advanced manufacturing feasibility studies AMHR Human Resources Department (JCI) AMI Advanced Manufacturing Initiative AMI alternate mark inversion (telecom.) AMI automated microwave instrumentation AML acronym master list AML Advanced Materials Laboratory (Albuq.) AMO Advanced Munitions Office AMOS azimuthally symmetric mode simulator AMP advanced machining program AMP Alliance for Minority Participation AMP asbestos management plan AMP asynchronous multiprocessing AMPS advanced mobile phone service (standard) AMPS airborne multisensor pod system AMRR Army Material Research Reactor AMR adaptive mesh refinement AMR Atlantic Missile Range AMRV advanced maneuvering re-entry vehicle AMS aerial measurement station AMS aerial monitoring/measurement system AMS American Mathematical Society AMS analysis mass spectrometer AMS applied mathematical science AMS appraisal management system AMS Army Map Service AMS atmospheric measurement system AMS atomic mass spectrometry AMSD Airport Management Services Division (JCI) AMSG appropriate military systems guide AMSS Security Branch (JCI) AMT Apple Media Tool AMT Association of Manufacturing Technology AMTEL Advanced Materials Testing & Evaluation Laboratory AMTEX American Textiles (DOE partnership) AMTL Army Material Test Laboratory AMU aqueous makeup amu atomic mass unit AN - AO AN Air Force/Navy specification AN ammonium nitrate ANACONDA (intense electron beam accelerator) AN can (metal drum) ANDAS Advanced Neutron Detection Analysis System ANEC American Nuclear Energy Council ANFO ammonium nitrate/fuel oil ANI actual net interchange ANI authorized nuclear inspector ANI automatic number identification used for telecom. ANL Argonne National Laboratory ANL-E Argonne National Laboratory-East ANL-W Argonne National Laboratory-West ANM alternate nuclear materials ANN artificial neural network ANOI advance notice of intent ANOVA analysis of variance ANPR advance notice of proposed rulemaking ANRHRD Air, Noise & Radiation Health Research Division (EPA ORD) ANS advanced network and services ANS advanced neutron source ANS American National Standard ANS American Nuclear Society ANS autonomic nervous system ANSI American National Standards Institute ANSS American Nature Study Society AN-SSSR Academy of Sciences (U.S.S.R.) ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization ANTA 5-amino-3-nitro-1H-1,2,4-triazole ANTARES Advanced Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine Simulator ANTHEM (plasma simulation code) ANTI-C anti-contamination (used for clothing) ANWR Arctic National Wildlife Refuge AO abnormal occurrence AO Accounting Office, 04/50­03/81 AO administrative order AO air overseas (mail) AO annotated outline AOC abnormal operating condition AOC area of concern AOC area of contamination AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment AOD argon-oxygen decarbonization AOG acid offgas AOG augmented offgas AOM annual operating and maintenance (cost) AOML Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory AOO anticipated operational occurrence AOP abnormal operating procedure AOP annual operating plan AOPR associated offices of primary responsibility AOQL average outgoing quality limit AOS alternative operator services AOS/VS advanced operating system/virtual storage AOT Accelerator Operations and Technology Division, 10/93- AOTF acousto-optical tunable filter AOV air-operated valve AP - AR AP access permit AP action plan AP administrative procedure AP ammonium perchlorate AP Amparo AP application process/program AP Applied Photochemistry Division, 7/76­8/82 AP armor-piercing AP assigned personnel APA Administrative Procedures Act APA American Planning Association APAY Payroll Accounting Branch (JCI) APC ammonium perchlorate APC argon purge cart APCA Air Pollution Control Association A&PCT active and passive gamma-ray spectrometry computed tomography APD Advanced Planning Division (DOE) APD advance planning document/directive APD areal power density APD avalanche photodiode APDCS axial power distribution monitoring system APDF accelerator performance demonstration facility APE action plan element APEC Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC Asian-Pacific Employees Committee APEN air pollution emissions notice APET accident progression event tree APEX advance purchase excursion (fare/ticket) APEX APLE Prototype Experiment APEX (pure explosives database) APF automatic pressure filter APHA American Public Health Association API absolute position indication API American Petroleum Institute API application program interface APL Applied Physics Laboratory API armor-piercing incendiary API axial power indicator APL average power laser APLE average power laser experiment APM advanced power management APM axial power monitor APMS accountable property management system (JCI) APN advance purchasing notice APN augmented proportional navigation APO Administrative Policy Office APO Army Post Office APOLLO2 (SRL code for operating limits) APPA American Public Power Association APPLY (parallel program generation; CMU) APPR Army package power reactor APR Aberdeen Pulsed Reactor Facility APR air purifying respirator APR automatic pressure relief APRF Army Pulse Radiation Facility APRM average power range monitor APS Advanced Power Source APS American Physical Society APS Argonne Photo Source APS array processing system APS atomic power station APS authorization planning schedule APS autocorrelated photon spectroscopy APS auxiliary power system APS axial power shape APT accelerator production of tritium APT Alliance for Photonic Technology APU auxiliary power unit AQCA Air Quality Control Act AQD Air Quality Digest AQCR Air Quality Control Region (CAA) AQCR Air Quality Control Regulation (NM) AQIRP Auto-Oil Air Quality Improvement Research Program AQL acceptable quality level AQMA air quality maintenance area AQRV Air Quality Related Value AQS Air Quality Standard AQSM air quality simulation model AR administrative requirement AR aromatic AR arsenide AR as required AR auto-regressive A&R air and radiation ARA Apple Remote Access ARAC atmospheric release advisory capability ARAP Aeronautical Research Associations­Princeton ARAR applicable or relevant and appropriate ARB Accommodations Review Board (obsolete; see DIB) ARBI adjusted running book inventory ARC accelerating rate calorimetry ARC Ames Research Center ARCC American Rivers Conservation Council ARCCC Accident Response Capabilities Coordinating Committee ARCHIE (archive server listing service, Internet) ARCnet Attached Resource Computer Network ARD Air & Radiation Division (EPA) ARDEC Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (Army) ARES advanced re-entry system ARF airborne release fraction AR&FF aircraft rescue and fire fighting ARG Accident Response Group ARG American Resources Group ARGOS AUTEC real-time graphics on-line support system ARGUS Argonne Unified Safeguards ARGUS (LLNL research laser, 1976) ARHI airborne radioactivity hazard index ARI alternate rod insertion ARIES Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System (project) ARIES automated retirement and integrated extraction system ARL Army Research Laboratory ARLL advanced run-length-limited ARM area radiation monitor ARM atmospheric radiation measurement ARM Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program ARM atmospheric radiation monitoring ARMA auto-regressive moving average ARMD Records/Mail Branch (JCI) ARMS area radiation monitoring system ARO Army Research Office ARP address resolution protocol ARPA Advanced Research Projects Office ARPA Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 ARPANET (computer network; now DDN) ARR Association for Radiation Research (U.K.) ARS acoustic resonance spectroscopy ARS advance record system ARS American Rocket Society ARS amplified response spectrum ARS as required for subject assembly ARS atomic resonance spectroscopy ARS AUTEC Range Services (JCI/Computer Services Corp.) ARS Automatic Route Selection ART aqueous recycle technologies ARTEMIS advanced radio-frequency test and evaluation measurements and interpretation system ARU acid recovery unit ARZ auto-restricted zone Arzamas-16 (site of All-Russian Institute of Experimental Physics) AS - AT AS abstract syntax AS annual summary AS aqueous solution AS area source AS assistant secretary (DOE) AS autonomous system AS aviation safety A&S accident and sickness ASA attribute SAS authority (SAS screen) ASA accelerated safety assessment ASALM advanced strategic air-launched missile ASAP Ariane structure for auxiliary payloads ASAP as soon as possible ASAT antisatellite (weapon) ASB advanced strategic bomb ASC administrative safety control ASCC alternate security control center ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASCI Advanced/Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASCOT atmospheric simulations over complex terrain ASCOT atmospheric studies over complex terrain ASD Accelerating Structure Development ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission ASEP Accident Sequence Evaluation Program ASER Annual Site Environmental Report ASESA Armed Services Electro Standards Agency ASG auxiliary steam generator ASHAA Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers ASI Advanced Simulation Initiative ASIC application-specific integrated circuit ASIS American Society for Industrial Security ASIWPCA Association of State & Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators ASL above sea level ASL Advanced Simulation Laboratory ASL American Sign Language ASLB Atomic Safety Licensing Board ASLV augmented satellite launch vehicle (India) ASM American Society for Metals A&SM attrition and special materials ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASN.1 abstract syntax language one (ISO/OSI) ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASNT-TC-LA (ASNT­Personnel Qualifications Standards) ASP administrative site procedures ASP Advanced Study Program ASP alarms and shutdown process ASP Astronomical Society of the Pacific ASPA American Society of Public Administration ASPEA Association Suisse pour l'Énergie Atomique ASPR Armed Services Procurement Regulation ASQC American Society for Quality Control ASR automatic send and receive ASRF Advanced Size Reduction Facility ASROC antisubmarine rocket ASSIGN (parallel program generator; CMU) AST aboveground storage tank AST AVCO Systems Textron ASTAB asynchronous status board ASTHO Association of State & Territorial Health Officials ASTIA Armed Services Technical Information Agency ASTM American Society for Testing and Materiaals ASTSWMO Association of State & Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials ASW antisubmarine warfare AT abnormal transient AT Accelerator Operations and Technology Division; see AOT AT Accelerator Technology Division, 1/78­??/93 AT acceptance test AT advanced technology (IBM, 1984) AT Antarctic Treaty AT applied technology AT attenuator ATAC Advanced Technology Assessment Center ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATAPI AT attachment packet interface ATB advanced technology bomber (stealth) ATBM anti-tactical ballistic missile ATD advanced technology demonstration ATE automated test equipment ATEGG advanced turbine-engine gas generator ATEM analytical transmission ATEN Association Technique de l'Énergie Nucléaire (France) ATHENA Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Energy Network Analyzer ATI Albuquerque Technology Incubator ATL automatic tape library ATLAS Advanced Testing Line for Actinide Separations ATM Adobe Type Manager ATM asynchronous transfer mode ATM automated/automatic teller machine ATMS automated transportation management system (materials) ATMX atomic materials rail transport car ATN accelerator technical note ATN aeronautical telecommunications network ATNA annual training needs assessment ATOG abnormal test procedure operator guidelines ATOG abnormal transient operator guidelines ATOMAL (NATO term applied to RD/FRD) ATP Advanced Technology Program (DOC) ATP acceptance test procedure ATP annual training plan ATP acquisition, tracking, and pointing ATP acquisition, tracking, and positioning ATP adenosine triphosphate A&TP assembly and test pit ATR advanced test reactor ATR Alliance for Transportation Research (LANL, SNL, UNM, NMSU, NMTD) ATR automatic target recognition ATRAP air-transportable RADIAC package ATRAP Alliance for Transportation Research ATRMD Air, Toxics & Radiation Monitoring Research Division (EPA ORD) ATS Accelerator Test Stand ATS action tracking system/strategy ATS aerothermal structure ATS alternative test system ATS applicant tracking system ATS audit tracking system ATS automatic transfer stand ATS automatic transfer switch ATSD (AE) Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy) ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC) ATSR Argonne Thermal Source Reactor ATSU Accelerator Test Stand Upgrade ATTF air toxics task force ATU amplifier test/technology unit ATV all-terrain vehicle ATV Ariane transfer vehicle ATW accelerator transmutation of waste ATWS anticipated transient without scram AU - AZ AU astronomical unit AU authors system AUI archiver user interface AUI attachment unit interface AUP acceptable use policy AUS authority services (SAS screen) AUTEC Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (U.S. Navy) AUTEC WPD AUTEC West Palm Beach AUTODIN automatic digital network AUTO-SEVOCOM automatic secure voice communications network AUTOVON automatic voice network AUW advanced underseas weapon AV audio-visual (also A/V) AVI audio-video interleaved (Windows format) AVLIS atomic vapor laser isotope separation AVM airborne vapor monitor AVMS annulus vacuum maintenance system AVO avoid verbal orders AVS application visualization system (IBM) AVT all volatile treatment AW absent without leave (attendance code) AW acid waste AW active well AW Anchor (Ranch) Site West (TA-8) AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System AWC Association of Women in Computing AWCC active well coincidence counter AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment (U.K.) AWEA American Wind Energy Association AWES American Wind Energy Systems AWF Aging Waste Facility AWG American wire gauge AWISE Association of Women in Science and Engineering awk (UNIX utility) AWQC Ambient Water Quality Criteria AWRDF Advanced Weapons Radiochemical Diagnostics Facility AWRE Atomic Weapon Research Establishment (U.K.) AWS administrative workstation AWS American Welding Standards AWSC aqueous water-soluble chelator AWSIMS air war simulations AWTG Atomic Weapons Training Group (FCDNA) AWWA American Water Works Association AWU Associated Western Universities, Inc. AXAF advanced x-ray astrophysics facility AX acceptance requirements index AX auxiliary systems AXAF advanced x-ray astrophysics facility AY (Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, drawing no. prefix) AYS at your service B Return to Alphabet B bandwidth B biocide B Operation Crossroads Division, 1946 B- bomb (weapon designator) B-1 (visitor on business visa) B-1 (NCSC software security level) BA basic assembly BA budget authority/authorization B.A. baccalaureus artium; bachelor of arts BAA broad agency announcement BAA Buy American Act BAC biotechnology advisory committee BAC blood alcohol concentration BAC Boeing Aerospace company BAC boric acid concentrator BAC budget at completion BACER Biological and Climatological Effects Research BACT best available control technology BADT best available demonstrated technology BAF bioaccumulation factor BAFO best and final offer BAM Berkeley Abstract Machine BAM Brooklyn Arts Museum BAM Bundesanstalf für Materielprüfung (Germany) BANSHEE Beam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron BAP benefits analysis program BAP branch arm piping BaP benzo(a)pyrene BARC Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India) BART Bay Area Rapid Transit (California) BART best available retrofit technology BASIC beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code (computer language) BASIS Battelle Automated Search Information System BAT best available technology BAT borehole acoustic televiewer BAT boric acid tank/transfer BATEA best available technology economically achievable BATSE burst and transient source experiment BATSF Beryllium Atomization and Thermal Spray Facility BB big business (LANL vendor liaison office) BBC balanced biological communities BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BBF bursty bulk flow BBGKY Bogoliubov-Born-Green-Kirkwood-Yvon BBN Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc. BBP best business practice BBRD broadband radiation detector BBRD broadband receiver digitizer BBRR Brookhaven Beam Research Reactor BBS bulletin board system BBU beam breakup BBXRT broadband x-ray telescope BC - BE BCC blind (carbon) copy BCC block check character bcc body-centered cubic BCCB Baseline Change Control Board BCD barcode decal BCD binary coded decimal BCDTL bridge-coupled drift tube linac BCF bioconcentration factor BCL Battelle Columbus Laboratory BCM boiler-condenser mode (heat transfer) BCME bis(chloromethyl) ether BCP broadband communications product BCS Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer BCS basic combined subset bct body-centered tetragonal BCT best available pollution control technology BCU base-line control unit BCWP budgeted cost for work performed BCWS budgeted cost for work scheduled BD base-line design BD blood donation (attendance code) BD blowdown Bd. Band; volume (German) BDASS basic data analysis subsystem BDAT best demonstrated available technology BDBA beyond-design-basis accident BDBE beyond-design-basis event BDC before declassification BDC Bomb Data Center (FBI) BDD base-line document description BDI blast door interlock BDL below detection limits BDM BDM Corp. (Braddock, Dunn, McDonald) BDT bomb disposal technician BE best estimate (code) BE binding energy BE brilliant eyes BEA building evacuation area BEAMS Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science BEAR beam experiment aboard a rocket BECAMP basic environmental compliance and monitoring program BEF bottom end fitting BEI biological exposure index BEIR biological effects of ionizing radiation BEJ best engineering judgment BEJ best expert judgment BEP Black Employment Program BEP building emergency plan BER basic encoding rules (ASN.1) BER beryllium electrorefining BER Biological and Environmental Research BER bit error rate BER budget execution review BERP Biological & Environmental Research Program BES Basic Energy Sciences BET beryllium worker training BET Brunauer­Emmett­Teller (theory/equation) BETA Beta Site (TA-5) BF - BN B&F building and facilities BFA blank fire adapter BFD basis for design BFE Blacker front end BFI bottom fitting insert BFI brain functional imaging BFO blazing flash of the obvious BFP backflow preventer BFP boiler feed pump BFS beam foil spectroscopy BFS bitfile server for HPSS (API) BFS budget forecasting section BFW boiler feed water BG budget guidance BG burial grounds BGCP burner gas cock position BGI Beta-Gamma Incinerator (SRS/SRL) BGO (bismuth germanium particle detector, LAMPF) BGP border gateway protocol BGRR Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor BGS blanket gas system BHC benzene hexachloride BHC borehole compensated BHN Brinnell hardness number BHT bottom hole temperature BHW boiler, hot water BI book inventory BI Brookings Institution BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs BID buoyancy induced dispersion BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain BIOS basic input/output system BIPP B-Plant Immobilization Pilot Plant BIPS billion instructions per second BIPY 2,2',bypyridine BIRD Binational Industrial Research & Development Foundation (U.S.-Israel) bit binary digit BIT boron injection tank BITNET Because It's Time/There Network BKC Bendix (Corp.), Kansas City (Division) BL beta lambda BL broken loop BLACS basic linear algebra communication routines BLAS basic linear algebra subprograms BLC boundary layer control BLEVE boiling-liquid expanding-vapor explosion BLIMP boundary layer integral matrix procedure BLM beam loss monitor BLM Bureau of Land Management BLO Barbie Liberation Organization BLOB biologically liberated organo-beasties BLS Bureau of Labor Statistic BLWT boiling light-water tank BL0 butt line zero BM battle management (DoD) BM building manager BM burst mode (FEL) BM/C3 battle management/command, control, and communication BMD ballistic missile defense BMD battle management defense BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization BMEP brake mean effective pressure BMEWS ballistic missile early warning system BMFT Bundesministerium für Technologie (Federal Minister for Research and Technology, Germany) BMI Battelle Memorial Institute BMO Ballistic Missile Office BMP best management practice BMP bit-mapped (file extension) BMPF best management practice finding BMR base-line monitoring report (CWA) BMRR Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor BMT bulk moderator temperature BMW bombardment wing (FEMA) BN Bechtel Nevada BNA Bureau of National Affairs BNCT boron neutron-capture therapy BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Limited BNFL BNFL Engineering Ltd BNI Bechtel National, Inc. BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory BNM Bandelier National Monument BNPI Benedict Nuclear Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BNWL Battelle (Pacific) Northwest Laboratory BO - BR BO back order BO budget outlay BOA basic ordering agreement BOA blanket order agreement BOA broad ocean area BOC beginning of cycle (reactor operations) BOC Bell Operating Co. (telecom.) BOCREC bottom-of-core recovery BOD biochemical/biological oxygen demand BOE Bureau of Explosives BOF basic oxygen furnace BOL beginning of life BOM bill of material BOM Bureau of Mines BOP balance of plant BOP basic oxygen process BOP bit-oriented protocol BOR burnout risk BOSARI body of severe-accident review information BOSI body of safety information (database) BOSS Badge Office Security System BOY beginning of year (balance for goods and services on order) BP back propagation BP before present BP borrowed personnel B&P bid and proposal BPA blanket purchase agreement BPA borrowed personnel agreement BPA Bonneville Power Administration BPE barometric pressure evaluation BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia BPI base performance/percentage increase BPJ best professional judgment (CWA) BPM beam position monitor BPN breakdown pulse noise BPO Bartlesville Project Office BPR burnable poison rod BPR business process reengineering BPS basic partitioning scheme bps bits per second BPSA beam power spectrum analyzer BPT best practical technology/treatment B&PV boiler and pressure vessel B&PW boiler and pressure vessel code (ASME) BR breeder reactor BR BR Site (TA-47) BR business roundtable B&R budget and reporting (code) BRACC Base Realignment & Closure Commission BRASS Basic Rapid Alarm Security System BRC below regulatory concern BRC budget and reporting classification BRC business reply card BRCC Blue Ribbon Citizens' Committee BRD Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of [West] Germany) BRITE Basic Research in Industrial Technologies Europe BRL Ballistic Research Laboratory BR-3 (experimental power reactor in Belgium) BRS Bibliographic Retrieval Service BS - BZ BS beam splitter BS boiler, steam BS broadcast satellite BSA balance sheet account BSA Business Software Association BSAC Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee B.S. baccalaureus scientiae; bachelor of science (also B.Sc.) BSC bomb shape components BSCCO bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper oxide BSD Berkeley Software Distribution (UNIX) BSD Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (UNIX) BSE basic semiconductor equation BSE boresight error BSG base spares group BSI British Standards Institute BSMT basement BSO benzene-soluble organics BSO bismuth silicon oxide BSR base spares report BSRL base spare repair list BST bleed storage tank BST blowdown suppression tank BST boron storage tank BSTS Boost Surveillance and Tracking System BSTS Brumman Satellite BTAG Biological Technical Assistance Group BTEX benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene BTI balanced technology initiative BTI Biomagnetic Technologies, Inc. BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories BTS beam transport system BTS boosting and transfer systems BTU basic transmission unit Btu British thermal unit BTX benzene, toluene, xylene BTW buried transuranic waste BU bargaining unit BU Butler Services BUCS Budgeting and Computing System BUD Budget Division, 08/80­??/91? BUN blood urea nitrogen BURPA basic research proposal announcement BUS Business Operations Division, 10/93­ BV building ventilation BW bridgewire B&W Babcock and Wilcox BWC Biological Weapons Convention BWHC Babcock & Wilcox Hanford Company BWIP Basalt Waste Isolation Project BWO backward wave oscillator BWP buried waste program BWPI Babcock & Wilcox Protec, Inc. BWR boiling-water reactor BWS boiler, water supply BWST borated water storage tank BX base exchange BXA Bureau of Export Administration (DOC) BXT benzene, xylene, and toluene BY budget year BZ benzene BZ buckled zones C Return to Alphabet C conference (LA-series report designator) C confidential C connecting cable C consolidation plan C convective C Computing and Communications Division (03/84­10/93) C Computing Division 01/80­03/84 C Computing Sciences/Services 04/68­01/80 C (high-level programming language; descendant of B) C-2 (NCSC software security level) C3 Command, Control & Communications C4 command, control, communication & computers CA cellular automata CA charge amplifier CA chemical addition CA Citizen Act CA compressor, air CA Computer Associates International, Inc. CA Office of Congressional Affairs CA contract administrator CA cooperative agreement CA corrective activities/action CA critical assembly CA on-call pay (attendance code) CAA Clean Air Act CAA compliance assurance agreement CAA Concepts Analysis Agency (U.S. Army) CAA contaminant analysis automation CAAA Clean Air Act Amendments CAALS Consortium on Automated Standards CAAS chloride aqueous actinide separation CAAZ construction authorization application CAC California Administrative Code CACM Communications of the ACM CAD computer-aided design CAD containment atmosphere dilution CAD corrective action design CADD computer-aided design and drafting CADP Coordinator for Automatic Data Processing, 07/66­04/68 CAE computer-aided engineering CAE cooler, air evaporative CAEP China Academy of Engineering Physics CAER community awareness and emergency response CAERD Clean Air and Environmental Reporting Division (EG&G RFP) CAF combustion air flow CAFE corporate average fuel economy CAFEE critical assembly fuel element exchange CAFM computer-aided facilities management CAFO consent agreement/final order CAG carcinogen assessment group (EPA ORD) CAGEC commercial and government entity code CAI carcinogen activity indicator CAI computer-aided instruction CAI Controlled Air Incinerator CAIN controlled access by individual number CAIR comprehensive assessment information rule CAIRS computerized accident/incident reporting system CAL computer-aided learning CALCOR Campus-Laboratory Collaborative Research Program Nuclear Science Fund CALE (2-D arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian code) CALIOPE chemical analysis by laser interrogation of proliferant effluents CALLS California Academia Libraries List of Serials Cal/OSHA California Occupational Safety and Health Administration CALS computer-aided acquisition and logistics support CALS continuous acquisition and life-cycle support program Caltech California Institute of Technology CALUTRON California University Cyclotron CAM computer-aided machining /manufacturing CAM constant/continuous air monitor CAM content-addressed memory CAM contract area manager CAMAC computer-automated measurement and control CAMP Capital Assets Management Program CAMP Cleveland Area Manufacturing Program CAMP Code Assessment & Maintenance Program CAMS Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (LLNL) CAMS Containment Activity Monitoring System CAMSE Council to Advance Math and Science Education CAMU corrective action management unit CAN Community Alert Network (emergency) CANDU Canadian deuterium-uranium (natural-uranium, heavy-water-moderated and -cooled power reactor) CAP capital accumulation provision (UCRP) CAP Civil Air Patrol CAP combat air patrol CAP computer application profile CAP continuous audit program CAP corrective action plan CAP cost allocation procedure CAP criteria air pollutant CAPA critical aquifer protection area CAPCE corrective action plan cost estimates CAPE Civilian Application Programs Engineering (NTIS number) CAPE computer-aided pattern engineering CAPS Cassini plasma spectrometer CAR concept assessment report CAR configuration acceptance review CAR contract administrator representative CAR control advisory release CAR corrective action reporting CARB California Air Resources Board CARC containment air recirculation and cooling CARD Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping CARE cataloging and rapid entry process CARLA computer-assisted retrieval at Los Alamos CARS coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy/scattering CARS containment atmosphere recirculation system CART cloud and radiation testbed CAS casual (employee status) CAS Center for Automotive Safety CAS central alarm station/system CAS Chemical Abstract Service CAS collision avoidance system CAS combined anode stirrer CAS condition assessment survey (DOE) CAS Consultant and Affiliate Services (now AIS) CAS containment assessment plan CAS control alarm station CAS cost accounting standards CAS criticality alarm system C.A.S. Chemical Abstract Service Registry CASA Center Against Sexual Assault CASA (computer testbed wide-area network) CASAC Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CAA) CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board CASC Coalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers CASE computer-aided software engineering CASS Computer-Assisted Surveillance System CASSI Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index CAST Centro de Asistancia y Servicios Technologicos (Juarez, Mexico) CAST Chinese Academy of Space Technology CAST Committee of Advisors on Science & Technology (President's) CAT category CAT change agent team CAT chemical addition tank CAT compact audio technology CAT compliance assessment team CAT computer-aided training CAT computerized axial tomography CAT concatenate CAT conditionally accepted tag CAT crack arrest temperature CAT cryogenic accelerator technology CATG capital assets task group CATS computer-assisted tracking system CATS corrective action tracking system CATV community antenna television (cable) CAU carbon absorption unit CAU command arithmetic unit CAV constant angular velocity CAW cooler, air, chilled water CAYG clean as you go CB - CC CB cataclysmic binary CB chlorobromo-methane CB circulation blower CB citizens' band (radio) CB conduction band CB containment breach CB continuous bubbler CB control/containment building CB cost/benefit analysis C&B compensation and benefits CBA collective bargaining agreement CBA cost-benefit analysis CBB control budget base CBC circulating bed combuster CBD Commerce Business Daily C/BD chemical/biological (weapons) defense CBED convergent beam electron attraction CBERS China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite CBI compliance biomonitoring inspection (CWA) CBI confidential business information CBI crossbar interface CBM capacitive beam monitor CBM confidence-building measures CBNM Central Bureau of Nuclear Measurements CBO Congressional Budget Office CBOD carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand CBR California bearing ratio CBR commercial breeder reactor CBR constant bit rate CBRS Coastal Barrier Resources System CBS central budgeting system CBS crossbar switch CBT computer-based training CBW chemical and biological weapons/warfare CC (carbon) copy CC charge control CC common cause CC component check CC component cooling CC construction component CC copies CC core component CC cost center CC coupled channel CC cryogenic calorimeter C&C Consultation and Cooperation Agreement CCA contamination control area CCAA Canadian Clean Air Act CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station C-CAP coast watch change analysis program CC&AT cross-cutting and advanced technologies CCB Configuration Control Board CCB control budget base C3 command, control, and communication C3I command, control, communication, and intelligence CCCP (Russian initialism for former U.S.S.R.) CCD charge-coupled device CCD Conference of the Committee on Disarmament CCDF complementary cumulative distribution function CCEA conventional combustion environmental assessment CCF Central Computing Facility CCF common-cause failure CCF communications control field CCFL countercurrent flow limitation CCHW Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes CCIC California Casualty Insurance Company CCID Confidential Chemicals Identification System CCIO contract counterintelligence officer CCIRN coordinating committee for intercontinental research networks CCISCMO Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office CCITT Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique CCL coupled-cavity linac CCL Commerce Control List CCL commodity control list CCLA Concerned Citizens of Los Alamos CCLC carrier common line charge CCLFISH (CCL design code) CCMS Committee on the Challenges of a Modern Society (NATO) CCNB Concerned Citizen for the Nuclear Breeder CCNS Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety CCP composite correction plan (CWA) CCP cost change proposal CCR California Code of Regulations CCR Center for Communications Research CCR central control room CCR commitment, concurrence, and redundancy CCRC construction candidates review committee CCRHS central control room habitability system CCR Center for Communications Research (IDA) CCS castable ceramic system CCS common channel signaling (telecom.) CCS component cooling system CCS condensate cleanup system CCS containment cooling system CCS contamination control station CCS cost closing statement CCS cryogenic cooling system CCT clean coal technology CCTB cryogenic component testbed CCTF Cylindrical Core Test Facility (Japan) CCTP Clean Coal Technology Program CCTV closed-circuit television CCU communications control unit CCW component cooling water CCW constituent concentrations in wastes CCW counterclockwise CCWE constituent concentrations waste extract CD - CE CD change directory (command) CD civil defense CD civil emergency preparedness training (attendance code) CD climatological data CD Committee/Conference on Disarmament CD collector, dust CD collision detection CD compact disk CD conceptual design CD consent decree CD containment depressurization CD control drawing CD cooldown CD cost distribution C&D charge and discharge (fuel/target) CDA Copper Development Association CDAC Construction Development Advisory Committee CDAS Control and Data Acquisition System CDB consolidated database CDBF chlorinated dibenzofurans CDC Centers for Disease Control (Public Health Service) CDC classified document control CDC communicable disease center CDC Control Data Corporation CDC cryogenic distillation column(s) CDD chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin CDDI copper distributed data interface CDDO Construction Department (JCI) CDDR cost and delivery data report CDDS controlled documents distribution system CDE Chemical Defence Establishment (U.K.) CDE Common Desktop Environment CDEV control panel device CDF core damage frequency CDH Colorado Department of Health CDI chronic daily intake CD-I compact disk-interactive CDL commercial driver's license CDM climatological dispersion model CDM code division multiplexing (telecom.) CDMA code division multiple access (Qualcomm mobile phone standard) CDMQC climatological dispersion model with calibration and source contribution CDO Construction Development/Design Office CDPD cellular digital packet data (commun.) CDR concept definition report CDR conceptual design report CDR critical design review CD-R compact disk-recordable CD-ROM compact disk read-only memory (also CD/ROM) CD-ROM XA CD-ROM extended architecture (IBM) (also CD-ROM/XA) CDS charged droplet scrubber CDS command disable schedule CDS compliance data system (CAA) CDS component disassembly station CDS conceptual design study CDS condensate demineralization subsystem CDT Center for Defense Trade CDT Conventional Defense Technology CDU capacitive/capacitor discharge unit CDU Christian Democratic Union CDV capacitance discharge vaporization CDV Central Drawings Vault CDW charge-density wave CDW collision damage waiver CE capital equipment CE categorical exclusion CE chemical energy CE chief engineer CE civil emergency (attendance code) CE Combustion Engineering (also C-E) CE compromising emanations CE Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army) CE cost effectiveness CE cubicle exhaust CEA Comissariat á l'Énergie Atomique (France) CEA cost-effectiveness analysis CEAM Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling CEARP Comprehensive Environmental Assessment & Response Program CEARP Continuing Education & Recognition Program CEAT community emergency action team CEAT contractor evidence audit team CEARC Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council CEB chemical element balance CEBAF Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (Newport News, Virginia) CEBS Capital Equipment Budget System CEC California Energy Commission CEC cation exchange capacity CEC cooperative enforcement agreement CEC control element assembly CED CERCLA Enforcement Division (EPA) CED control element drive CED Criminal Enforcement Division (EPA) CEDR Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource CEDE committed effective dose equivalent CEE Center for Environmental Education, Inc. CEGA Combustion Engineering/General Atomics CEHIC Center for Environmental Health & Injury Control, Centers for Disease Control CEI compliance evaluation inspection (CAA) CEL carbon equilibrium loop CEL channel effluent limit CELRF Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation CELS coded explosive logic system CEM Center for Electromagnetics CEM channel electron multiplier CEM computational electromagnetics CEM continuous emission monitoring (CAA) CEM cost estimating manager CEMF counter electromotive force CEM-UT Center for Electromagnetics at the University of Texas CEN Centre d'Études Nucléaires (France) CEN cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CENC Community Environmental Health Concerns CENRTC capital equipment not related to construction CENTAR Code for Extended Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Extraterrestrial Reactors CEO chief executive officer CEOI communications electronic operating instruction CEP capital equipment project CEP circular error probability CEP containment evaluation panel CEP continuing education program CEP Controls for Environmental Pollution, Inc. CEP Council on Economic Priorities CEPEX Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment CEPOD catalyzed electrochemical plutonium oxide dissolution/dissolver CEPOD catalytic enhanced plastic decontamination CEPP Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations CEQ Council on Environmental Quality CER complete engineering release CERC Convex Engineering Research Complex CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act CERCLIS Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (EPA) CERES clouds and Earth's radiant energy system CERI Center for Environmental Research Information CERMET ceramic and metal CERN Formerly the European Center for Nuclear Research, now known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN Centre Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire CERP comprehensive environmental restoration program CERT computer emergency response team CESC centrifugal electroslag casting CET critical experiment tank CETEC Center for Extraterrestrial Engineering & Construction CETS connector environmental test stand CEU continuing education unit(s) CEUSP Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Program CF - CH CF cable, fuzing or firing CF calibration factor CF charcoal filter CF compliance finding CF confinement factor CF Conservation Foundation CF containment failure CF continuous flow CFA cognizant federal agency CFA continuous flow analysis CFA control facilities area CFA crossed field amplifier CFC chlorofluorocarbon CFC Combined Federal Campaign (charities) CFC constant-flow cooling CFD computational fluid dynamics CFD constant fraction discriminator CFE chlorotrifluoroethylene CFE Conventional Forces in Europe (agreement) CFL consequence of failure level CFM chlorofluormethane(s) CFM cubic feet per minute CFM containment failure mode CFPAS Ceramic Filled Polymer Armor System CFR Code of Federal Regulations CFR commercial fast reactor CFR condensate filter demineralizer CFR cooperative fuel research CFRD confidential formerly restricted data CFRL continuous flow recirculating loop CFRV crash-fire-rescue vehicle CFTF central filter test facility CFS central file system CFS Common File System CFT californium target(s) CFT consequence of failure type(s) CFT core flood tank CFT Cray FORTRAN Compiler CFTLIB Cray FORTRAN (I/O) Library CFV call for votes CG center of gravity CG change guide CG character generator CG classification guide CG combustion gas CG compilation guide CG concentration guide CG conjugate gradient CG controls group CGA color graphics adapter CGA Compressed Gas Association CGI combustible gas indicator CGI common gateway interface CGI composite graphics interface CGI computer-generated imagery CGI computer graphics interface CGL Comprehensive General Liability (policy) CGL computer graphics laboratory CGM computer graphics metafile CGMP comprehensive generic monitoring plan CGRO Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory CGS Canadian Geologic Survey CGS color graphics adapter (IBM) CGS common graphics system CGS conjugate gradient squared CGWIC China Great Wall Industry Corporation CH Calico Hills CH component handling CH contact handling/handled CHAOS circular high acceptance (magnetic) orbit spectrometer (TRIUMF) CHAMMP Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics CHAMP Community Health Air Monitoring Program CHAP Compton high-altitude pulse CHDBR Calico Hills demonstration breakout room Chelyabinsk-70 (site, All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics) CHEMLL chemical and low-level (waste) CHEMTREC Chemical Transportation Emergency Center CHESS Community Health & Environmental Surveillance System CHF critical heat flux CHGS Center for Human Genome Studies CHIP chemical hazard information profile CHLW commercial high-level waste CHM Chemistry Division, 8/82­??/?? CHM Chinese Hamster Ovary (Health Division cell replication) CHMR Center for Hazardous Materials CHO chemical hygiene officer CHP chemical hygiene plan CHR confinement heat removal CHRP common hardware reference platform (Power PC) CHRS confinement heat removal system CH-TRU contract-handled transuranic waste CHW chilled water CHX (mammalian fibroblast cells with unstable chromosomes) CI - CL CI cast iron (pipe) CI chemical injection CI compression ignition CI computer interface CI confidence interval CI construction inspector CI containment integrity/isolation CI control instrumentation CI corrosion inhibitor C.I. confidence interval (statistics) C/I classification/identification CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIA containment isolation actuation CIAC computer incident advisory capability CIAM Central Institute of Aviation Motors CIAQ Council on Indoor Air Quality CIBL convective internal boundary layer CIC compensated ion chamber CIC Computing Information Center CIC Computing, Information & Communications Division, 10/93­ CICA Competition in Contracting Act CICIS Chemicals in Commerce Information System CID charge-injected device CID combined immunological deficiency CIDRS cascade impactor data reduction system CIE Commission International de l'Eclairage CIF Consolidated Incineration Facility (SRL) CIF Consolidated Incinerator Facility CIIN corporate integrated information network CIIIK (United States of America; Russian abbreviation) CIK crypto-ignition key CIL component integration lab CIL computer inoperative limits CIL critical items list CIM Computer-Integrated Manufacturing CIM computer input microfilm CIMD Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees CIMI Committee on Integrity & Management Improvement CIMS Coalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems CINC Commander in Chief CIO Central Imagery Office (intelligence) CIO Community Involvement and Outreach Office CIP cast iron pipe CIP cataloging-in-publication CIP cold isostatic pressing CIP continuation in part CIPA California Information Practices Act CIPP contexts, input, processes & products CIPSO common Internet protocol security option CIRRPC Committee on Interagency Radiation Research & Policy Coordination CIS chemical information/injection system CIS Commonwealth of Independent States CIS Computational and Information Sciences CIS containment isolation system CISA Center for International Security Affairs CISC complex instruction set computer CISE Computer Information Science and Engineering (NSF) CISR Center for Iron and Steel Research CIT communications improvement team (EIT) CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITF Cold Integrated Test Facility CITIS contractor integrated technical information service CIX commercial Internet exchange CJ crane, jib CJE critical job element CJO chief judicial officer CKVA complex Kohn variation principle CL centerline CL closed loop CL collaborator CL confidence level CL court leave (attendance code) CL-20 (polycyclic nitramine) CLAMS Common Los Alamos Mathematical Software CLAMDOC CLAMS online documentation CLASS Classification Office, 9/79­1/81 CLASS composite lightweight affordable spacecraft structure CLC capacity-limiting constituents CLC Computing Learning Center CLEANS clinical laboratory for evaluation and assessment of toxic substances CLEER Center for Legislative Energy & Environmental Research CLEO Classified Energy On-line (database) CLEVER clinical laboratory for evaluation and validation of epidemiologic research CLF Conservation Law Foundation CLFMI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile ClHC trimsol CLI command line interpreter CLIPS chemical list index & processing system CLISE chloride-ion-specific electrode CLMP connectionless-mode network protocol CLNP connectionless network protocol (OSI) CLP contract laboratory program (EPA) CLS characteristic loss spectroscopy CLS classified logistic shipment CLS Chemistry and Laser Sciences Division CLSP Center for Law & Social Policy CLV ceiling limit value CLV constant linear velocity CM - CO CM cementation CM Chemistry and Metallurgy Division, 4/44­10/45 CM circuit master CM Configuration Management CM core melt CM corrective measure CM crane maintenance CM crane, monorail CM crisis management (crisis manager) CMA charring material ablation CMA Chemical Manufacturers Association CMAA Crane Manufacturer's Association of America CM-2 Connection Machine 2 (Thinking Machines Corporation) CM-5 Connection Machine 5 CMB chemical mass balance CMB Chemistry-Metallurgy "Baker" Division, 9/56­8/82 CMB Configuration Management Branch CMC computer-mediated conversation CMCA cruise missile carrier aircraft CME comprehensive (ground water) monitoring evaluation CME coronal mass ejection CMEP critical mass energy project CMF Chemistry­Metallurgy "Fowler" Division, 9/56­1/71 CMF compressed-magnetic field CMI corrective measures implementation CMIP Capability Maintenance and Improvements Project CMIP common management information protocol CMIS common management information services CMIS computer management and information science (DoD) CML current-mode logic CMM computerized measuring machine CMM coordinate measuring machine CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor CMOT CMIS over TCP/IP CMP certified meeting professional CMP Configuration Management Plan CMP corrugated metal pipe CMP counter-military potential CMP critical materials program CMPGRD composite finite-difference grid program CMPO octyl(phenyl)-N,N-diisobutylcarbonoylmethyl-phosphine oxide CMR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (building) CMR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Division, 10/45­09/56 CMPGRD composite overlapping grid CMS Center for Materials Science, 01/81­ CMS Community Management Staff (intellig.) CMS corrective measures study (RCRA) CMSC California Mine and Safety Code CMSEML Center for Materials Science Electron Microscope Laboratory CMSSL Connection Machine Scientific Software Library CMTR certified material test report CMU Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh CMU concrete masonry unit CMW compartmented-mode workstation CMWO chemical and mixed waste operations CMYK cyan-magenta-yellow-black (color model) CN construction notice CN consultant CNA Canadian Nuclear Association CNC Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry Division, 1/71­8/82 CNC computerized numerical control CNEN Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear CNES Center for National Space Studies (France) CNET Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications (Paris) CNI Coalition for Networked Information CNLS Center for Nonlinear Studies CNN Cable News Network CNNR conventional nonnuclear weapons CNO Chief of Naval Operations CNPS compact nuclear power source CNR Chief of Naval Research CNR composite noise ratio CNR conventional nuclear weapons CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives CNRR containment radioactivity removal CNSI Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations CNSI confidential national security information CNSS Center for National Security Studies CNT Central Networking Testbed CNT crisis negotiation team CNWDI critical nuclear weapon design information CO chief operator CO contracting officer C/O carryover (funds) COB close of business COBAE Brazilian Commission of Space Activities COBE Cosmic Background Explorer (satellite) COBOL common business oriented language (also Cobol) COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act COBRA constant boiling and rod arrays COBRA continuous beam research apparatus COBRA-TF Coolant Boiling in Rod Arrays code (two-fluid) COC certificate of conformance COC continuity of combustibility COCA consent order and compliance agreement COCO contractor-owned/contractor-operated COCOM Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls COD cash on demand COD chemical oxygen demand COE Corps of Engineers COE crude oil equivalent COEDS common event database system COEI composition of ending inventory COG continuity of government COGEMA Compagnie général des matères nucléaires COGEMP continuity of government emergency management teams COGS cost of goods sold COH coefficient of haze COHb carboxyhemoglobin COI certificate of inspection COI conflict of interest COINS computer output information system COLA cost-of-living adjustment/allowance COLIWASA Composite Liquid Waste Sampler COM command (file) COM communications (program, port) COM computer output microfilm COMHED common header COMINT communications intelligence COMPASS comprehensive on-line maintenance purchasing & store system COMPTEL imaging Compton telescope COMSAT Communications Satellite Corp. COMSAT communications satellite COMSEC communications security CONDOR (code for simulating microwave and plasma experiments) CONIFER (designates some U.K. secret documents) CONOPS concept of operations CONS connection-oriented mode network service CONT controller CONTAIN (computer code) CONTR contractor CONT-RM Risk Management Office (Lab Controller) CONUS contiguous United States CONVEX confined vessel experiments CO-OP Undergraduate Cooperative Program COP certification of process COP class of property COP coefficient of performance COR contracting officer representative COR core operations report CORA cost of remedial action CORBA common object request broker architecture CORE common runtime environment COR-FD Contracting Officer Representative - Fire Department (DOE) CORM controlled oxidation of radioactive metal CORRTEX continuous reflectometry for radius versus time experiments COS change of station COS Cray Operating System COSEPUP Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy COSL certificate of safe load COSL Chemistry Operations Support Laboratory (Rocky Flats) COSMIC (label for TS NATO information) COSMO (unnamed graded person) COSTIND Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense COTK control track COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative COTS commercial off-the-shelf Courtney (not an acronym; SATAN detector) COVA change of vehicle assignment COVE code verification COVI concurrent outer vector inner COVICS covert video communications system COW coldworked, not furnace-sensitized and welded CP - CR CP calibration procedure CP call pay CP change proposal CP charge conjugation/parity transformation CP cold pipe CP column product CP Computer Professionals, Inc. CP conducting polymer CP construction permit/plan CP control point CP coolant pump CP critical power CP Crystal Plaza, Washington, DC CP 2-(5-cyanotetrazolata)-pentaamine-cobalt (III) perchlorate CP* Cross Point Star CPA charged particle analyzer CPA contract property administrator C/PA cost/price analysis CPAF cost plus award fee CPAS Current Production & Analytic Support (CIA) CPBX computerized private branch exchange CPC card programmable calculator C/PC closure/post-closure CPCA core program cooperative agreement CPCWQCA California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act CPD comprehensive program of disarmament CPD coordinated product definition CPD cyclopentadiene CPDF Centrifuge Processing Development Facility CPDS construction project data sheet CPE central processing element CPE charged particle equilibrium CPE circular probable error CPF carcinogen potency factors CPFF cost plus fixed fee CPG central pattern generator CPG Core Planning Group CPI consumer price index CPI cost performance index CPIF cost plus incentive fee CPL confinement protection limit CPM colliding pulse mode CPM computer program protection manager CPM construction/contract project manager CPM construction procedures manual CPM continuous particle monitor cpm counts/cycles per minute CPM critical path method CP/M control program for microcomputers (DEC operating system) CPMB Construction Department (JCI) CPMIEC Chinese Precision Machinery Import-Export. Corp. CPO Central Policy Office (ES&H) CPO certified project officer CPP complex privatization plan CPP Compliance Policy & Planning (EPA) CPPM computer protection program manager CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPR Center for Public Resources CPR comprehensive product record CPR cost performance index CPR critical power ratio CPRA California Public Records Act CPRC construction project review committee CPRF Confinement Physics Research Facility (TA-21) CPRF controlled pinch reversed field CPPSR contractor property system review CPS Compliance Program & Schedule CPS contract personnel services CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act (1972) CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSI configurable PostScript interpreter CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, CPT cone penetrometer technology CPTR certified proof test report CPU central processing/processor unit CPV cold process verification CPW commercialization planning workshop CPX command post exercise CQD constant-Q spectrometer CQI continuous quality improvement CQM cost quality management CR carriage return CR catalytic reactor CR coaxial resonator CR community relations CR compressor, refrigeration CR conditional release CR conditioned reinforcer CR control rod/room CR Cray Research CRA comment response appendix CRA compressor, refrigerant, air cool CRAC coaxial removable anode cup CRB contract review board CRADA cooperative research and development agreement CRASS correlation reduction analysis subsystem (NRC) CRAVE carcinogen risk assessment verification endeavor CRB Contracts/Contract Review Board CRBR Clinch River Breeder Reactor CRC Coleman Research Corporation CRC Complex Reconfiguration Committee CRC cyclic redundancy check CRD Comments & Response Document CRD confidential restricted data CRD control rod drive CRD creation/revision/deletion request (JCI) CRDC collaborative R&D centers CRDCS control rod drive control system CRDEC Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center (U.S. Army) CRDL contract-required detection limit CRE compressor, refrigerant, evaporative CRE contaminant removal efficiency CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking CREOL Center for Research on Electrical Optics and Lasers CRFQS cryogenic radio-frequency quadrupole sparker CRI Cray Research, Inc. CRI criteria-referenced instruction CRIB card reader insert board CRIITIC National Security Agency alert system CRITS Chalk River Injector Test Stand CRL Communications Research Laboratory (Japan) CRLB Cramer-Rao lower bound CRM certified reference materials CRM communications and records management CRM count rate meter CRMO Communications and Records Management Office, 8/80­11/93 CRN critical ranking number CRNL Chalk River Nuclear Laboratory CRO Chemical Release Observation (satellites) CROP consolidated rules of practice CRP community relations plan CRPC Center for Research on Parallel Computation CRPP community relations program plan CRPO Crystalline Rock Project Office (Chicago) CRQL contract-required quantitation limit CRR Center for Renewable Resources CRR change request reply CRREL Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S. Army) CRRES combined release and radiation effects satellite (NASA) CRRS Comprehensive Records Retention Schedule CRS Complex Reconfiguration Study CRS component requirement schedule CRS conductivity recording switch CRS Congressional Research Service CRT cargo restraint transporter CRT cathode ray tube CRU computer resource unit CRZ contamination reduction zone CS - CT CS chemical/cold storage CS chlorinated solvents CS communications satellite/system CS community service (attendance code) CS confined space CS containment safety/spray CS containment substation bus (electrical) CS Courant-Snyder CS (nuclear) criticality safety C/S containment and surveillance CSA camphorsulphonic acid CSA Canadian Standards Association CSA cancer suspect agent(s) CSA canned subassembly CSA compliance schedule agreement CSAC charge safety analysis checklist CSAC Council on Superconductivity for American Competitiveness CSAM chlorosulphonic acid mixture CSAU code scaling, applicability & uncertainty CSBM confidence and security building measures CSC Convention for Safe Containers (1972) CSC Criticality Safety Committee C/SCB Cost/Schedule Control Branch (T&MSS) CSCE Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe C/SCR cost/schedule change request C/SCS cost/schedule control system CSCSC cost and schedule control systems criteria C/SCSC cost and schedule control systems concepts CSD cold shutdown CSD conceptual summary document CSDP Continental Scientific Drilling Program CSE charge safety evaluation CSE chemical systems engineering CSE confined space entry CSE Consortium for Superconducting Electronics CSE criticality safety evaluation CSEA California State Employees Association CSER computer security enhancement review CSF cerebrospinal fluid CSF colony stimulating factor CSF consolidated and overpacked spent fuel CSI Clean Sites, Inc. CSI compliance sampling inspection (CWA) CSI customer service indicator CSIN Chemical Substances Information Network (TSCA) CSIP customer service improvement plan CSIR Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (South Africa) CSIS Center for Strategies and International Studies CSL computation structures language CSLA criticality safety limit approval (document) CSM Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO) CSMA Chemical Subspecialties Manufacturers Association CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection CSNET Computer and Science Network CSO combined sewer overflow CSOL criticality safety operating limits CSP Comprehensive Site Plan CSPCP comprehensive source and plume characterization plan CSPE California Society of Professional Engineers CSPI Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project CSPWG computer security policy working group CS&R codes, standards, and regulations CSRA Civil Service Reform Act (of 1978) CSRL Center for the Study of Responsive Law CSRS coherent Stokes-Raman spectroscopy CSS coded switch set CSS computer subsystem CSS containment spray system CSS contaminated soil storage CSSA contaminated soil storage area (OR) CSSE closed system step etching CSSI containment spray system, post-accident injection phase CSSM computer security site manger CSSO computer system security officer CSSR containment spray system, post-accident recirculation phase CST Chemical Science and Technology Division, 10/93­ CST condensate storage tank CST confined space training CSTAG Computer Systems Technical Advisory Committee CSTC Consolidated Satellite Test Center CSU channel service unit (telephony) CSU Christian Social Union CSU Colorado State University CSU/DSU channel service unit/data service unit (used in place of modem) CSV comma-separated value CT cable, test CT calf thymus CT computer/computed/computerized tomography (scanner, scan) CT cooling tower CT current transformer C-T Cretaceous-Tertiary (geologic boundary; also K-T, CT) CTA Central Training Academy CTARC Chemical Testing & Assessment Research Commission CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTC coefficient of thermal contraction CTC Corneal Theory Center CTD cumulative trauma disorder (see CTS, RSI) CTE charge transfer efficiency CTE coefficient of thermal expansion CTEN combined thermal and epithermal neutron CTF contrast-transfer-function CTG control technique guidelines CTG corporation test group CTI Computational Testbed for Industry CTL CTSS command language controller CTMP comprehensive treatment & management plan CTN Critical Technologies Newsletter CTP composite theoretical performance CTP computer-to-plate (imagesetting) CTR controlled thermonuclear reactor/research CTR Controlled Thermonuclear Research Div., 4/74­?/?89? CTR control temperature ratio CTR Council for Tobacco Research (industry organization) CTRD central training records database CTRL control (keyboard) CTRW commercial transuranic waste CTS carpal tunnel syndrome (see CTD, RSI) CTS central tracker subsystem CTS conformance testing service CTSB Computer Science & Technology Board CTSS Cray Time-Sharing System CTVC California Technology Ventures Corp. CTX Compact Torus Experiment CU - CZ CUA common user access (IBM standard) CUBE computer use by engineers (symposium) CUI consistent user interface CUSP cyclotron up-scattering process CV cataclysmic variable CV coefficient of variation CV compliance verification CV cost variance CVAAS cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy CVC conserved vector current CVD chemical vapor deposition CVD controlled, fluidized bed, vapor deposition CVG Consolidated Verification Group CVI center of visual impact CVI chemical vapor infiltration CVI compact vacuum insulation CVN Charpy V-Notch CVR cost variance report CVS constant-volume sampler CVTR Carolinas-Virginia tube reactor CW chemical warfare/weapons CW circulating water CW cold-worked CW column waste CW Congress Watch CW continuous wave CW cooling water CWA Clean Water Act (Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1977) CWAM crated waste assay monitor (OR) CWAP clean water action project CWBCM continuous-wave beam current monitor CWBS contractor work breakdown structure CWC Chemical Weapons Convention CWDD continuous-wave deuterium demonstrator CWDF Central Waste Disposal Facility CWDR Chemical Waste Disposal Request (form) CWF chiller, water, fan/coil CWGM cooling water gamma monitor CWI (Mathematics Institute of the Netherlands) CWIP current work in progress CWIS campus wide information system CWIV contaminated waste isolation valve CWLM cumulative working level months CWO capital work order CWP coal workers' pneumoconiosis CWR chiller, water, refrigerated CWR cooling water return CWRSS contaminated water removal & storage system CWS chilled water system CWS circulating/cooling water system CWS containment water storage CWSFPP Commercial Waste and Spent Fuel Packaging Program CWT Chemical Warfare Treaty CWTC Chemical Waste Transportation Council CX categorical exclusions CX column extractant CX configuration index CX criticality experiment CXI Common X-Windows Interface CY calendar year CY cubic yards CYGNUS (air shower detector; array of scintillation counters-not an acronym) CYLTRAN Cylindrical (electron) Transport (Monte Carlo code) D Return to Alphabet D absorbed dose D Documentary Division, 08/46­10/70 D D-Site (TA-26) D1 (digital component video format) D-38 depleted uranium 2,4-D dichlorophenoxyacetic acid DA deaerator DA design agency (DOE) DA desk accessory DA destination address (telecom.) DA detonation-control algorithm DA direct access DA discretionary absence (attendance code) DA dose assessment D-A, D/A digital-to-analog DA&D Director for Audits & Assessments DAB Defense Acquisition Board DAC daily administrative check DAC derived air concentratio(n)s DAC Disaster Assistance Center DAC discharged assembly cooling DAC door, air curtain DACS data acquisition control system DAD dryer, compressed air, desiccant DAF Device Assembly Facility DAF dilution and attenuation factor DAF dissolved air flotation DAO Dayton Area Office DAP data archiving process DAP directory access protocol DAP discipline action plan DAP draft action plan DAPC data acquisition and process control DAR declassification areas DAR dryer, compressed air, refrigerated DARHT dual-axis radiographic/radiography hydrotest (hydrodynamics testing facility) DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARSS diode array rapid-scan spectrometer DART distributed anti-Stokes ratio thermometry DARTAB dose & risk assessment technician DARTS digital alarm, remote telemetry system DARTS DOE Audit Reporting & Tracking System DAS data acquisition system/subsystem DAS digital analysis system DAS dual attached station (telecom.) DASA Defense Atomic Support Agency (predecessor to DNA) DASC Defense Logistics Agency Administrative Support Center DASD direct-access storage device DASMA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application DATE direct application of thermal energy DAVACS DOE Automated Visitor Access Control System (database) DAY dial-a-yield (unclassified) DB - DE dB decibel DB dome breach DB dry bulb D-B Davis-Bacon Act (also D/B) DBA design-basis accident(s) DBB detect before break (computer code) DBMS database management system DBE design base earthquake(s) DBE design-basis event/earthquake DBF design basis fire(s) DBFL design basis flood(s) DBMS database management system DBR design basis report DBS direct broadcast satellites (Japan) DBSPD design basis and scope and planning documents DBT design basis tornado(es) DBTT ductile-to-brittle transition temperature DBX debugger for UNIX DC design change DC design criteria DC direct current (also dc) DC document control DC drain channel DCA detailed configuration accounting DCA detonation chamber assembly DCA document control assistant DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency DCC department computer coordinators DCCP disposal of contaminated/classified property (form) DCDP designated central(ized) delivery point DCDR design critical drawing release DCE date circuit-terminating equipment DCE dichloroethene DCE digital communications experiment DCE distributed computing environment (Open Software Foundation) DCER design criteria engineering release DCG Derived Air Concentration Guide for Uncontrolled Areas (DOE) DCG derived concentration guides DCG disaster control group (FEMA) DCH direct containment heating DCHP dicesium hexachloroplutonate DCI dechlorination DCI Director, Central Intelligence DCI display control iinterface (Windows 95) DCG delayed compliance order (CAA) DCG disaster control officer DCG document control officer DCNA data communications network architecture DCPD dicyclopentadiene DCR daily change report DCR design change request DCR design criteria report DCR direct conversion reactor DCRDR detailed control room design review DCRT double-contained receiver tank DCS dedicated cleanup system DCS defined context set (telecom.) DCS distributed computing system DCT database configuration tool DCT direct current transducer DCT discrete cosine transform DCTL direct-coupled transistor logic DCTN Defense Commercial Telecom. Network DCTSI Dynacorp Tri-Cities Services, Inc. DCX Delta Clipper experimental (rocket) DCX double-charge exchange DD data deliverable DD deputy director DD deuterium-deuterium DD digital data DD division director D&D decontamination and decommissioning DDA (accounts payable/procurement system) DDA digital differential analyzer DDA document description architecture DDC direct digital control DDD direct distance dialing DD&D design, development & test DDE dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane (also DDD) DDE dynamic data exchange DDESB Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board DDI dideoxyinosine (commercial name didanosine; drug for AIDS) DDID decontamination & decommissioning integrated demonstration DDL data description language DDN Defense Data Network (once ARPANET) DDR deficiency and disposition report DDR Deutsches Demokratisches Republik (obsolete; East Germany) DDRE director of defense research and engineering DDS digital data service DDT deflagration to detonation transition DDT dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane DDT differential die-away technique DDT dynamic debugging tool (CTSS debugger) DE design engineering DE dose equivalent DE double-ended DE drums equivalent D&E deposit & exit (conveyor or canal) D&E discharge and exit DEA Drug Enforcement Administration DEAR Department of Energy acquisition regulation DEC Digital Equipment Corporation DEC DOE environmental checklist DECU Developmental & Educational Communications Unit (India) DECUS DEC Users Society DEET diethyltoluamide DEGB double-ended guillotine break DEHP dis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate DEIS draft environmental impact statement (also DES) DEK data encryption key DEM Dept. of Emergency Mgmt., Washington (FEMA) DEQSOL (parallel program, Hitachi) DER development engineering release DES data encryption standard DES di-2-ethylhexel sebecate DES diethylstilbesterol DESH DE & S Handford, Inc. (Duke Engineering & Servcies Hanford, Inc.) DESN DE & S Northwest, Inc. (Duke Engineering & Services Northwest, Inc.) DESO double-end shut off DEST Directed Energy Science & Technology DESY Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Hamburg, Germany) DET detonator DETEC Defense Technology Evaluation Code DEV development DEW directed energy weapon DEW distant early warning DEWPOINT Directed Energy Weapon Power Integration DF - DI DF data form DF decontamination factor DF design feature DF deuterium fluoride DF DF Site (TA-40) DF dilution factor DF disposal facility DF dose factor DF duty factor D&F determination and findings DFB distributed feedback DFC digital frequency converter DFDP defense facility decommissioning program DFF (deuterated lauric acid surfactant) DFI design, fielding, instrumentation DFN/WIN Deutsches Forschungnetz / Wissenschafnetz DFS distributed file system; Open Software Foundation Distributed Computing DFSM digital frequency smoothing method DFT discrete Fourier transform DFX desferrioxamine-B DG Data General, Inc. DG design guide DG diesel generator DG double Gaussian (model) DFWM degenerate four wave mixing DGGE denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis DGPS differential global positioning system DGVW declared gross vehicle weight DGZ desired ground zero DH decay heat DHDTV digital high-definition television DHFA Director's Health & Fitness Award DH&HS Director of Health & Human Services DHLW defense high-level waste DHR decay heat removal DHR Director of Human Resources DI defense information (see NSI) DI deionized DI diagnostic imaging/inspection d.i. das ist; that is/i.e. (German) DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DIAL differential absorption lidar DIALOG (information access system) DIB device independent bitmap DIB directory information base (telecom.) DIB Disabilities Issues Board DIC Defense Intelligence College DICE defensive information to counter espionage DID direct inward dialing DiDAC digital data acquisition & control DIDS Defense Integrated Data System DIF data interchange format (Software Arts) DIG DOE Interaction Group DIL daily instruction logs DIL drainable interstitial liquid DIM data interpretation module DIMM dual in-line memory module (64 bit) DIN do it now DINO (computer language, R. Schnabel) DIP document image processing DIP dual in-line package (switches) DIPS dynamic isotope power system DIQ design inventory questionnaire DIR director; directive DIR Director¹s Office DIRC DOE Internal Review Committee DIRP DOE Internal Review Panel DIS data item specification DIS Defense Intelligence Service DIS deionized water system DIS Directory Information System dis disintegration(s) DIS distributed information system DIS draft international standard (telecom.) DISA Defense Information Systems Agency DISA Division of International Security Affairs (ERDA, obsolete) DISC direct-injection stratified charge DISN Defense Information Systems Network DISS DOE Integrated Security System DIT directory information tree (telecom.) DIU data interface unit/Hubble Space Telescope DIX Digital, Intel, and Xerox DIX divergence measurement DJ - DO DJM distributed job manager (ACL) DJO development job engineer DL deal load DL design layout DL detection limit DL discharge line DL disciplinary leave (attendance code) DL distribution license DL division leader (obsolete title) DLA Defense Logistics Agency DLA Division of Library Automation, Univ. of California DLL dynamic link library (linked libraries) DLSO division laser safety officer DLT defense laser technology DLW doubly labeled water DM development module DM door, motorized DM dry matter DMA Defense Mapping Agency DMA diagnosing multiple alarms DMA direct memory access DMA Directory of Military Application DMAIAGS Defense Mapping Agency Inter-American Geodetic Survey DMD deformable mirror device DMDCNQI 2,5-dimethyl-dicyanoquinonediimine DML Dimensional Metrology Laboratory (Rocky Flats) DMM digital multimeter DMO direct methanol oxidation DMR deuteron magnetic resonance DMR discharge monitoring report (CWA) DMS data management system DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program DN delayed neutron DN diagnostics, neutron DN discrepancy notice DNA Defense Nuclear Agency DNA delayed neutron activation DNA does not apply DNA deoxyribonucleic acid DNA-PK DNA-dependent protein kinase DNAPL dense nonaqueous phase liquid DNBR departure-from-nucleate-boiling ratio DNC delayed neutron counting DNF defense nuclear facilities DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board DNIC data network identification code DNO do not operate DNP Division of Nuclear Physics DNR dynamic nuclear polarization DNS direct numerical simulation DNS domain name system DO Dawson and Oberman model (plasmas) DO designated official DO dissolved oxygen DO division office DO duty officer DOA dead on arrival DOB date of birth DOC Department of Commerce DOC dissolved organic carbon DoD Department of Defense (also DOD) DOD DOD Programs DODCI Department of Defense Computer Institute DOE Department of Energy DOE diffractive optical element DOE/AL DOE Albuquerque DOE/DP DOE Office of Defense Programs DOE/EH DOE Office of Environment, Safety and Health DOE/EM DOE/Environmental Management DOE/HQ DOE Headquarters DOE/HQ-EH DOE Headquarters, Environment & Health DOE/ID DOE Idaho DOE/LAAO DOE Los Alamos Area Office DOELAP DOE Laboratory Accreditation Program DOE/MD DOE Materials Disposition DOE/NE DOE Office of Nuclear Energy DOE/NS DOE Office of Nuclear Safety DOE/NV DOE Nevada Operations Office DOE-PMR DOE Property Management Regulations DOE/RF DOE Rocky Flats Operations Office DOE/RFO DOE Rocky Flats Office DOE/RL DOE Richland Operations DOE/SR DOE Savannah River DOF degree of freedom DOFS distributed optical-fiber sensing DOI Department of the Interior DOJ Department of Justice DOL Department of Labor DOM dissolved organic matter DOP detailed operating procedure DOP diameter of particle DOP dioctyl phylodine DOP diocthyl phthlate DOP disaster operations plan DOQ digital orthophoto quadrangle DOR direct oxide reduction DORIS Doppler orbitography & radiopositioning integrated by satellite DOS Department of Space (India) DOS disk operating system DOSH Division of Occupational Safety & Health (California) DOT Department of Transportation DOV diaphragm-operated valve DOVE digital orbiting voice encoder (Brazil) DOW Defenders of Wildlife DP - DR DP Defense Programs (DOE) dp density, pressure DP development project dp differential pressure (also DP) DP digital photography DP Director's Policy DP displaced person DP disposal of plutonium (TA-21) DP disposal procedures DP distributed processor DPA distinguished performance award DPAR data-parallel abstraction DPB Division of Particle Beams, APS DPCT data processing control transmittal card DPDT double pole, double throw (switch) DPFC Defense Program Field Council DPHA diphenylamine dpi dots per inch DPMB Defense Programs Management Board DPO Division of Production Operations (DOE) DPSOL Du Pont Savannah River Operations Logbook (SR specification) DPST disaster preparedness support team (FEMA) DPST double pole single throw DPST-FI-A- (Du Pont report identifier) DPT data processing terminal DPTA distinguished project team award DQ Director of Quality DQF driver qualification file DQO data quality objective DR deficiency/discrepancy report DR development report DR document request system DR Dubinin/Radushkevich (equation) DRA Defense Research & Applications DRAAG Design Review and Acceptance Group DRAINO2 (code to generate table of tank height) DRAM dynamic random-access memory (chip) DRATTS DRA target tracking DRB design review board DRDA distributed relational database access DRE Defense Research and Engineering DRE destruction and removal efficiency DRE door, roll-up, electric DRF disaster response force (FEMA) DRF dose reduction factor DRI Denver Research Institute DRI Desert Research Institute DRM door, roll-up, manual DRMS Data Record Management System DRP detailed review plan DRR Defense Research Review DRR design review record DRS data relay satellite DRS document review sheet DRSV deep submergence rescue vehicle DRTS data relay & tracking system (Japan) DS - DT DS Defense Science DS detection system DS development support/specification DS dichotomous sampler DS drill string DS Incinerator Site (TA-42) D/S dynamic/static D&S defense and space DSA digital signature algorithm DSA directory system agent DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency DSAC defense science advisory committee DSAC deterministic severe accident criterion DSAP data self-auditing program DSAP DOE special analysis project DSAT defense satellite DSC desktop support center DSC differential scanning calorimetry DSC Director's Staff Coordinator DSC direct satellite communications DSC discipline safety committee DSC distinguished service cross DSC domesticated satellite carrier D. Sc. doctor scientiae; doctor of science DSCM dry standard cubic meter(s) DSCS defense satellite communications system (U.S. satellite) DSD detonation shock dynamics DSE distributed system environment DSE domestic sewage exclusion DSE draft safety evaluation DSET Desert Sunshine Exposure Testing, Inc. DSHS Dept. of Social & Health Services (Washington) DSM digital speed matching DSM distributed shared memory DSN Defense Switched Network DSO division security officer DSP Defense Support Program DSP digital signal processor/processing DSP domain specific part (telecom.) DSPD design scope and planning document DSR design support request dsRNA double-stranded ribonucleic acid DSRV deep submergence rescue vehicle DSS digital signature system (NIST) DSS direct support & services DSS domestic sewage study DSS drain and storage system DSSG Defense Science Study Group DSSSL document style semantics and specification language DST dedicated system time DST Direction de la Surveillance du Territorie (France, intelligence service) DST double-shell tank DSU data service unit (networking/telephony; Infoworld, 11/8/93) DSV steam supply valve DT detention time DT deuterium and/or tritium DT dynamic tear/test D&T dehydration and transportation DTA differential thermal analysis DTC designated/division/directorate training coordinator DTC Defense Trade Controls (office) DTCSI Dynacorp Tri-Cities Services, Inc. DTD document type description DTE data terminal environment DT&E demonstration, testing, and evaluation D-Test destructive test DTIC Defense Technical Information Center DTIN DOE Technology Information Network DTL design team leader DTL drift-tube linac (linear accelerator) DTMF dual-tone multifrequency (telecom.) DTP desktop publishing DTPA diethylenetrizmine-pentaacetic acid DTR defense terrestrial reactor DTRC David Taylor Research Center (Navy) DTS differential temperature switch DTS digital termination system (telecom.) DTS digital tandem switch DTS discharge test stand DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration DTT design thermal transient DU - DZ DU decision unit DU depleted uranium DUA directory user agent DUBBS Dutch bulletin board service DUNC deep underwater nuclear counting DUOF Depleted Uranium Oxide Facility (OR) DUSA designated uunclassified subject area(s) DUV data under voice DUVAS derivative ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy DV delivery verification certificate DVE digital video effect(s) DVI digital video interactive (Intel) DVI digital video interleaved DVM digital voltmeter DVO Diversity Office DW dead weight DW demineralized water DW drywell DWA down with acronyms DWBM defense waste & byproducts management DWEL drinking water equivalent level DWG drawing (also Dwg.) DWI driving while intoxicated DWIA distortive wave impulse approximation (calculations) DWMP defense waste management plan DWPF defense waste processing facility DWS drinking water standard DWTF Decontamination and Waste Treatment Facility (LLNL) DX direct expansion cooling system DX Dynamic Experimentation Division, 10/93­ DXF data exchange format DXT density times thickness DYNA structural dynamics analysis DYNA3D (Los Alamos structural dynamics code) DZ dyzygotic E Return to Alphabet E (code for confidential restricted data) E Electronics and Instrumentation Division, 1/72­?/8? E exposure level E Ordnance Division, 6/43­8/44 EA economic affairs EA emergency activities (attendance code) EA emergency/enforcement action EA endangerment assessment EA engineering analysis EA environmental assessment (NEPA) EA environmental auditing EA exclusion area EA experimental activities E/A errata and addenda EAA Export Administration Act EAB environmental advisory board EAB exclusion area boundary EABP engineering as-built program (JCI) EAC employee advisory council EAC energy absorption capacity EAC estimate at completion EA&C environmental analysis & control EACR Environmental Area Characterization Report EACT emergency action & coordination team EAD Energy and Air Division (EPA) EAD executive assistant director EAF electric arc furnace EAF export authorization form EAG Exposure Assessment Group (EPA) EAL emergency action level EAM embedded-atom model/method EAO Economy Act Order EAP employee assistance program EAP evoked action potential EAP experimental activity proposal EAPRO employee assist. program referral option EAR environmental auditing roundtable EAR Ethics Advisory Review (panel) EAR Export Administration Regulations EARN European Academic Research Network EARS environmental activities reporting system EAS electronic authorization system EAS essential auxiliary support EAS extensive air shower EAU evacuation alarm unit EAW electrically aimable warhead EB - ED EB electron beam (also E-beam) EB emissions balancing EBCDIC extended binary coded decimal interchange code (characters) EBCWF electron beam cold-wire feed (welding) EBE evaluation basis event EBF eccentric braced frames EBIT electron beam ion trap (LLNL) E-bone European backbone service EBR electron beam recording EBR-II Experimental Breeder Reactor II EBS emergency broadcast system EBS engineered barrier system EBT electronic benefits transfer EBW electron beam welding EBW exploding bridgewire EBWR experimental boiling water reactor EC eddy current EC effective concentration EC electronically challenged EC electronic commerce EC emergency capability (weapon) EC emergency cleanup EC emergency coordinator EC engineering change EC European Community EC expedited cleanup EC explosives chemistry ECA Earth-crossing asteroids ECA electrical component assembly ECAD electronic computer-aided design ECAM environmentally conscious advanced manufacturing ECAO Environmental Criteria & Assessment Office ECC emergency control center ECC emergency core cooling/coolant ECC engineering change control EC/C electrochemical/chemical (processing) ECCM electronic counter-counterintelligence measure ECCN Export Control Classification Number ECCN export control commodity number ECCO Employee Customer Concerns Office (QP) ECCOS electronic card catalog & ordering system ECCS emergency core cooling system ECD effective cutoff diameter ECD electrochemical decontamination/electrodecontamination ECD electron capture detector/detection ECD electron capture diameter ECDC Energy Child Development Center (DOE) E&CF events and causal factors ECG electrochemical grinding ECG Environmental Coordinating Group ECG exercise control group (FEMA) ECHH electro-catalytic hyper-heater ECI export controlled information ECL emergency cooling limits ECL emitter-coupled logic ECL environmental chemistry laboratory ECM electrochemical milling/machining ECM environmentally conscious manufacturing ECM error correction mode ECMA European Computer Manufacturers' Association ECN Energy Research Foundation, Netherlands ECN engineering change notice ECO engineering change order ECOD Export Control Operations Division (DOE) ECP effective core potential ECP engineering change proposal ECP environmental compliance plan ECP estimated critical position ECP external compliance plan (EPA) ECR effective cleaning radius ECR engineering capability release ECR engineering change request ECRA Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act ECS emergency control station ECS emergency cooling system ECS experimental control system/station ECSL enforcement compliance schedule letter ECT evaporator condensate tank ECTD Emission Control Technology Division (EPA, Ann Arbor, MI) ECU Environmental Crimes Unit (DOJ) ECUT energy conversion & utilization technology ECW effluent cooling water ECWD effluent cooling water drainage ECWG export control working group ECx experimental concentration-percent ECX extrusion-cast explosive (fine-grain) ed. edition Ed. editor ED effective dose ED electron diffraction ED employee development ED emergency decontamination ED enforcement division ED exhaust damper ED explosives development EDA emergency declaration area EDAX energy dispersive spectroscopy EDB ethylene dibromide EDBS external dosimetry badge system EDC ethylene dichloride EDD enforcement decision document EDDC engineering document distribution chart EDE effective dose equivalent EDG emergency diesel generator ED&I engineering design and inspection EDIT explosion discrimination using ionospheric techniques EDL economic discard limit EDL edit decision list EDM electric discharge machining (also electrodischarge machining) EDP electronic data processing EDRS enforcement document retrieval system EDS Employee Development System EDS energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS engineering demonstration system EDSAC electronic delay storage automatic calculator (1949) EDTA ethylenediaminetetracetic acid EDTA ethylenediaminetetra acetate EDV electronic drawings vault EDX energy dispersive x-ray EDZ emission density zoning EE - EI EE electrical equipment/engineer EE energy efficiency EE energy and environment EE engineering evaluation EEC environmental evaluation coordinator EEC European Economic Community EE/CA engineering evaluation/cost analysis EED electroexplosive device (construction) EED emergency egress diagram EED equipment engineering department EED Exposure Evaluation Division (EPA) EEFI essential elements of friendly information EEG electro-encephalogram EEG environmental evaluation group (WIPP, AL) EEI Edison Electric Institute EEI explosive, extremely insensitive EELS electron energy loss spectroscopy EEM eigenmode expansion method EEM energy-efficient mortgage EEM essential equipment monitor EEM extrapolated endpoint method EEMD/NV Engineering and Energy Management, Nevada Operations Office EEMS enhanced expanded memory specification EENET emergency education network (FEMA) EEO equal employment opportunity EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC equal employment opportunity council (became Work Force 2000 Council, spring 1992) EEPAL electrically erasable programmable array logic EER excess emission report EERL Eastern Environmental Radiation Lab EERU Environmental Emergency Response Unit EES Earth and Environmental Science Division, 10/93­ EESI Environment & Energy Study Institute EETFC Environmental Effects, Transport & Fate Committee EEV English Electric Valve EF emission factor EF end fitting EF exhaust fan EFA event frequency analysis EFDP end fitting delta pressure EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation EFI Enrico Fermi Institute EFP explosively formed projectile EFLA extended four-letter acronym EFNS Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science EFP explosively formed projectile/penetrator EFS emergency feedwater system EFSEC energy facility site evaluation council EFTA European Free Trade Association EFTC Europena Fluorocarbon Technical Committee EG emergency generator EG engine-generator e.g. exempli gratia; for example EGA enhanced graphics array (video) EGA enhanced graphics adaptor EGA evolved gas analysis EGD Effluent Guidelines Division (EPA) EG&G Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc. EGL East Gate Laboratory Site (TA-19) EGP experimental geodetic payload (Japan) EGP exterior gateway protocol (telecom.) EGR exhaust gas recirculation EGRET energetic gamma ray experiment telescope EGS emergency generator set EGTF Electron Gun Test Facility EH Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Health (DOE) EH Environmental Safety and Health (office) EHF extremely high frequency EHS extremely hazardous substance EHV extremely high voltage EI electron ionization EI emissions inventory EI employee information EI engineering instruction EIA economic impact assessment EIA Electronic Industries Association EIA Energy Information Agency EIAP environmental impact analysis process EIB Environmental Improvement Board (NM) EIC Economic Intelligence Community (CIA) EIC employee involvement coordinator EICC emergency information control center (FEMA) EICS excellence in customer satisfaction EID Environmental Improvement Division (New Mexico) EIDS extremely insensitive detonating substance EIES engineering & industrial experiment station EIF entry into force EIL environmental impairment liability EINet Enterprise Integration Network (MCC) EIP employee involvement program EIQ emission inventory questionnaire EIR Eidgenossisches Institut für Reaktorforschung (Switzerland) EIR endangerment information report EIR engineering information request EIS effluent inventory system EIS electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS Emergency Information Systems EIS Employee Information System EIS environmental impact statement EIS expert information system EISA extended industry standard architecture EIS/AS emissions inventory system/area source EIS/PS emissions inventory system/point source EIT employee involvement team EIV emplacement installation vehicle EIVR exchange of information by visits and reports EIVS experimental inventory verification system EJ - EN EJRC European Joint Research Center EKMA empirical kinetic modeling approach EL entrepreneurial leave EL exposure level ELAD external liver-assist device ELF energy-level finder ELF extremely low frequency (emission) ELFA electron linac for acceleration ELI Environmental Law Institute elint electronic intelligence ELISA enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay ELLPACK (parallel program, Purdue University) ELM electronic mail system ELOYD electrical decontamination of Oralloy ELP Equipment Loan Program ELR Environmental Law Reporter ELS electron spectrometer earth observing system ELT emergency locator transmitter ELVD Evry Launch Vehicle Directorate (France) ELVIS electromagnetic very weak instabilities saturated ELVIS Export Licensing Voice Information System (DOC) EM electromagnetic EM electromagnetic conductivity EM electromechanical EM electronic mail EM electron microscope EM engineering manual EM environmental management EM Environmental Management Program Office EM Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (DOE) EM evaluation model EM expectation maximization (algorithm) EMA effective medium approximation EMAD engine maintenance assembly & disassembly EMA Enterprise Management Architecture (DEC) EMC electro-magnetic conductivity EM-CAT Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Cost Assessment Team EMCOM Environmental Management Career Opportunities for Minorities EMCORE Environmental Management Center Opportunities Resource EMDO Engineering Department (JCI) EMF electromagnetic field/force EMF electromotive force EMFI Energy and Minerals Field Institute EMG Electromagnetic Gravity Data EMI electromagnetic interference EMIS electromagnetic isotope separation EML electromagnetic launcher EML environmental measurements laboratory EML equatorial magnetosphere laboratory EMMP Environmental Monitoring & Mitigation Plan EMO Emergency Management Office (former name; see EM&R) EMO Environmental Management Office EM-OSC Emergency Management On-Scene Commander EMOV electromagnetically operated valve EMP electromagnetic pulse EMP electron microprobe (analysis) EMP employee EMP energy management program (LLNL) EMP environmental monitoring plan EMPA electron microprobe analysis EMPT Equipment/Material Pick-up/Transfer Form 797 (LANL) EMQ electromagnetic quadrupole EMR electronic mail registration EMR electromagnetic radiation EMR Emergency Management & Response EMR environmental management report EM&R Emergency Management and Response EM&R/FP emergency management and response/fire protection EMRG Environmental Management Review Group EMRO Emergency Management & Response Office EMSA Electron Microscope Society of America EMSES Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation Environment for Systems EMSL Environmental and Molecular Support Lahoratory (PNL) EMSL environmental monitoring support laboratory EMT electrical metallic tubing EMT emergency medical technician EMT equivalent megatonnage EMTS environmental monitoring testing site EMTS exposure monitoring test site EMU electromotive unit EMU estimated monthly usage ENAA epithermal neutron activation analysis ENCOP energy conservation project ENDF evaluated nuclear data file ENDF/B evaluated nuclear data file/version B ENDS enhanced nuclear detonation safety ENEA Italian National Committee for Nuclear and Alternative Energy Sources ENG Engineering Department, 3/48­7/54 ENG Site Engineering Division, 7/54­4/94? ENIAC electronic numerical integrator and calculator ENIN (Krzhizhanovskiy Energy Institute) ENRI Electronic Navigation Research Institute (Japan) ENS emergency notification system ENS European Nuclear Society Ent enterobactin EO - EQ EO ethylene oxide EO executive order/officer EOA end of address EOB Executive Office Building EOC Earth Observation Center (Japan) EOC emergency operations center EOC end of cycle EOC explosives operations center EOD entrance on duty EOD explosive ordnance depot/disposal EODF explosive ordnance disposal facility EODL explosive ordnance disposal letter EODS explosive ordnance disposal school EOF emergency operations facility EOF end of file EOI engineering operating instruction EOL end of life EOM end of message EOM end of mission EOP engineering operating procedure EOQ economic order quantity EOR engineer of record EOR enhanced oil recovery EORV Emergency Operating Records Vault EOS Earth Observing/Observation System EOS Earth Orbiting System EOS equation of state (also EoS) EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite Company EOSO end-of-storm oscillations EOT end of text/transmission EOT explosive ordnance team (FEMA) EOX extractable organic halogens EOY end-of-year (calculated balance for goods and services on order) EP electrical power EP electron potential EP emergency preparedness/preparation EP emergency pump EP energy production EP engineering procedure EP essential power EP extraction procedure e-p electron-proton EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPAA Environmental Programs Assistance Act of 1984 EPAC external program advisory committee EPA SW-846 EPA test methods for evaluating solid waste/chemical methods EPB external proton beam EPC earth penetrator case EPC east process cell EPC Emergency Planning Commission EPCA Energy Policy & Conservation Act, 1975 EPCI Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act EPD emergency planning district EPDF employee participation data form EPE energy and process engineering EPEC employee participation evaluation committee EPI Environmental Policy Institute EPI environmental priorities initiative EPIC Engineering Physics Information Center (ORNL) EPIC Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center EPICS Energetic Pion Channel and Spectrometer EPICS Experimental Physics & Industrial Control System EPIP emergency plan implementing procedures EPL Electron Prototype Lab (TA-3) EPL evaluated product list EPLD electronic programmable logic device EPMA electron probe microanalysis EPMP environmental permit management plan EPO emergency power off EPO emergency preparedness office EPO Estuarine Programs Office (NOAA) EPOP European Polar Orbiting Platform EPOTEC Ethics, Politics & Technology (nonprofit nongovernmental technology transfer organization) EPP environmental program plan EPPO emergency preparedness program EPR electrochemical potentiometer reactivation EPR electron paramagnetic resonance (spectroscopy) EPRG Experiment Planning/Peer Review Group EPRI Electric Power Research Institute EPROM erasable programmable read-only memory EPS electric power system EPS encapsulated PostScript EPS engineered performance standards EPSRG Enrichment Plant Safeguards Review Group EPTC extraction procedure toxicity characteristics EPTT extraction procedure toxicity test EPW earth penetrator warhead/weapon EPZ emergency planning zone EQ environmental qualification EQ equipment qualification (LLL) ER - ES ER electrical resistivity ER electrolytic/electrochemical refining ER electronic records ER emergency response ER employee relations ER energy research ER engineering release ER enhanced radiation ER environmental restoration/report ER Environmental Restoration & Waste Management Programs ERA Energy Research Abstracts ERA Energy Reorganization Act ERA Engineering Research Associates ERA environmental research applications ERA expedited removal/response action ERAB Energy Research Advisory Board ERACF Environmental Restoration Analytical Chemistry Facility ERAMS Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (EPA) ERB engineering review board ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Satellite ERC emergency records center (LLL) ERC emergency response coordinator ERC emissions reduction credit(s) ERC Environmental Research Center ERCC-5 (human excision repair gene) ERCS emergency response cleanup services ERCWS emergency raw cooling water system ERD equivalent residual dose ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration (DOE predecessor) ERDC European R&D Center ERDC Exploratory Research and Development Center ERD&DAA Environmental Research, Development and Demonstration Authorization Act ERDI exploratory research & development initiative ERF entrainment release factor ERF explosion release factor ERG Emergency Response Guidebook (DOE) ERG Energy Response Guidebook (DOE-M900) ERG external review group (DOE Priority System) ERINT extended range interceptor ERIS exoatmospheric re-entry vehicle interception system ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act ERL emergency reference/response level ERLA early retirees legal action ERLE energy-related laboratory equipment ERMC environmental restoration management contractor ERNS emergency response notification system ERO emergency response organization EROP Education Research Opportunity Program EROS Earth resources observation system ERP emergency response plan ERP enforcement response policy ERP environmental restoration plan ERPG emergency response planning guideline ERPM environmental restoration program manager ERPO Emergency Restoration Project Office ERRT emergency restoration response team ERS Earth Resources Satellite (Europe) ERT emergency response team ERT equipment rack transporter ERTAQ ERT air quality (model) ERTD Environmental Research & Technology Division (EG&G) ER/TSO Environmental Restoration Program Technical Support Office ERV emergency relief valve ERW enhanced radiation weapon ERWM energy restoration and waste management ER/WM Environmental Restoration & Waste Management Program Office ERX energy recovery experiment ES employment/employee system ES enforcement strategy ES engineered safeguards ES engineering study ES equipment specification ES exploratory shaft ES explosives safety ES extraction steam E&S error and sensitivity ESA all-electronic safing and arming (device) ESA Endangered Species Act ESA Engineering Sciences and Applications Division, 10/93­ ESA Engineering Support Activity, Naval Weapons (U.S. Navy) ESA environmentally sensitive area ESA European Space Agency ESA Exploratory Shaft Facility (YMP) ESAAB Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board ESAD Engineering Sciences & Applications Division ESAP Earth Sciences Advisory Panel ESAT Emergency Services Assistance Team ESBU energy systems business unit ESC endangered species committee ESC essentiality/criticality/sensitivity (security) ESCA electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis ESD Electronic Software Distribution ESD Electronic System Division (Air Force) ESD electron-stimulated desorption ESD electrostatic discharge ESD emergency shutdown device ESD Employment Security Department (Nevada) ESD environmental sensing device (LLL ) ESD Environmental Services Division ESD executive staff director ESDI enhanced small device interface ESECA Energy Supply & Environmental Coordination Act ESF engineered safety feature ESF exploratory shaft facility ESF extended superframe (commun.) ESFAS engineered safety feature actuation system ESG Environmental Systems Group ESH Environment, Safety, and Health Division, 10/93­ ES&H environment, safety, and health ESHAS ES&H Appraisal System (DOE database) ESHC ES&H Council ES&H SS Environment, Safety & Health, Steering Staff ESI Effective Solutions, Inc. ESI expanded site investigation ESIO earth sciences information office ESM electronic support measure ESnet Energy Sciences Network ESO European Southern Observatory ESP earthquake slip planes ESP electrostatic precipitator ESPRIT European Strategic Programme for R&D in Information Technology ESQ electrostatic quadruple ESR early site review ESR early storage reserve ESR electron spin resonance ESR engineering standard reference ESR Environmental Surveillance Report ESRO European Space Research Organization ESS electronic switching system (telecom.) ESS emergency spray system ESS engagement simulation system(s) ESS Earth and Space Sciences Division, 10/81­??/92? ESS Engineering Equipment Surveillance System ESSD electrostatic sensitive device EST equal spin temperature E&ST employment & suitability test ESTP Exploratory Shaft Test Plan ESTSC Energy Science and Technology Software Center (replaced NESC) ESU electrostatic unit ESW emergency service water ET - EZ ET early type (weapon) ET eddy (current) testing (NDE method) ET Energy & Technology ET Energy Technology Programs ET evapotranspiration ETA Electronics Test Area (TA-30) ETA energy technology assessment ETA estimated time of arrival ETA experimental test accelerator ET-AET environmental technologies-applied environmental technologies et al. et alii/aliae; and others or et alibi; and elsewhere ETC estimate to complete ETCAP environmental technology cost-savings analysis project ETEC Energy Technology Engineering Center (Canoga Park) ETF effluent treatment facility ETG environmental technology group ET-IWRP environmental technologies-industrial waste reduction program ETL Electrical Testing Laboratories, Inc. ETL Electrotechnical Laboratories ETL equipment test lab ETO engineering technology office ETP Energy Technology Programs ETP engineering test plan ETP established technical position ETR engineering test reactor ETS engineering test satellite ETS environmental tobacco smoke ETU early training unit ETU environmental test unit ETV electrothermal vaporization EU energy utilization EU enriched uranium EUCLID European Cooperation for the Long Term in Defense EUDOR enriched uranium direct oxide reduction (OR) EUI executive user interface EUP environmental use permit EURAM European Research in Advanced Materials EURATOM European Atomic Energy Agency/Community EURECA European retrievable carrier EUREKA European Research Cooperation Agency EV estimated variance EV evaporator vessel EV exhaust valve EVA extravehicular activity EVI explosive, very insensitive EVL evaluation test unit EW equivalent weight EWMC work management department (JCI) EX executive-level appointment EX-AFS extended x-ray absorption fine structure EXCEL Experimental Chloride Extraction Line EXCOM executive committee ExEx expected exceedance EXFAS extended x-ray fine absorption structure EXOSAT European X-ray Observatory Satellite EXTEX extrudable explosive EXTREF extraction pressure reference EYS electrical Y seal F Return to Alphabet F Fermi Division, 9/44­10/45 F fuze F (LLL data code for secret restricted data) F-1 student visa f77 FORTRAN77 (compiler/language) f90 FORTRAN90 FA factory automation FA field authorization FA fuel assembly FA full arc FAA Federal Aviation Agency FAA fresh acid add FAB filter, air, bag FAC filter, air, cleanable FAC final acceptance criterion FAC free available chlorine FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act FACM friable asbestos containing material FACP fire alarm control panel FacSim facility simulation FAD fuzing arming device FADA file access data unit (telecom.) FADC fast/flash analog-to-digital converter FADES Focus on Analysis and Documentation in the Enduring Stockpile FAE fuel/air explosives FAF fuzing, arming, firing FAGE fast agarose gel electrophoresis FAH filter, air, HEPA FAI Fauske and Associates (Westinghouse) FAL filter, air, carbon/charcoal FAM filter, air, mat FAM friable asbestos material FAN fixed account number FAP filter, air coolpad FAQ frequently asked question FAR federal acquisition regulation FAR federal aviation regulation FAR filter, air, replaceable FARNET Federation of American Research Networks FaS Failure Analysis Associates FAS Facilities and Administrative Support Division, 10/81­03/83 FAS Federation of American Scientists FAS fire alarm system FAS functional address symbol (military) FASM fuel-assembly structural material FAST fluorinel and storage (facility FASTC Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center (U.S. Air Force) FASTCAT for automated search of the catalog FAT file allocation table FATES FIFRA & TSCA Enforcement System fax facsimile; telefacsimile (also FAX) FB - FE FBC fluidized bed combustion FBF fluid bed fluorination FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service FBM/IAP fleet ballistic missile/improved accuracy program FBMS fleet ballistic missile system FBO fixed base operation/operator FBR fast breeder reactor FBS forward-based systems FBU fluidized bed unit FC fail closed FC Faraday cup FC fibercore (wire rope) FC field command (FCDNA) FC flow controller FC fluorocarbon FC frame control FC fuel cycle FCB free cutting brass FCC face-centered cubic FCC Federal Communications Commission FCC fluid catalytic converter FCC fluid-cracking catalyst FCCSET Federal Coordinating Council on Science, Engineering, and Technology FCCU fluid catalytic cracking unit FCDNA Field Command, Defense Nuclear Agency FCG flux compression generators FCI fluid controls institute FCI fuel-coolant interaction FCL FORTRAN command language FCM flow cytometry FCO federal coordinating officer FCO final change order FCP facilities construction plan FC-PSM Field Command, Plans & Operations Directorate, Stockpile Maintenance FCR final cost report FCR fixed charge rate FCSS frame check sequence (telecom.) FCT flux-corrected transport FCT forecasting FCV flow control valve FD field directive FD final design FD fitness for duty (attendance code) FD focus-defocus FDA Food and Drug Administration FDA fuel distribution analyzer FDC functional design criteria FDCA Federal Drug and Cosmetics Act (1938) FDCO Defense Foreign Disclosure Coordination Office FDD freezing degree days FDDE frequency domain differential equation FDDI fiber distributed data interface (token-ring LAN technology) FDE fuel-damage equation FDF forced draft fan FDF fundamentally different factors FDH Fluor Daniel Hanford, Inc. FDI Fluor Daniel, Inc. FDIE frequency domain integral equation FDHD (Apple SuperDrive) FDL final determination letter FDM frequency domain multiplexing FDN Fluor Daniel Northwest, Inc. FDNS finite-difference Navier-Stokes FDO fee determination official FDP fluorinel dissolution process FDP Free Democratic Party FDR final design review FDS filter difference spectrometer FDX full-duplex transmission FE fan, exhaust FE finite element FE flow element FE Fossil Energy (DOE office) FE fugitive emissions FEA finite element analysis FEAC fusion energy advisory committee FEAT fuel-efficiency automotive testing (equipment) FEBA forward edge of battle area FEC forward error correction FED fusion engineering device FEFCG fuel element failure gas chromatograph FEFO (energetic liquid plasticizer) FEFx forced expiratory flow FEH fume hood exhaust FEHM finite element heat & mass transfer code] FEIS fugitive emissions information system FEL Frank effect level FEL free-electron laser FELEX (a computer code) FELPPC free-electron laser physical process code FEM finite element method FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA-REP-1 Response Plans & Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Power Plants FEMA-REP-2 Guidance for Developing State & Local Radiological Emergency Response Plans & Preparedness for Transportation Actions FEMP federal energy management program FEMP Fernald Environmental Management Project (Fernald facility, Ohio; FMPC) FEOSH Federal Employee Occupational Safety & Health FEP field evaluation program FEPCA Federal Environmental Pesticide(s) Control Act FEPCA Federal Environmental Pollution Control Act FEPCO Fair Employment Practices Commission, California FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory FERP Federal Emergency Radiological Plan FES factor evaluation system FET field-effect transistor FEV forced expiratory volume FEVI front end volatility index FEW federally employed women FEWS Follow-on Early Warning System FF - FI FF filter factor FF form feed FF fuel fabrication FF fuel failure F&F fuzing and firing FFA free fatty acid FFAR fuel and fuel additive registration FFC federal facilities coordinator FFC full, final, and complete FFCA federal facilities compliance agreement FFDCA Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act FFE failed fuel element FFF firm financial facility FFF Fuel Fabrication Facility FFF full face fit (mask) FFFSG fossil-fuel-fired steam generator FFIS federal facilities information system FFP firm fixed price FFRDC Federally Funded R&D Center FFSDIF Federal facility site discovery and identification findings FFT fast Fourier transform FFT full frame transfer FFTF Fast Flux Test Facility (Hanford, WA) fg foreground fg foreign government FGC focusing grating coupler FGD flue gas desulfurization FGH furnace, gas spare FGI foreign government information FGM fission gas monitor FGSP general facility safety procedure FHAR fire hazard analysis report FHS Fenton Hill Site (TA-57) FHSA Federal Hazardous Substances Act (1966) FHWA Federal Highway Administration FI field ionization FI flame ionization (gas detector) FI flow instability FI fluorescence index FIA funds-in agreement FIAP fraction of the inventory in aqueous phase FICI failed instrument component inspection FID flame ionization detector FIDF fuel improvement demonstration facility FIDLER field instrument for detection of low-energy radiation FIFAC filtered Faraday cup experiment FIFO first-in, first-out FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act FII foreign intelligence information FIIN federal item identification number FIL flow instability limit FILO first-in, last-out FIM friable insulation materials FIMAD Facility for Information Management, Analysis, and Display FIN Finance and Procurement Division FIP final implementation plan FIPC Foreign Intelligence Priorities Committee (intelligence community) FIPD federal installation planners division (U.S. government) FIR facility inspection report FIR far infrared FIR far infrasound FIR finite impulse response FIRE Fast Imaging Ranicon Experiment FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams FIS Financial Information System (DOE) FISH fluorescent in situ hybridization FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence FIST fully integrated systems test FIT field investigation team FITS functional interpolating transformation system FIVRS Financial Information Variance Reporting System FIX Federal Information Exchange FIX federal Internet exchange FIXIT (deficiencies database) FJ - FO FKI integral equation of the first kind FL fail last FL Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos FLAGE Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium (1974) FLD-SID field sample identification FLECHT full-length emergency cooling/core heat transfer FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLIC FORTRAN language for industrial control FLIR forward-looking infrared FLL flux lock loop FLM federal land manager FLMPA Federal Land Management Policy Act FLOOD (code to calculate flows through individual core assemblies) FLOPS floating-point operations per second FLOW-3D (Flow Science, Inc., three-dimensional near-net-shape casting modeling code) FLOWTRAN (SRP code; thermal-hydraulic behavior) FLOWZONE (computer code; calculate flow by zones) FLP flashpoint FLPMA Federal Land Policy and Management Act FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 FLSC flexible linear shaped charge FLTOP Federal Lease to Ownership Program FLUIDS (MELPROG subcode) FLUKA (high-energy physics interaction code) FLX (magnetohydrodynamics code) FM facilities management/manager FM Facilities Management Department, 8/80­10/81 FM Factory Mutual Engineering & Research FM failure mode FM field manual FM fineness modulus FM finished machined FM flow meter FM frequency modulation FM frequency multiplier FM Frijoles Mesa Site (TA-49) FM functional managers FM (titanium tetrachloride) F/M food to microorganism ratio FMCSR Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations FMCW frequency modulated continuous wave FM/D facility manager/designee FMEA failure modes and effects analysis FMECA failure mode, effects & criticality analysis FMF fuel manufacturing facility FMFIA Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act FMIT Fusion Materials Irradiation Test Facility FML flexible membrane liner FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 FMPC Feed Materials Production Center, Fernald FMPT facility management process team FMRC Factory Mutual Research Corporation FMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging FMS flexible manufacturing system FMS Frijoles Mesa Site (TA-49) FMSC Financial Management Steering Committee FMU Facility Management Unit FMVCP federal motor vehicle control plan FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory FNC Federal Networking Council FNW future of nuclear weapons FO fail open FO fiber optic(s) FO Field Office FO fuel oil FOAK first of a kind FOAM fiber-optic gamma-ray alpha measurement FOB Facilities Operations Branch (LAAO) FOB free on board FOBS fractional orbital bombardment system FOC full operational capability FOCI foreign, ownership, control & influence FOCUS Facility for Operations Control and Utilization Statistics FOD fax on demand ("fax back" services) FODO focus/defocus FOIA Freedom of Information Act FOISD fiber-optic isolated spherical dipole antenna FOM figure of merit FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact F&OR facility and operational requirement(s) FORAST forest response to anthropogenic stress FORGE format generation FORS Forrestal building (DOE, Washington, DC) FORTÉ fast on-orbit recording of transient events FOS fuel oil spill FOSC federal on-scene commander FOSI formatting output specification instance FOT flight observation team FOTL follow-on to LANCE (missile) FOV field of view FP - FR FP filter plenum FP Finance and Procurement Division FP fine particulate matter FP fire protection FP fission product(s) FP floating point FP full power FP functional performance FPA Federal Pesticide Act FPA focal plane array FPA functional performance area FPAC facilities planning advisory committee FPC federal power commission FPC fish protein concentrate FPCD final procurement & construction FPD flame photometric detector FPDL Fission Product Development Laboratory FPDR first production drawing release FPE functional performance element FPF Fuels Production Facility FPGA field programmable gate array FPI facilities project information FPI Facility Project Index FPI fiscal project identification FPI fixed-price incentive FPIC field-programmable interconnect circuit FPLA field-programmable logic array FPMD Facilities and Property Management Division (DOE/AL) FPMR federal project management regulation FPMR Federal Property Management Regulations FPO field project office FPO fire protection officer FPO fleet post office (armed forces) FPO for position only FPP fixed path protocol (telecom.) FPPU first pilot production unit (LLL) FPR federal procurement regulations FPR functional performance requirement(s) FPR fuel processing restoration FPS Floating Point Systems FPU first production unit FP/WKO (facilities project information/work order system) FPY full-power year FQAR facility quality assurance representative FQCPO Facility Quality Control Project Office FQDN fully qualified domain name FR Federal Register FR final rulemaking FRA fan, return air FRA Federal Register Act FRAM Fixed energy Response function Analysis with Multiple efficiency FRC Federal Radiation Council FRC Federal Records Center FRC Federal Response Center (FEMA) FRD formerly restricted data FRD functional requirements document FRDS federal reporting data system FREDS federal regional emissions data system FRES forest range environmental study FRG Federal Republic of Germany (BRD; Bundesrepublik Deutschland) FRGT fast response gamma thermometer FRL filter, air roll FRM federal reference methods FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring & Assessment Center FRMAP federal radiological monitoring and assessment plan (FEMA) FROD functionally related observable difference FROG frequency-resolved optical grating FRP Facilities Restoration Program FRP fiber/fiberglass-reinforced plastic/polyester FRP fire-resistant pit FRR flight readiness review FRS First Repository States FRS formal reporting system F.R.S. Fellow of the Royal Society FRX-C Field Reversed Theta Pinch Compact Plasma Generator FS - FT FS factor of safety FS fan, supply FS far side FS feasibility study FS flow switch F/S frequency/severity F&S Fenix & Scisson (NTS contractor) FSA firing set assay FSAR facility safety analysis report FSAR final safety analysis report FSC federal stock/supply classification FSC forward shaped charge FSD first scheduled delivery FSDO Facilities Support Dept. (TA-55) (JCI) FSDO Flight Standards District Office (FAA) FSED full-scale engineering development FSH fuel sleeve housing FSI fluid structure interaction FSICM final site inspection/closeout and monitoring FSK frequency-shift keying FSN federal stock number FSOPP facility-specific outreach and public participation plan FSP facility safety procedures FSP field sampling plan FSR Facility Safety Review FSR financial systems review FSR former Soviet republic FSRAS feasibility study & remedial action selection FSS Facilities, Security, and Safeguards Division, 10/93­ FSS federal supply schedule FSS flight services station (FAA) FST facility-specific training FST fast shock tube FSTC Foreign Science & Technology Center FSTD facility-specific training directory FSTS federal secure telephone system FSU former Soviet Union FSUP final space utilization plan FT file transport FT Fourier transform FT full-time FT fund type FTA fault tree analysis FTAM file transfer, access, and management FTD flight test diagnostics FTD fusion target design FTE full-time equivalent/employee FTF Filter Test Facilities FTFC Fourier transform flow cytometer FTFF fuel and target fabrication facility FTIR Fourier transform infrared (spectroscopy) FTL field team leader FTLS formal top-level specification (language) FTM field team member(s) FTP federal (vehicle) test procedure FTP file transport/transfer protocol FTPA field task proposal/agreement FTQU flight test qualification unit FTR fast test reactor FTS Federal Telecommunications System FTS file transfer service FTS flight termination system FTS fuel transfer system FTT fuel temperature test FTT full-time temporary FTU first training unit FTU flight test unit FU - FZ FUA foreign use agreement FUA Fuel Use Act FUBAHR fouled up beyond all hope of recognition FUD fear, uncertainty, doubt (software release) FUR full-up round (armament) FURS federal underground injection control reporting system FUSRAP formerly utilized sites remedial action plan/program F-V Fussell-Vesely FV&A foreign visits and assignments FVC filtered vented containment FVC forced vital capacity FVL fuel valve light FVMP federal visibility monitoring program FW feedwater FWA flow weighted average (delta T) FWA fraud, waste, and abuse FWHM full width at half maximum FWIW for what it's worth FWO Facility & Waste Operations FWP Federal Women's Program (DOE/AL) FWP field work proposal FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Act (CWA) FWQC Federal Water Quality Criteria FWS Fish and Wildlife Service (DOI) FWT fast wavelet transform FX File Express (X-Windows; integrated graphical interface for CFS, ftp, and Unix file systems FX flight experiment F/X effects FXR flash x-ray FXT fire extinguisher training FY fiscal year FYCE fiscal year current estimate FYI for your information FYP five-year plan FYPA five-year program analysis FYTD fiscal year to date FZ flow zone FzK Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe G Return to Alphabet g acceleration of gravity (constant) G Basic & Applied Geosciences Division, 2/77­10/81 G gage G graveyard shift (attendance code) G gravity G (top secret restricted data code) G Weapons Physics Division, 8/44­10/45 G-21 group of 21 nonaligned nations in the Conference on Disarmament GA gas analysis GA General Atomic GA gun-assembled G&A general and administration/ive GAAP generally accepted accounting principles GAAS generally accepted auditing standards GaAs gallium arsenide GAC granular activated carbon GAC groundwater activated carbon GACT granular activated carbon treatment GALLEX gallium experiment (neutrinos, Italy) GAN gas analysis GAMMA Gamma Site (TA-27) GAO General Accounting Office GAO goal achievement objective GAP government accountability project GARDIAN (GBL Point Defense System) GAS get away special GAT Goodyear Atomic Corporation GB glovebox GBAS glovebox assay system GBC General Binding Company GBCA graphics-based control architecture GBDA glovebox dry air GBFEL ground-based free-electron laser GBI ground-based interceptor GBL government bill of lading GBL ground-based laser GBR generate barcode update report GBS ground-based (radar) system GBSA graphics-based supervisory architecture GC gas chromatograph/chromatography GC gas cooled GC general counsel G/C gas-to-cloth ratio GCA Graphic Communication Association GCD general and complete disarmament GCD greater confinement disposal GCEP gas centrifuge enrichment plant GCFR gas-cooled fast reactor GCM general circulation model GCM global climate model GC/MS gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer GCNM Gas Company of New Mexico GCP Groundwater Characterization Project GCR gas-cooled reactor GCR gray component replacement/removal GCWR gross combination weight rating GD - GH GD governing document GDB genome database GDC general design criteria GDI graphics device interface (Windows) GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program (DIA) GDLS General Dynamics Land Systems GDMS glow discharge mass spectrometry GDP gaseous diffusion plant GDP gross domestic product GDR giant dipole resonance GDRQ general design requirement GDS general declassification schedule GDS geometry definition system GDSC Geographic Data Service Center (BIA) GE General Electric (see also GEND) GEA Glossary of EPA Acronyms GEAC (GEAC Advance library system; not an acronym) GED general educational development (certificate)/equivalency diploma GEDI guided, electromagnetically launched defensive interceptor GEI geographic enforcement initiative GEM gamma, electron, and muon detector GEM (National Consortium for Graduate Engineering Degrees for Minorities) GEMINI LASL research laser (1977) GEMS graphic exposure modeling system GEMS Guide to ES&H Management Structure GenBank National Genetic Sequence Data Base GEND General Electric Neutron Devices (Pinellas, Florida) G-ENDF groupwise-ENDF GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit GEODES Geoscience Data Evaluation System GEONET Ground-based Earth Observing Network GEOWARN global emergency observation and warning system (ISU/Huntsville AL) GEP good engineering practice GERDA Geradrohr Dampfergeuger Anlage; straight-tube steam generator GERT general employee radiological training GES ground-Earth station GES ground engineering system GET General Employee Training GETR General Electric Test Reactor GETT grants-equal-to-taxes GE-VF General Electric, Valley Forge GF general files GFAAS graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy GFC gas filter correlation GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter GFD geophysical fluid dynamics GFE government-furnished equipment GFF glass fiber filter GFM government-furnished material GFP government-furnished property GFS generic flight systems GGH generalized geometry holdup GGNS Grand Gulf Nuclear Station GGP gateway-to-gateway protocol GI - GN GI gastrointestinal GI general increase/instruction GI government issue GIDEP Government/Industry Date Exchange Program GIF gamma irradiation facility GIF graphics interchange format GIFT gas-insulated flow tube GIGO garbage in/garbage out GIM guided intelligence model GINGA (Japanese satellite; not an acronym) GIP generic implementation procedure GIRE general indirect & recharge equipment GIS geographic information system (Savannah River) GIS global indexing system GISC generic intelligent system controller GISP2 Greenland Ice Sheet Project GIX Global Internet Exchange GJPO Grand Junction Project Office GKAE (U.S.S.R. State Committee on the Utilization of Atomic Energy) GKNT (U.S.S.R. State Committee for Science and Technology) GKS graphical kernel system (proposed international standard) GL general ledger (system) GL group leader GLASS generalized lattice analysis subsystem GLC gas liquid chromatography GLCM ground-launched cruise missile GLERL Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab. GLONASS global navigation system (Russia) GLP good laboratory practices (standards) GLWQA Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement GM Geiger-Müller (also G-M) GM general MIDI GM General Motors GM granulocyte/microphage (life sciences) GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test G.m.b.H. Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung; limited corporation (German) GMF ground mobile force GMM general maintenance manual GMP Groundwater Monitoring Plan GMR giant magneto resistance (Sandia) GMS geostationary meteorological satellite (Japan) GMT Greenwich Mean Time (zulu time; UCT) GMW General Metalworks GMW gram molecular weight GMX GMX Division (no name), 7/48­9/72 GNETS graphical network security GNI general new item GNP gross national product GNU Gnu's not UNIX (software) GO - GR GOCO government-owned contractor-operated GOE government-owned equipment GoEX (Jet Research Inc., shaped charge) GOGO government owned, government operated GOMS geostationary orbiting meteorological satellite (Russia) GONII gas and oil national information infrastructure project GONG Global Oscillation Network Group GOP general operating procedures GOPO government-owned, privately operated GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Protocol GP general purpose GP generic procedure GP graphic panel GP graph partitioning GPAC General Plant Advisory Committee GPAD gallons per acre per day GPALS ground protection against limited strike(s) GPC gel permeation chromatography GPCD gallons per capita per day GPCS gas purification control system GPF general purpose facility GPF Generic Packaging Facility GPHS general purpose heat source GPIB general purpose interface bus GPL graphics programming language g.p.m. gallons per minute (also gpm) GPMPP Groundwater Protection Management Program Plan GPO Government Printing Office GPO Ground-Based FEL Project Office GPP general plant projects GPR global position receiver GPR ground-penetrating radar GPR group property representative GPS global positioning system/satellite GPS groundwater protection strategy GPSS general purpose simulation system GPWR German pressurized water reactor GR Government Relations Office GR green colored terminal marking GRA graduate research assistant GRABASC graphics-based supervisory control GRACCE Grand Challenge Computational Environment GRAPE graphical reprocessing analysis procedure emulation GRAS generally recognized as safe GRASS generalized reactor analysis subsystem GRC General Research Corporation GRD Generic Requirement Document GRDO geoscience research drilling office GRE gas release event grep global regular expressions and patterns (UNIX utility) GRIN graded index GRIP Greenland Ice-Core Project GRO Government Relations Office GRP glass-reinforced plastic GRPHNREP graphical network representation GRS gamma-ray spectrometer GRS general records schedules GRS Gesellschaft für Reaktorsicherheit GRW gang rod withdrawal GRWSIMS ground war simulations GS - GT GS general stock GS general support series GS graded series (non-TSM) GS guest scientist GS (RX-08-GS extrusion-cast explosive) GSA General Services Administration GSAFMC GSA Fleet Management Center GSAS Generalized Structure Analysis System GSC gas-solid chromatography GSE ground support equipment GSE group of scientific experts GSF gross square feet GSFA Goddard Space Flight Center GSI generic safety issue GSI generic software interface GSLV geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle (India) GSO geosynchronous orbit GSO goods and services on order GSR galvanic skin response GSRD general safety requirements document GST Greenwich sidereal time GSTS Ground Surveillance and Tracking System GT Gamow-Teller GTA gas tungsten arc GTA ground test accelerator GTA/NPBSE ground test accelerator/neutral particle beam space experiment GTAW gas tungsten arc/air welded/welding GTCC greater than Class C GTDA general technical data, available GTDR general technical data, restricted GTDU general technical data, unrestricted GTEC Governor's Technical Excellence Committee GTF global template file (MS Word) GTF Ground Test Facility GTF grout treatment facility GTL geomagnetic tail laboratory (satellite) GTM gang temperature monitor GTN Germantown (DOE, Maryland) GTN global trend network GTO geosynchronous transfer orbit GTP generic technical position GTR government transportation request GTS global telecommunications system GTU ground test unit G-TUF G-Tunnel Underground Facility GTW ground-thermosphere waveguide GU - GZ GUI graphical user interface GUR generate unmatched item report GUT grand unified theory GVCS Guard Vessel Coolant System GVLS global verification location system GVP gasoline vapor pressure GVR gas volume ratio GVWR gross vehicle weight rating GW gaseous waste GW gateway, wide band communications network GW graveyard/weekend shift (attendance code) GW ground water GWA ground water assessment GWAR generic waste acceptance requirements GWC group waste coordinator GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network GWIS Global Weapons Information System GWM generic window manager (X) GWPA Ground Water Protection Act GWPMPP Ground Water Protection Management Program Plan GWPS ground water protection standard/strategy GWS general welding specifications/standards GWTT ground water travel time GZ ground zero H Return to Alphabet H (confidential formerly restricted data code, LLL) H handling equipment H Health Division, 5/47­10/84 H history (LA-series report designator) H holiday (attendance code) H hotline H-1 (temporary worker-visa) H4P high-performance parallel processor project (also HPPPP) HA (Energy Conservation fund type code) HA health assessment HAC Hughes Aircraft Company HACS hazard assessment computer system HAD health assessment document HAN hydroxylammonium nitrate HANDY heater analysis of nucleation dynamics (code) HAP hazardous air pollutant HAP high average power HAPC highest average pay compensation HAPPS hazardous air pollutant prioritization system HAR hydrologic assessment report HARP hazard assessment of rocket propellants HARP high-altitude research program HAS humidifier, air, steam-spray HASC House Armed Services Committee HASWOPER hazardous waste operations HAW high acid waste HAW high-activity waste HAW humidifier, air, water-spray HAZCAT hazard categorization HazClass hazard classification HAZCOM hazard communications (program) HAZMAT hazardous materials HAZOP hazards and operability HAZOPER Hazardous Waste Operations HAZOPER Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Training for General Site Workers HAZPACT Hazardous Material Packaging & Shipping Section HAZRAP hazardous waste remedial actions program HB - HD HB health benefits HB horizontal baffle HB House Bill HBCU Historically Black Colleges & Universities HBD hydraulic bottom detector HBS heat-pipe bimodal system HC hazardous constituents HC health check HC hexachlorothannol HC hydraulic conductivity HC hydrocarbons HCIA Hazardous Chemicals Information Act HCD hazard control department HCF hot channel factor HCFC hydrochlorofluorocarbon HCHB Herbert C. Hoover Building, Washington, DC HCLPF high confidence, low probability of failure HCN hydrogen cyanide gas HCP hypothermal coal process HCTS High-Current Test Stand HD (Hanford Engineering) HD heavy duty HD Huntington's Disease HDCD high-density CD HDF halogenated dibenzofuran HDFC Hereditary Disease Foundation Consortium HDG heater, duct, gas HDHT highly dispersed heat transfer HDL Harry Dimond Laboratories HDL hierarchical design language HDL high-density lipoprotein HDPE high-density polyethylene HDP high delta pressure HDR Heißdampfreaktor (hot steam reactor) HDR hot dry rock HDS hazardous devices school HDT hazardous devices team HDTV high-definition television HDV heavy-duty vehicle HE - HI HE high explosive(s) HE hoist, electric HE human error HEA health effects assessment HEA high-explosive-assembled HEAF high explosives application facility (LLNL) HEAT help desk expert automation tool HEAT high-enthalpy arc tunnel HEB high-energy beam HEBT high-energy beam transport (BEAR) HECB Hanford Electrical Contractors Board HECC House Energy & Commerce Committee HED Hazard Evaluation Division (EPA) HEDI High Endoatmospheric Defense Interceptor HEDL Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory HEDM high-energy-density material HEED health & environmental effects document HEEP health and environmental effects profile HEGLF High Energy Gas Laser Facility HEHF Hanford Environmental Health Foundation ­ Richland, Washington HEI Health Effects Institute HEI Heat Exchange Institute HEL high-energy laser HELEX (a computer code) HELIOS high-energy lepton and ion spectrometer HELIOS (LANL laser research system, 1978) HEM human exposure modeling HEM hybrid electromagnetic HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse HEMT high electron mobility transistor HEP heterogeneous element processor HEP heterogeneous multiprocessor HEP high-energy physics HEP Hispanic Employment Program (EPA) HEP human error probability HEPA high-efficiency particulate air/adsorption HEPAP High-Energy Physics Advisory Panel HEPnet High Energy Physics Network HERA (German accelerator) HERA helium reactor analysis (code) HERMES II High Energy Radiation Megavolt Electron Source, Second Generation HERS home energy rating system HERS hyperion energy recovery system HESIS hazard evaluation system and information (California Occupational Health Program) HESQA heath, environment, safety & quality assurance HETB hardened engineering test building HETE high-energy transient experiment HETP height equivalent to theoretical plate HES Handbook of Economic Statistics (CIA) HETT high explosive transit time HEU highly enriched uranium HEX heat exchanger HEX (uranium hexafluoride) HEX-BCF hexachloronorbornadiene HF human factors HF hydrogen fluoride HFA homogeneous shear flow HFBR High-Flux Beam Reactor (BNL) HFD heat flux dropout HFE human factors engineering HFEF Hot Fuel Examination Facility, Rocky Flats HFEM high-frequency electromagnetic HFEX high-frequency experiment HFIR high-flux isotope reactor (ORNL) HFS hierarchical file system (Apple) HG hydrogen gas HGA heat-generating assembly HGE hydrogen gas embrittlement HGIR Human Genome Information Resource HGMF high-gradient magnetic field HGMS high-gradient magnetic separation HGOPHER (gopher software for Windows) HGP high gas pressure HHA high hard(ness) armor HHS Department of Health & Human Services HHV higher heating value HI hazard index HIB heavy-ion beam HIBAF high-brightness accelerator FEL (laser) HI-BLARG hypersonic integral boundary layer analysis of reentry geometries HIDS highly integrated detonation system HIF heavy-ion fusion HIFSA Heavy-Ion Fusion Systems Assessment HIGRAD HIgh-resolutin model for strong GRADIENT applications HILAC heavy-ion linear accelerator HIMES highly maneuverable experimental spaceplane (Japan) HIP Hanford Isotopes Plant HIP high injection pressure HIP hot isostatic pressing HIPD high-intensity powder diffractometer HIPO high potential incident(s) HIPPI high-performance parallel interface HIR hypervelocity impact research HIRAB high-resolution atomic beam HIRAC hazardous information record and control HIRL high-intensity runway lighting HIS House Information System (Congress) HIT hazard information transmission HITIS hyperbolic in-air tracking system HIV human immunodeficiency virus HI-VOL high-volume sampler HJ - HP HKS Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorenson (vendor for ABAQUS) HLA human leukocyte antigen HLC high-level cave(s) HL/CL hazard level/compliance level HLDLC high-level data link control (telecom.) HLFM high-level flux monitor HLLW high-level liquid waste(s) HLMA Hotline Modernization Agreement HLRW high-level radioactive waste HLW high-level waste HLWFP high-level waste form producers HLWV high-level waste vitrification HM health monitoring HM hoist, manual HMCP hazardous materials control policy HMI hypervelocity microparticle impact HMIG hazardous materials identification guide HMMC halide-bridged mixed-valence metal complex(es) HMO health maintenance organization HMPT hazardous materials packaging and transportation HMRT hazardous material response team HMS Hanford Meteorological Station HMS her/his majesty's ship HMS highway mobile source HMS hydrogen mixing studies (code) HMS/TRAC Hydrogen Mixing Study/Transient Reactor Analysis Code HMTA Hazardous Material Transportation Act (1974, 1984) HMTF Hazardous Materials Transfer Form HMTTS Hazardous Materials Transportation Tracking System HMX high melting explosive HMX tetranitro tetrazacyclo-octane (HE) H&N Holmes and Narver, Inc. HNF Hanford document number designator HNPF Hallam Nuclear Power Facility HNS (dipicrylehane; explosive) HNS 2,2',4,4',6,6'-hexanitrostilbene (explosive) HO (General Electric Co., Hanford Atomic Products Operations) HOA hand/off/automatic (switch) HOB House office building HOC halogenated organic carbon HOC halogenated organic compound(s) HOC hazardous organic constituents HOD hand-operated disconnect HOE holographic optical element HOE homing overlay experiments HOG high-order Godunov (TRAC method) HOMS human-oriented manufacturing system HON hazardous organic NESHAP HOT SPOT (DOE mobile accident response group) HOV high-occupancy vehicle HP health physics/physicist HP Hewlett Packard HP high performance HP high pressure HP high purity hp horsepower (also HP) HP hot pipe HP HP Site (TA-33) HPAL Health Physics Analysis Laboratory HPCA High Performance Computing Act (1991) HPCC high-performance computing and communications HPCE high-performance capillary electrophoresis HPCI High-Performance Computing Initiative HPCRC High-Performance Computing Research Center HPCS high-pressure core spray HPCTB high-power cryogenic test bed HPDD high-power density/design HPDS high-performance data system HPF helium purification system HPF high-performance FORTRAN HPFL high pressure fire loop HPGe high-purity germanium (also HPG) HPHTF high-pressure/high-temperature fluids HPIC high-pressure ion chamber HPIS high-pressure injection system HPLC high-performance liquid chromatography HPM high-power microwave HPN high-pressure nitrogen HPP high-pulse power HPPPP high-performance parallel processor project HPS Health Physics Society HPS heat-pipe power system HPSL high-power rf structures laboratory HPSS high-performance storage system HPSSC Health Physics Society Standards Committee HPSW high-pressure service water HPT health protection technician HPTM horizontal pull test machine HPU hydrothermal processing unit HPV high-priority violator HPV human papilloma virus HQ - HT HQ headquarters HR high-resolution HR human resources HR Human Resources Division, 11/93­ H.R. House of Representatives HRA human reliability analysis HRC hybrid ring control HRCQ highway route-controlled quantity HRD human resources development HRD Human Resources Development Division, 6/86­11/93 H. Res. House resolution (also H.R.) HRL Health Research Laboratory (TA-43) HRMP Hydrologic Resonance Management Program HRRPO Human Resources Reliability Program Office HRS hazard ranking system HRSD Hazardous Response Support Division (EPA) HRT high-resolution telemetry HRUP high-risk urban problem HRV high-resolution visible HS health and safety HS Health and Safety Division, 7/91­11/93 HS heat source HS He-3 storage HS hydrogen sulfide H&S health and safety HSA high specific activity HSA hollow-stem auger HSC high-speed channel (see HIPPI) HSCD Hazardous Site Control Division (EPA) HSDN high-speed data network subsystem HSE health, safety, and environment HSE Health, Safety, and Environment Division, 10/84­7/91 HSE heater, steam-electric HSEAC Health, Safety, and Environment Advisory Committee HSED Hazardous Site Evaluation Division HSEPS Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Safeguards HSER health, safety, and environment remark HSHAP Health and Safety Hazard Program HSI heat stress index HSL hazardous substance list HSLA high-strength low-alloy HSM health and safety manual HSP Health and Safety Plan HSP high-speed processor HSP high steam pressure HSPI high-speed parallel interface H&SPL Health and Safety Project Leader H&SPP Health and Safety Program Plan HSPT Human Studies Project Team HSSHP High School Science Honors Program HST health and safety technician HST Hubble Space Telescope (NASA) HSW heat sink welding HSWA Hazardous & Solid Waste Amendments (1984; amend RCRA) HSX horizontal surface extensometer HT heat treatment HT hydrothermally treated HT (tritiated hydrogen gas) HTA high-temperature alarm HTC heat-transfer coefficient HTD heat transfer division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) HTF Hanford tank farm HTFS heat transfer and fluid flow service HTGR high-temperature gas-cooled reactor HTH calcium hypochlorite HTL Heat Transfer Laboratory (SRL) HTL heat transfer loop HTL hydrothermal processing HTML hypertext markup language HTO hydrogen-tritium-oxygen (isotope) HTO (tritiated water) HTP high temperature and pressure HTP hot test procedure HTR high-temperature reactor HTRF Heat Transfer Research Facility (Columbia University) HTS Hadamard transform spectrometer HTSC High-Temperature Superconductivity/ Superconductors HTTP hypertext transfer protocol HTU hydrodynamic test unit HTWRS Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System HU - HZ H/U heatup HUD heads-up display HUD Housing & Urban Development (Department) HUE heater unit, electric HUG heater unit, gas HUI heater unit, infrared HULL (3-D Eulerian hydrocode) HUMINT human intelligence HUMVEE high-mobility (off-road) vehicle HUS heater unit, steam HUW heater unit, water HV hardness, Vickers' HV heating and ventilation unit HV high voltage HVA heating, ventilation, and air HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC high voltage, alternating current HVDCT high-voltage direct current transmission HVEM high-voltage electron microscope HVIO high-volume industrial organics HVL half-value layer HVM hypervelocity missile HVP hypervelocity particle/projectile HVPS high-voltage power supply HVTF High Voltage Test Facility HW Hanford Works HW hazardous waste HW heater, water HW heavy water HW hot water HWA Hazardous Waste Act (New Mexico) HWCT hazardous waste compliance technology (program) HWDMS Hazardous Waste Data Management System HWE heater, water, electric HWERL Hazardous Waste Engineering Research Laboratory (EPA) HW/FW half wave/full wave (electrical distribution) HWG heater, water, gas HWGTF hazardous waste groundwater task force HWHF Hazardous Waste Handling Facility HWLT hazardous waste land treatment HWMR Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (New Mexico) HW/MW hazardous waste/mixed waste HWOT Hazardous Waste Operators Training HWPF heavy water processing facility HWR heavy water reactor HWRTF hazardous waste restrictions task force HWS hazardous waste site HWS heater, water, steam HWSS Hazardous Waste and Superfund Staff (EPA) HWTC hazardous waste treatment council HWVP Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant/Program HX heat exchanger HXC hydrogen extraction column HxCDD hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin HXG heat exchanger, glycol HXR heat exchanger, refrigerated HXS heat exchanger, steam HXW heat exchanger, water HYDEC hydride/dehydride casting system HYDROX HYDride OXidation HYLIFE high-yield lithium injection fusion energy (converter; ICF reactor concept) HYM hydrodynamic yield HYMNS hybrid magnetosphere numerical simulations HYPO (built from the water boiler reactor; used 1945­March 1951 as neutron source) HYV high-yielding variety HZ hazardous (material) I Return to Alphabet I incineration I in-phase I job-incurred illness/injury (attendance code) IA implosion-assembled IA installation assessment IA instrument air IA intelligent applications IA interactive accountability IA interagency agreement IA internal audit IAAC Interagency Assessment Coordination Board IAB industrial advisory board IAB Internet Architecture Board IABT International Association of Bomb Technicians IAC inter-application communication IACRO interagency cost reimbursement order IAE Internal Audits and Evaluation IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IAG independent assessment group IAG interagency agreement IAGC International Association of Geophysical Contractors IAH International Airport, Houston IAH International Association of Hydrologists IAI Israeli Aircraft Industries IAMS Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IAO Industrial Applications Office IAO Institutional Affairs Office IAP improved accuracy program IAP incentive awards program IAP indoor air pollution IAP internal auditing procedures IAPD initial area power density IAPG interagency advanced power group IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer IAS information access system IAS isobaric analogue state IASNET Institute for Automated Systems Network (socialist countries) IAT Institution of Advanced Technology IATA International Air Transport Association IAW in accordance with IB intermediate break IBA Industrial Biotechnology Association IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (labor union) IBEX (electron beam propagator) IBF Ion Beam Facility (TA-3) IBML Ion-Beam Materials Laboratory IBR Internal Budget Review IBS ion-beam spectrometer IBSS/CRO infrared background signature study/ chemical release observation IC - ID IC incident commander IC incident control IC inductance-capacitance IC installed cost IC integrated circuit IC integrated contractor (DOE) IC intelligence community IC ion chromatography IC isolation condenser I&C instrumentation and control ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICAP inductively coupled argon plasma ICAP International Code Assessment and Application Program ICAS international communications application specification ICB interface control board ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile ICBN International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise ICC inadequate core cooling ICC Interstate Commerce Commission ICD interface control document ICDE International Conference on Data Engineering ICE implicit continuous Eulerian ICE independent cost estimate ICE industrial combustion emissions (model) ICE internal combustion engine ICE International Cometary Explorer Ice House (weapons subassembly area, TA-41) ICF inertial confinement fusion ICFA inertial confinement fusion & AGEX ICG Interface Coordination Group ICHEA International Conference on High Energy Accelerators ICID intensified charge-injection device ICIS intelligent configuration identification sys-tem (ORNL) ICM Image Conversion & Management Co. ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol ICMS International Center for Manufacturing Sciences ICN integrated computing network ICN interface change notice ICO integrated contract/contractor order ICO Integration and Coordination Office I&CO installation and checkout ICONS isotopes of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur (program/facility) ICP inductively coupled plasma spectrometer ICP integrated control processor ICPAES inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (also ICP/AES) ICP-ES inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy ICP/MS ICP/mass spectrometer ICP/OES ICP/optical emissions spectrometry/eter ICPP Idaho Chemical Processing Plant ICR information collection request ICR injector control room ICR inventory change report ICR ion cyclotron resonance ICRE ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or extraction procedure toxicity (characteristics) ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements ICS incident command system ICS instrumentation and control system ICS intermittent control system (CAA) ICSPAT International Conference on Signal Processing Applications & Technology ICT International Critical Tables ICU interface control unit ICWG Interface Control Working Group ICWM Institute for Chemical Waste Management ID Idaho Operations Office ID induced draft ID inner/inside diameter (also i.d.) ID integrated design ID intrinsic densitometry ID intrusion detection ID inventory difference I-D Internet-Draft IDA Institute for Defense Analyses IDAPI integrated database application program/programming interface IDB integrated database IDC initiating device circuits IDC integrated demonstration coordinator IDC item description code IDCOR Industry Degraded Core Rulemaking IDDD international direct distance dialing IDE integrated (intelligent) drive electronics IDE integrodifferential equations IDF Israeli Defense Force ID Fan induced draft fan IDGS isotope dilution gamma-ray spectrometry IDL instrument detection limit IDL interactive data language IDLH immediately dangerous to life and health IDLH imminent danger to life and health IDMS imaging & document management system IDMS isotope dilution mass spectrometry IDN identification number IDNA integral depletable neutron absorber IDNB intense diagnostic neutral beam IDOOR industry degraded core (program) IDP individual development plan IDP interplanetary dust particle IDR interim design review IDRP interdomain routing protocol IDS integrated data system IDS intrusion detection system IE - IH IE (Assistant Secretary for International Affairs & Energy Emergencies; DOE) IE initiating event IE irradiation effect I&E inspection and evaluation IEC interexchange carrier (telephone; also IXC) IEC inertial electrostatic confinement IEC International Electrotechnical Commission IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers IELD initiating event logic diagram IEM interim examination and maintenance IEMP internal electromagnetic pulse IEN Internet Experiment Note IEO Internal Evaluation Office IEQ isotopic equilibrator IER information engineering release IER initial engineering release IES Institute for Environmental Studies IESG Internet Engineering Steerng Group IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IETM interactive electronic technical manual IF integration facility IF interferon IF intermediate frequency IFB invitation for bid(s) IFC internal fission counter IFF identification, friend or foe IFI inspector follow-up items IFK Institut für Kernphysik (Germany) IFM interfacial force microscope (SNLA) IFMIF International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility IFOG interferometric fiber-optic gyro IFOV instantaneous field of view IFPF Idaho Fuels Processing Facility IFPP industrial fugitive process particulate IFR integral fast reactor (ANL West) IFTU in-flight trajectory updates IFV intermediate fighting vehicle IG inert gas IG inertial guidance IG Inspector General IG interactive graphics IG interagency group IG interdepartmental group IG Interglobal IGA intergranular (corrosion) attack IGC International Geologic Congress IGCC Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation (UC) IGCI ignitor gas cock interlock IGCI Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute IGES initial graphics exchange specification IGIS interactive graphics information system IGMP installation generic monitoring plan IGP interior gateway protocol IGP intrinsic-germanium-planar IGPP Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, 1980­ IH industrial hygiene/hygienist IH inner housing IHE insensitive high explosive(s) IHEM in-house energy management (program) IHI Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries IHS Indian Health Service IHX intermediate/input heat exchanger II - IN II interim isolated I & I infiltration and inflow IIA Incinerator Institute of America IICS International Interactive Computing Society IIJ Internet Initiative Japan IINREN interagency interim national research and education network IIR intelligence information report (military) IIRM institutional interim remedial measures IIS inflationary impact statement IIT Illinois Institute of Technology IITA information infrastructure technology and applications IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force, 202-501-1920 IKE ion kinetic energy IL ignitor light IL intact loop IL investigatory leave (attendance code) ILAS improved limb atmospheric spectrometer (Japan) ILL Institut Laue Langevin (Grenoble, France) ILLIAC Illinois Institute for Advanced Computing ILLIAC-IV Illinois Integrator & Automatic Computer ILO in lieu of ILRT integrated leak rate test ILS instrument landing system ILS integrated logistics support ILS integrated long-term strategy ILTSF intermediate-level transuranic storage facility ILW intermediate-level (liquid) waste IM impurity stimulation IM information management IM intelligence memorandum I/M inventory/maintenance menu (tool) I & M Inspection and maintenance IMA intermediate maintenance activities IMC incident management center IMC intermediate metal conduit IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods IMF International Monetary Fund IMHO in my humble opinion IMINT image intelligence IML International Microgravity Laboratory (Japan) IMM intersection midblock model IMM Isotope Measurement Laboratory IMO International Maritime Organization IMOG Interagency Manufacturers/Mechanical Operating/Operation Group IMP Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexican Petroleum Institute) IMP interplanetary magnetic field IMP Interplanetary Monitoring Platform imp. imprimateur; let it be printed/sanctioned IMPACT integrated model of plumes and atmosphere in complex terrain IMPES implicit pressure explicit saturation (simulator) IMPROVE interagency monitoring of protected visual environment IMR Internet monthly report IMS information management system IMS intermediate matching section IMS intertank matching section IMS ion mass spectrometer IMSL International Mathematical & Statistics Library IMT impulsive momentum transfer IMT information management team IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium IMTK interphase mass transfer kinetics IMTL Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory (SNLL) IMU inertial measurement unit IMUST inactive miscellaneous underground storage tank IN Intech IN (Office of) Intelligence (DOE) IN-1 inelastic scattering instrument no. 1; spectrometer at ILL INAA instrumental neutron activation analysis INC insertable nuclear component INC isotope and nuclear chemistry INC Isotope and Nuclear Chemistry Division, 8/82­12?/93 INCOR Institutional Collaborative Research­Nuclear Science Fund INCRA International Copper Research Association IND improvised nuclear device IND investigational new drug INDEX institutional data exchange INEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory INEX integrated numerical experiment INF intermediate-range nuclear forces (treaty) INFCE International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation INFN Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare INFORM Information Management System (now Lab-Wide Systems) INFOTERRA International Environmental Information System Ing. Ingenieur; engineer (German) INGRES Interactive Graphics & Retrieval System (UC Berkeley/Relational Technology) ININ Mexican Nuclear Institute (Instituto) Ink (concentrated Gd(NO3)3 "poison" solution; also SSS) INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization INMM Institute for Nuclear Materials Management INPO Institute for Nuclear Power Operations INPUFF (Gaussian puff dispersion model) INRAD intrinsic radiation INS Immigration and Naturalization Service INS inelastic neutron scattering/spectrometer INS inertial navigation system INSAT Indian Satellite INSCOM U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Cmmd. INSRP Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel INT intermittent INTD international nuclear target development INTECOM International Council for Technical Communication INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization INVS-III inventory sample-III INWS Interservice Nuclear Weapons School INX ion exchange IO - IQ I/O input/output [I]/[O] indoor/outdoor (concentration ratio) IOB iron ore beneficiation IOC initial operational capability IOC input/output (model c) cabinet IOC input/output controller IOCI ignitor oil cock interlock IOI item of inspection IOM Institute of Medicine IOP internal operating procedure IORV inadvertently opened relief valve IOS (Cray disk controller) IOS input/output subsystem IOS International Organization for Standardization IOT inductive output tube(s) IP image processing IP Industrial Partnership Programs IP inhalable particles IP initial pressing IP inspection procedure IP Institutional Plan IP intellectual property IP intermediate pressure IP Internet protocol IP interproject IP ionization potential IP isotope production I/P current to pneumatic IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act IPA intergovernmental personnel agreement IPA isopropyl alcohol IPAC Industrial and Professional Advisory Council IPB illustrated parts breakdown IPC Industrial Partnership Center (now IPO) IPC interprocess communication IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC International Professional Communication Conference IPCDS in-place command disable system IPE individual plant examination IPF isotope production facility IPG Institut de Physique du Globe (France) IPG interproject group IPL Interplanetary Physics Laboratory (satellite) IPLWG industrial partnership laboratory working group IPM inhalable particulate matter IPM integrated pest management IPM interpersonal mail system IPNS Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (Argonne) IPO Indirect Program Office IPO Industrial Partnership Office IPO International Programs Office (Navy) IPOC institutional point(s) of contact IPP immediate priority pollutant IPP Industrial Partnership Programs Office IPP Institute for Public Policy (UNM) IPP integrated planning process IPP integrated project planning IPR intellectual property rights IPRB Intellectual Property Review Board IPRD in-plant reliability data IPRP Implementation Plan for the Recovery of Plutonium IPS in-plant store IPS integral protective system IPS interim policy statement iPSC Intel Personal Supercomputer (hypercube) IPX Internet packet exchange (Novell) I&Q in-phase and quadrative IR - IS IR incident report/reporting IR information request IR infrared (radiation; also ir) IR intermediate resonance IR Internet Registry IR Invitation Request (form) IRAP interagency radiological assistance plan IRB independent review board IRB initial/internal review budget IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile IRC INEL Research Center (Idaho) IRC inspection record card IRC internal review committee IRC Internet relay chat IrDA Infrared Data Association IRDP individual R&D project(s) IRED infrared emitting diode IRF initial response force (FEMA) IRF integrated research file IRG Interagency Review Group IRI industrial risk insurers IRIS Integrated Risk Information System IRLG Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group IRM interim remedial measure(s) (CERCLA) IRO insulated uranium oxide IROFA International Robotics and Factory Automation Center (Japan) IRP individual research projects (SSRI's) IRP installation restoration program IRP intelligence research paper IRPTC International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals IRQ interrupt request IRR Institute of Resource Recovery IRR internal rate of return IRRAS integrated reliability and risk analysis system (code) IRS Internal Revenue Service IRSG Internet Research Steering Group IRTF Internet Research Task Force IS indicating switch IS industrial safety IS information services/systems IS infrasound IS interim status IS intermediate system IS isotope separation IS isotopic source ISA industry-standard architecture (PC-AT) ISA instruction set architecture ISA Instrument Society of America ISAC Indian Satellite Applications Center ISAM indexed sequential file access method ISAR integrated safety analysis report ISAS Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences (Japan) ISBN International Standard Book Number ISC Indian Space Commission ISC industrial source complex (model) ISCA Iowa Student Computer Association ISCG Institutional and Socioeconomic Coordinating Group ISCL interim status compliance letter ISD instructional systems development ISD interim status document (RCRA) ISD international standard data network ISD/IS Information Services Department/Division, 10/70­12/93 ISDN integrated services digital network ISDR information services division request (form) ISE Ideas in Science and Electronics, Inc. ISE integrated space experiment ISE international space explorer ISE ion-specific electrode ISEC Information Systems Engineering Command (U.S. Army) ISEC internal security (office; counterintelligence) ISEE International Sun-Earth Explorer ISEF International Science & Engineering Fair ISER integrated safety evaluation report ISES independent space experiment systems ISES intrinsic Stark-effect superlattice ISF Infrastructure Support Facilities ISI in-service inspection ISIPS information services integrated publishing system ISIS integrated safeguards information system ISIS international satellites for ionospheric studies ISIS International Superconductivity Industry Summit ISIS (plasma physics code) ISIS (Rutherford Laboratory Neutron Facility, U.K. AWRE; from a name for the Thames) IS-IS intermediate system-intermediate system ISL IsoSpin Facility ISM industrial security manual ISM industrial staff member ISM integrated safety management ISMS Integrated Safety Management System ISO International Standards Organization ISOC Internet Society ISODE ISO Development Environment IsoENET Isochronous Ethernet (National Semiconductor) ISO-SCM isostatic statistical crack mechanics (model) ISP Internet service provider ISQIT Information Systems Quality Improvement Team ISR indirect source review ISR input storage receiver ISR Institutional Supporting Research ISRD Institutional Supporting Research and Development (now LDRD) ISRG Independent Safety Review Group ISRM International Society for Rock Mechanics ISRO Indian Space Research Organization ISS isotope separation system ISSE (SCI systems evaluation) ISSN International Standard Serial Number IST in situ treatment IST integral system test ISTC International Science & Technology Center ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act ISTM International Society for Testing Materials ISTO Information Science & Technology Office ISTP international solar terrestrial program ISTS Ion Source Test Stand ISU International Space University (Alabama) ISV in situ vitrification IT - IZ IT ignition transformer IT information technology IT inner targets IT innovative technology IT inspection traveler IT instrument test IT International Technology Division IT interstitial transfer ITA impact tester addition ITA International Trade Administration ITAA Information Technology Association of America (vendor group) ITAP International Technology Advisory Panel ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITC interagency testing committee ITC International Technology Corporation ITC International Trade Commission ITC TRU impractical to certify TRU IT&E Integration, Test and Evaluation ITEP Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow [Iran Chuvilo]) ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITIS integrated technical information services ITO indium-tin oxide ITO International Technology Office, 9/79­8/81 ITP individual training plan ITP in-tank precipitation ITR independent technical review ITR information technology resources ITR internal transfer report ITRI Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute (Lovelace, Albuquerque, NM) ITS Integrated Test Stand ITS international technology and sensors ITU International Telecommunications Union ITV interactive television ITVA International Television Association ITWG interim working group (AMI) IU industrial user IUE International Ultraviolet Explorer IUGS International Union of Geological Sciences IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAP International Union of Pure and Applied Physics IUTA in-use technology assessment IVCT intervalence charge transfer IVHS intelligent vehicle highway system IVL individual validated license IVML In Vivo Measurements Laboratory IV&V independent verification and validation IW industrial waste I&W indications & warnings (intelligence) IWC in-stream waste concentration (CWA) IWG interface working groups IWMIS industrial waste management information system IWO interim waste operations IWP installation work plan IWPF Idaho Waste Processing Facility IWRC independent wire rope core IWRP industrial waste reduction program IWS inactive waste sites IWS intelligent workstation IWS ionizing wet scrubber IWS/LAN intelligent workstation/local area network IWWW improving the way we work IX ion exchange(r) IXA ion-excited x-ray analysis IXC interexchange carrier (telephone; also IEC) IYB in your basket J Return to Alphabet J (field test) J Field Testing Division, 10/47­12/93 J (LLL secret FRD code) J-1 exchange visitor visa JA (Fossil Energy R&D fund type code) JA judge advocate JACADS Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System JACC joint airborne command center JAD joint applications design/development JAERI Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute JAIEG Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association JAMSS Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation JAN Joint Army-Navy specification JANAF Joint Army-Navy-Air Force JANF Joint Army-Navy facility/function? JANFU Joint Army-Navy foulup JANP- joint Army-Navy publication JANUS (interactive FORTRAN brigade-level combat simulator) JANUS joint army-navy staff JANUS (LLNL research laser, 1974) JAPCA Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association JAROS Japanese Resource Observation System Organization JART journal article JASAT joint antisatellite JASIS Journal of the American Society for Information Science JAWPB Joint Atomic Weapons Publications Board JAX (field design code) JBUSDC Joint Brazil-U.S. Defense Commission JC Johnson Controls, Inc. (usually JCI) JCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy JCC joint communications center (FEMA) JCC joint coordinating committee JCI Johnson Controls World Services, Inc. JCIC Joint Compliance & Inspection Commission JCL job control language JCNNM Johnson Controls Northern New Mexico JCO justification for continued operation JCP Joint Committee on Printing (U.S.) JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JCWG joint configuration working group JD jury duty (attendance code) JDT joint draft text JE - JO JE Johnson Engineering Corp. JEG joint evaluation group JEM Japanese Experimental Module JENV Environmental Department (JCI) JERS Japanese Earth Resources Satellite JESSI Joint European Semiconductor Consortium JET joint European torus (U.K. tokamak) JFET Johnson field effect transistor JFT joint flight test JHSE JCI Health, Safety & Environmental Dept. JHU Johns Hopkins University JI jet interaction JIC joint information center (FEMA) JILA Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (Boulder, CO) JILT joint integrated laboratory test JIMP Japanese Industry and Management of Technology, Center for the Study of, (UNM) JIO joint integration office JIT just in time JJ Josephson junction JLC justification for limited competition JMA Japanese Meteorological Agency JMCA John M. Cockerham and Associates JMGR JCI Site Management JMIA JCI Internal Auditor JMM Joule metal melter JMLC JCI Legal Counsel JMSNS justification of major system new start JNACC joint nuclear accident coordinating center JNCC Joint Nuclear Control Commission JNCP justification for noncompetitive procurement JNFS Japan Nuclear Fuel Services JNT Johnson Noise Thermometer JOC joint operations center (FEMA) JOCO jointly owned, privately operated JOFOC justification for other than full and open competition JOWOG joint working group (U.S./U.K.) JOYO (Japanese reactor) JP - JZ JPA joint permitting agreement JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JPI joint packaging instruction (Army-Navy) JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPO joint program office JPRS Joint Publications Research Service (FBIS) JQAP Quality Assurance Department (JCI) JRC Joint Reconnaissance Center (JCS) JRCC joint radiological/radiation control center JRO J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellowship JROSC J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center JSA job safety analysis JSC Johnson Space Center JSD Jackson structured design JSFT Health and Safety Department (JCI) JSP Jackson structured programming JSP job safety practice JSSP joint stockpile sampling program JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System JTA joint test assembly JTAGS joint tactical ground station JTCA Japanese Technical Communication Association JTEX Jemez Tomography Experiment JTG joint test group JTGCD joint task group coordination draft JTGED joint task group evaluation draft JTM job transfer and manipulation (telecom.) JTS joint test subassembly JTSA Joint Technical Support Activity, JCS JTWG joint test working group JTU Jackson turbidity unit JVE Joint Verification Experiment JvNC John von Neumann Center JWG joint working group JWKB Jeffreys-Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (see also WKB) JWS joint work statement K Return to Alphabet K (carrying capacity) K K-Site (TA-11) K (LLL top secret FRD data code) K Reactor Development Division, 9/54­6/70 K (Savannah River Laboratory reactor) KA Kaiser Engineering KA9Q TCP/IP for packet radio KAERI Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute KAFB Kirtland Air Force Base (Albuquerque, NM) KAK key-auto-key Kap. Kapitel; chapter (German) KAPL Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory KAPPA Kappa Site (TA-36) KC Kansas City Plant KC key concern KCAO Kansas City Area Office KCC keyboard communications concentrator KDC key distribution center KD0 Key Decision 0 KE kinetic energy KEK (National Laboratory for High-Energy Physics, Japan) KET kinetic energy transfer KEW kinetic energy weapon KF key finding KFA Kernforschunganlage-Jülich Gmbh. KfK Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe KFL key facilities list KFLX (computer code) KIVA (buildings housing critical assemblies, TA-18) KIVA (finite-difference code for dynamics of reactive multi-D fluids [1985]; KIVA-II, KIVA-3) KK - KZ KKV kinetic kill vehicle KM Kirk-Mayer, Inc. (also KMI) KMR Kwajalein Missile Range KOALAS Knowledgeable Observation Analysis Advisory System KOR knowledge of results KP potassium perchlorate KrF krypton fluoride (laser) KSC Kagoshima Space Center (Japan) KSC Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral) KSH Korn shell (programming) K-T Cretaceous-Tertiary (geologic boundary; also C-T) KTP potassium titanyl phosphate KTR Kauai Test Range L Return to Alphabet L Laser Research and Technology Division, 2/72­3/81 L leave without pay (attendance code) L limited security clearance L (LLL secret RD-CNWDI data code) L L-Site (TA-12) LA Laboratory of Anthropology LA license application LA limited area (security) LA load allocation LA local alarm LA Los Alamos (publication) LA 2000 Los Alamos 2000 Strategic Planning and Allocation LAA lead agency attorney LAACG Los Alamos Accelerator Code Group LAAO Los Alamos Area Office (DOE) LAAO-ES&H Los Alamos Area Office/Environment, Safety & Health Branch LAAO-FOB Los Alamos Area Office/Facilities Operations Branch LAAO-PMB Los Alamos Area Office/Project Management Branch LAAS local area augmentation system LAAUW Los Alamos Area United Way LA Avgas Los Alamos Aviation Gas Association LABCOM U.S. Army Laboratory Command LABNET Los Alamos National Laboratory (closed circuit television) network LABS Los Alamos Bright Source LABS I/II Los Alamos Bright Source Laser Facility LA Bus Los Alamos Bus System LAC Los Alamos County LA-C Los Alamos conference (report designator) LACAP Los Alamos Civil Air Patrol LA-CC Los Alamos computer code LACE Low-power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment LACEF Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility LACFD Los Alamos County Fire Department LACHESIS laterally archiving containment, health, environment & safety system LACHEX Los Alamos Chess Experiment LA-CP Los Alamos controlled publication LAD license application design LADS large acceptance detector system LADT local area data transport LAEP late auditory-evoked potential (biophys) LAER lowest achievable emission rate LAFD Los Alamos Fire Department LAFM Los Alamos Fuel Model LAFO Los Alamos Field Office LAFPHA Los Alamos field pulse height analyzer LAFUC Los Alamos Fleet Users Committee LAGEOS laser geodetic earth orbiting satellite LAGEOS laser-ranged geodynamic satellite LA-H Los Alamos history (report designator) LAHCP Los Alamos Health Care Plan LA-HDR Los Alamos Hot Dry Rock (project or publication designator) LAHET Los Alamos high-energy transport (system/code) LAHS Los Alamos High School LAICS Los Alamos Integrated Communications System LALP Los Alamos Laboratory publication LAM large aperture module (laser) LAM longitudinal acoustic mode LAM Los Alamos Airport (code) LA-M Los Alamos manual (report designator) LAMC Los Alamos Medical Center LAMESA LAMESA code; LAMESA REACTR module LAMP Lake Acidification Mitigation Project (EPRI) LAMPF (Clinton P. Anderson) Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility LAMPFII LAMPF upgrade LAMPRE Los Alamos Molten Plutonium Reactor Experiment LA-MS Los Alamos manuscript (report designator) LAN local area network LANC local area network control (Sony) LANDSAT land-use satellite LANFZT Latin American Nuclear Free Zone Treaty LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory (since 1/1/81; previously LASL) LANMAS Local Area Network Material Accounting System LANSCE Los Alamos Neutron Science Center LANUG Los Alamos NeXT Users Group LAO Laboratory Assessment Office LAP Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOE) LA-P Los Alamos proposal (report designator) LAPB link access procedure balanced (telecom.) LAPD link access protocol­D channel LAPD Los Alamos Police Department LAPD Los Angeles Police Department LAPIS Los Alamos, Plutonium Isotopic System LApp Los Alamos polycrystal plasticity (code) LAPP Los Alamos portable pulser LA-PR Los Alamos progress report (designator) LAPRE Los Alamos Power Reactor Experiment LARC Livermore Automatic Research Computer LARI Los Alamos radiometric instrument LAS laser aerosol spectrometer LAS library access system LAS linear alkyl sulfonate LAS Los Alamos Science LAS Los Angeles Shop (TA-44) LASAN (basis systems analysis code) LASCAR large-scale reprocessing LASL Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory LASMA laser ablation source mass analyzer (CAA) LASNEX (Los Alamos ICF design code) LA-SOP Los Alamos standard operating procedure (designator) LASP low atomizing steam pressure (safety trip) LA-SR Los Alamos status report (designator) LASREF Los Alamos Spallation Radiation Effects Facility LASS large aperture superconductor spectrometer LASSC Los Alamos Space and Science Committee LASSP Los Alamos Students in Science Program LAT laboratory assessment team LA-T Los Alamos thesis (report designator) LATA local access and transport area (telecom.) LATA Los Alamos Technical Associates LATO Los Alamos Technical/Technology Office LATR Los Alamos translation (LA- # -TR) LA-UR Los Alamos unlimited release LAVA Los Alamos vulnerability assessment LAVM Los Alamos Voice Messaging LAVMS Los Alamos Voice Messaging System LAW light antitank weapon (see TOW) LAW low-acid waste LAZON laser hazard analysis program LB large business LB lattice Boltzmann (modeling) L.-B. Langmuir-Blodgett LBB leak before break LBL Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (now LBNL) LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (name changed June 16, 1995) LBRV low bit rate voice L/BS lecithin-to-bile-salt (ratio) LC - LD LC Laboratory Counsel LC labor capture LC Library of Congress LC lethal concentration LC liquid chromatography LC liquid concentration LC liquid crystal LC local control LC lock(ed) closed LCAO linear combination of atomic orbitals LCB Laboratory Coordinating Board LC/BPL Laboratory Counsel/Business & Patent Law LCD Large Cerenkov Detector LCD liquid crystal display LCD local climatological data LCF latent cancer facilities LC/GL Laboratory Counsel/General Law LCID Laboratory Corporate Information Directory LCIM life-cycle information management LC/IP Laboratory Counsel/Intellectual Property (now LC/BPL) LCL lower control limit LCLC Las Cumbres Learning Center LCMV linearly constrained minimum variance LCN logical channel number (telecom.) LCO limiting condition(s) for operation LCP life cycle plan LCP location characterization plan LCPD LANL controlled proposal document LCRC loss of control rod cooling LCRDP Laboratory/Campus Research and Development Program LCRS leachate collection & removal system LCS LAHET code system LD Laboratory Development (directorate) LD land disposal LD laser-Doppler LD lethal dose LD light-duty LDA Leadership Analysis (CIA office) LDA local-density approximation LDC London Dumping Convention LDCC Laboratory Data Communications Center LDEF Long Duration Exposure Facility (NASA Langley Research Center) LDF Land Disposal Facility LDF laser demonstration facility LDF local-density functional (theory) LDG Los Alamos debugger LDIP laboratory data integrity program LDPE low-density polyethylene LDR land disposal restriction(s)/restricted LDRD Laboratory-Directed Research and Development LDS launch detection satellite LDS leak detection system LDSS low-dimensional semiconductor structure LDU land disposal unit LE - LI LE limited egress LE limit of error LE low energy LEAP Lightweight EndoAtmospheric Projectile LEAR low-energy antiproton ring (CERN) LEB low energy booster LEBT low-energy beam transport LEC laboratory emergency coordinator LEC local exchange carrier (networking/ telephony) LECS Liquid Effluent Containment System LE/CS limited egress/confined space LED light-emitting diode LEDO laboratory emergency duty officer LEF linear electric field LEFCS low-energy fusion cross section LEFD linear electric field device LEGM low-energy gamma monitor LEH laser entrance hole LEHR Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research LEL lower explosive limit LENS Large Enthalpy National Shock (facility) LEO low Earth orbit LEP laboratory evaluation program LEP large electron positron (CERN collider) LEP laser-evoked potential (biophysics) LEPC local emergency planning commission/ committee LEPC low-energy pion channel LEPD Legal Enforcement Policy Division (EPA) LEPP liquid effluent pretreatment LEPS low-energy physics support LER LANSCE/Energy Research Programs LER licensee event report LERC laboratory environmental review committee LeRC Lewis Research Center (NASA) LES low-energy system LESAT Lockheed Environmental Systems and Technologies Company LET linear energy transfer LET&D Liquid Effluent Treatment and Disposal Liability Act LETF liquid effluent treatment facility LEU license to export uranium LEU low enriched uranium LEX low-resolution x-ray spectrometer LF launch facility LF linear feet LF line feed LF low frequency LFATS low-flow alternative (filter) test system LFBR liquid fluidized bed reactor LFE laminar flow element LFI low fire interlock LFL lower flammability limit LFR live-fire range LFS low flammability, low sensitivity (explosive) LFT large fragment test LGATE Los Alamos graphics tool environment LGF liquefied gaseous fuels LGFSTF liquefied gaseous fuel spill test facility (NTS) LGN lateral geniculate nucleus LGP low gas pressure LH left hand LH low head LHC large hadron collider LHCS long-haul communications system LHD load haul dump LHGR linear heat generation rate LHR left hand reverse LHS left-hand side LI length indication (telecom.) LI line item LIB laser-induced breakdown LIBC Cray C library LIBS laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIC low-intensity conflict LICP line item construction project LIDAR light detection and ranging LIF laser-induced fluorescence LIFO last-in, first-out LIFS lower internal facility shields LIG Laboratory Implementation Guidance LIGO laser interferometric gravity wave observatory LILO last-in, last-out LIMB limestone-injection, multistage burner LiMB listing of molecular biology databases LIME laser-induced microwave emissions LIM EMS Lotus-Intel-Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification LIMS Laboratory Information Management System LINAC linear accelerator (usually linac) LINDA laser-induced neutralization diagnostic approach LIO load in/out LIP line item project LIPS Laboratory integrated prioritization system LIR Laboratory Implementation Requirements LIPS laser impulse space propulsion LIPS logical inferences per second LIRAQ Livermore Regional Air Quality Model LIS laser (uranium) isotope separation LIS lethality test system LISBMS Laboratory Integrated Standards Based Management System LISP list processing (program) LIST layered instructional systems for training LITE low-intensity transport equipment LJ - LN LJ# Laboratory Job Number LLAP LOCA Limits Analysis Package LLBL low-latitude boundary layer LLC Laboratory Leadership Council LLC lessons-learned committee LLC limited-life component LLC logical link control LLCE limited-life component exchange LLD lower level of detection LLD low-level dose LLE Laboratory for Laser Energetics LLL Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (now LLNL) LLMW low-level mixed waste LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLO lead laboratory office LLRF low-level radio frequency LLRW low-level radioactive waste LLRWPA Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act LLSW low-level solid waste LLW low-level (radioactive) waste LLWDDD low level waste disposal development demonstration LLWDF Low-level Waste Disposal Facilities LLWPA Low-Level Waste Policy Act LLWPSS low-level waste processing and shipping system LLWS low level wind shear L&M L&M Drafting Service LMC Large Magellenic Cloud LMC least material condition LMD Laboratory Managers Division LME liquid-metal embrittlement (cracking) LMF Laboratory Microfusion Facility LMF logical mainframe LMFBR liquid-metal fast-breeder reactor LMHC Lockheed Martin Hanford Corp. LMI laser/materials interaction LMO last man out LMPT Laboratory material property transfer LMR labor-management relations LMR land mobile radio LMR liquid-metal reactor LMRF library material request form LMS least mean square LMSC Lockheed Missiles and Space Company LMSI Lockheed Martin Services, Inc. LMXRB low-mass x-ray binary LN logarithm, Napierian LNG liquefied natural gas LNL linear/nonlinear learning LNP loss of normal power LO - LR LO locked open LO low-observable LOA leave of absence LOA letter of agreement/administration LOAEL lowest observed adverse effects level LOC letter of credit LOC line of code LOC lines of communication LOCA loss-of-coolant accident LOCC launch operations control center, VAFB LOCE loss-of-coolant experiment LODTM large-optics diamond turning machine (LLNL) LOE level of effort/edit LOE limit of error LOEL lowest observed effects level LOF loss of feedwater/flow LOFT loss-of-fluid test (INEL experiment) LOFW loss of feedwater LOG large-orbit gyrotron LOHP labor occupational health program LOHS loss of heat sink LOI letter of instruction LOI loss on ignition LOIS loss of interim status (SDWA) LOMICS low-energy magnetospheric ion composition sensor LONGZ (long-term terrain model) LOP loss of power LOPA loss-of-pumping accident LOPI loss of piping integrity LOQ level of quantitation LOQ limit of quantification LORAX long range alarm system LORW loss of river water (also LRW) LOS limit of sensitivity LOS line of sight LOSAC low specific activity counter LOSH labor occupational safety & health program LOSP loss of system pressure LOU letter of understanding LOW launch on warning LOW liquid observation well LOX liquid oxygen LP legislative proposal LP line printer LP liquid propellant LP low pressure LPARL Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory LPC laser particle counter LPC limiting permissible concentrations LPC Livermore Projects Committee (LLL) LPC long-period comet LPCI low-pressure coolant injection LPCO Laboratory Policy Coordination Office LPCTB low power cryogenic test bed LPCVD low-pressure chemical vapor deposition LPD log periodic dipole LPE low probability of exploitation LPG liquefied petroleum gas LPG low-pressure gas LPI laser plasma instability LPI low-pressure injection LPI low probability of intercept LP I/C liquid propellant injector/combustor LPN low-pressure nitrogen LPO loop phase offset LPP long plenum plug(s) LPQ line printer queue LPR Laboratory property removal form LPR liquid-phase polymer-based retention LPR low-pressure receiver LPRC Laboratory Process Review Committee LPRL Laboratory Property Removal/Loan form LPRM local power range monitor LPRM low-power range monitor LPRSX low-pressure recirculation system heat exchanger LPRT Laboratory project review team (EM/ER) LPSS long-pulse spallation source LPSU Liquid Propulsion Systems Unit (India) LPSW low-pressure service water LPT line printer (port) LPX long-pulse experiment LPZ low population zone LQD low-Q diffractometer LQPO Laboratory Quality & Planning Office LRAD long-range alpha detector LRC longitudinal redundancy check LRED laser resonant electron detection LREH Laboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental Health LRF laser resonance fluorescence LRG Laboratory Retirees Group LRL Lawrence Radiation Laboratory LRMECS low-resolution medium energy chopper system; spectrometer at IPNS LRP long-rod penetrator LRPC Laboratory Review Process Committee LRR leak and repair reports LRTNF long-range theater nuclear force(s) LRU least recently used LRW loss of river water (event or accident) LS - LT LS leave without pay-employee sick LS level switch LS Life Sciences Division, 8/79­ LS lighting system LS Lunar Scout LS (Sandia Laboratories, Livermore) LSA labor surplus area (purchasing) LSA low specific activity (radioactivity) LSCD liquid/supercritical carbon dioxide LSD land surface, depth from LSD large size dry LSD least significant digit LSF load sharing facility LSFF low-speed flow filtration LSI large-scale integration LSI legal support inspection (CWA) LSI listing site inspection LSIR limb-scanning infrared radiometer LSL link support layer LSL lump sum leave LSM layered synthetic microstructure LSND liquid (large) scintillator neutron/neutrino detector LSO laser safety officer LSP Laboratory Standards Project LSP Laboratory Suggestion Program LSP lighteset super symmetric particle LSS laser subsystem LSS licensing support system LSSS limiting safety system settings LST low-solvent technology LSTB limited strategic test ban LSTF Large Scale Test Facility (Japan) LSTIS Laboratory Scientific and Technical Information System LT lead time LT leak testing LT level transmitter LT lieutenant (also Lt.) LT lockout/tagout training (electrical) LT Los Alamos Technical Associates (usually LATA) LTA lead test assembly LTA lead trial attorney LTA less-than-adequate LTB lithium tetraborate LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty LTC lieutenant colonel LTC load tap charger LTC longitudinal time code (AV standard) LTC low tritium column LTD land treatment demonstration LTD long-term disability LTDC long-term data collection LTE local thermodynamic equilibrium LTG laboratory test group LTG lieutenant general LTHWR low-temperature heavy-water reactor LTI Life Tech, Inc. LTL less-than-truckload (transportation) LTM long-term memory LTM low-trajectory missile LTNE low-technology nuclear explosive LTO Laboratory Training Office LTO landing-takeoff cycle LTOP lease to purchase LTP lockout/tagout permit LTP long-term potentiation LTPD lot tolerance percent defective LTQ leadership through quality (DOE/AL) LTR lead technical representative LTR licensing topical reports LTRA long-term response actions LTS low-temperature sensitization LTSS Livermore time-sharing system LTU laboratory test unit LTV large test vessel LTVSM long-term visiting staff member LU - LZ LU Lehigh University LU logical unit LU lower-upper LUA launch under attack LUST leaking underground storage tank LVA local vendor agreement (was BPA) LVCVA Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority LVDT linear variable differential transducers LVMPD Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. LVQ learning vector quantization LVS laser vibration sensor LWBR light-water breeder reactor LWC lost workday cases LWC low water cutout LWCF land and water conservation fund LWD lost work day LWIR long-wave infrared LWIR Long Wavelength Infrared Senses LWOP lease with option to purchase LWOP leave without pay LWP liquid waste processing LWR light-water reactor LWRP Livermore Water Reclamation Plant LWTP liquid waste treatment plan/plant LYNER low-yield nuclear explosive research LYTTBT low-yield threshold test ban treat M Return to Alphabet M Experimental & Pit Division, 10/45­7/48 M Dynamic Testing Division, 9/72­12?/93 M mach number M magnitude (Richter scale) M manual (LA-series report designator) M materials M mega/million M mill (government finance) M moment magnitude M molar concentration (molarity) MA maintenance MA Military Applications M.A. magister artium; master of arts MAA Magazine Area A (TA-28) MAA material access area MAAM mobile ambient air monitoring MAB Magazine Area B (TA-29) MAB man and biosphere program MAB maximum allowable burp Mabi Macintosh application binary interface MAC Magazine Area C (TA-37) MAC maximum allowable concentration MAC media access control (communications) MAC Military Airlift Command (FEMA) Mach (UNIX kernel used in NeXT workstation, written at Carnegie-Mellon Univ.) MACS manipulation and beam collimation system MACSYMA (symbolic program) MACT Maximum Achievable Control Technology MAD maintenance assembly-disassembly MAD mean aerodynamic diameter MAD mutually assured destruction MADCAP model of advection, diffusion & chemistry for air pollution MADV modulating atmospheric dump valve MAE Macintosh Application Environment MAER maximum allowable emission rate MAERC Minority Access to Energy-Related Careers MAG management advisory group MAGLEV magnetic levitation MAGO (magnetic compression of a fusion target; Russia) MAN metropolitan area network MANIAC mathematical analyzer, numerical integrator, and computer MANTIS (CERN remote handling machine) MAP Machinist Apprentice Program MAP mitigation action plans MAP mixed activation products MAP multiple aim point system MAPGLLE (symbolic program) MAPS Manual of Administrative Procedures and Standards MAPS Manual of ADP Policies and Procedures MAR major assembly release MARC machine readable cataloging MARC Mining & Reclamation Council MARI Mexico City Air Quality Research Initiative MARMOT (Colorado libraries electronic system) MARS materials at risk survey MARS membrane aerobic (anaerobic) reactor system MARS mirror advanced reactor study MARS multiple application reservoir simulator MARS (uranium separator research facility) MARV maneuvering/able re-entry vehicle MAS master assembly schedule MASER microwave amplification by stimulated emission of light MASINT measurement and signal intelligence MASS mass storage system (computer files) MASS Material Accountability and Safeguards System, Los Alamos MAT materials management MAT Materials Management Division, 10/80­12/93 MAT monitoring, analysis, and testing MATC maximum allowable toxic(ant) concentration MAU medium attachment unit MAWP maximum allowable working pressure MAWST materials accounting with sequential testing MAX MAT Express System MAXSPD maximum speed parameters MAXST maximum surface (cladding) temperature MAYAK (Russian parallel programming language) MB machine basin MB mass balance MB megabyte MB mixed bed MBA material balance area MBDA minority business development agency MBE minority business enterprise MBE molecular beam epitaxy MBFR mutual and balanced force reductions MBNQA Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award MBO management by objectives MBONE multicast backbone MBP microstrip beam probe MC - MD MC major component MC management council MC Marine Corps (U.S.) MC master control MC measurement and control MC Member of Congress MC military characteristics MC modification center MC multiple cycle MCA Manufacturing Chemists Association MCA maximum credible accident MCA microchannel architecture (IBM term) MCA multichannel analyzer MC&A material(s) control and accountability MCC manned control car MCC Materials Characterization Center MCC Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation MCC motor control center(s) MCDOR multiple cycle direct oxide reduction MCDS mail channel directory system MCE maximum credible event MCE mean contaminant concentration in effluent MCE mixed cellulose ester (filter) MCF master control facility MCGA multicolor graphics array (IBM standard) MCI managed cost improvement MCI MCI Communications, Inc. MCI media control interface MCI Microelectronics Computer Corp. MCIC Marine Corps Intelligence Center MCIS map & chart information system MCL maximum contaminant/concentration level MCLG maximum contaminant level guide/goal MCM multichip module MCMA Mexico City metropolitan area MCN multiple crossbar network MCNP Monte Carlo n-particle MCNP Monte Carlo Neutron and Photon transport code (3-D) MCP master control program MCP microchannel plate MCP municipal compliance plan (CWA) MCPII microchannel plate image intensifiers MCR manufacturing change request MCR master control room MCR material conformance report MCS management control system MCS minimal cut set efficiency MCS multichannel spectrometer MCSG mathematical and computational sciences group MCTD modular component technology development MCTD modular concept test development MCTL Militarily Critical Technologies List MCU mockup & compatibility unit MCU multipoint control unit MCWS moderator circulating water system MD mail drop MD management directive MD microwave denitrification MD microwave drying MD moderator detritiation MD molecular dynamics MD Monsanto Research Co., Mound Laboratory MD Mound Applied Technologies (plant) MD Waste Disposal Site (TA-54) MDA material disposal area MDA methylenediarulline/dianiline MDA minimum detectable activity MDA monochrome display adapter MDAC master data acquisition and control system MDAD Monitoring and Data Analysis Division (EPA) MDC Manufacturing Development Center MDDO Maintenance Department (JCI) MDE manufacturing development engineering MDE molecular design of explosives MDF methanol dehydrogenase MDF mild detonation fuze MDL method detection limit MDL minimum detection limit MDM modified diffusion method MDPE maximum permissible dose equivalent MDQ market-driven quality MDR multi-drug resistant MDSWG Mine Design Study Working Group MDW mass destruction weapon(s) ME - MH ME miscellaneous equipment ME Mössbauer effect m/E. meines Erachtens; in my opinion (Germ.) M&E material and equipment MEA maximum exclusion allowance MEB maximum expected burp MEB medium energy booster MEBT medium-energy beam transport MEC Mechanical Fabrication Div., 3/81­?/93 MED Manhattan Engineer District MED microwave evaporation and drying MEDARS Medical Access and Retrieval System MEDLINE (medical literature analysis and retrieval system) MEEI manufacturing engineering equipment instruction MEFS midterm energy forecasting system MEG magnetoencephalography MEGA muon (decays to) an electron & a gamma ray (experiment) MEGAS multi-energy gamma assay system MEI maximum exposed individual MEK methyl ethyl ketone MELCO Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan) MELPROG (core-melt progression code) MELVYL (University of California Library System; named for Melvyl Dewey) MEM modal emission model MEMC Monsanto Electronic Materials Company MENS mission element needs statement MEO mediated electrochemical oxidation MEP maximum extent possible MEP mean effective pressure MEP medium-energy physics MEP multiple extraction procedure MEPA modified extended Prony analysis MEPAS Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System MERLIN (plasma simulation code) MESA mathematics, engineering, and science achievement (New Mexico) MESA (3-dimensional Eulerian code) MESF minimum engineered safety feature MET metrology (DOC) METC Morgantown Energy Technology Center (West Virginia) METG military effects test group MF management finding MF microfiche MF Mound Facility (Miamisburg, Ohio) MFA miscellaneous federal agencies MFB microwave fluidized-bed MFBI major fuel burning installation MFC mainframe computer MFC master flow controller MFCC mission flight control center (VAFB) MFCG magnetic-flux compression generator MFCI molten-fuel-and-coolant interaction MFE magnetic fusion energy MFL maximum forseeable loss MFLOPS million floating-point operations per second MFM modified frequency modulation (data recording) MFP mixed fission product(s) MFS Macintosh file system (preceded HFS) MFT mean field theory (neural net) MFWCS main feedwater and condensate system MG major general MG management group MG motor generator MGA multiple gas analyzer MGA multiple group analysis MGA2 (computer code) MGDS Mines Geologic Disposal System MGL multiple Greek letter MG-MA motor generator-motor alternator MGPF multiprogram general purpose facilities MGT management M&H Mason and Hangar (see PTLA) MHA maximum hypothetical accident MHC major histocompatibility complex (genome) MHC mechanical-hydraulic control MHD magnetohydrodynamic(s) MHD moving-head disk MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japan) MHRDR magneto-, hydro-, radiative dynamics research MHRS modified hazard ranking system MHS Mammoth Hot Springs MHS message handling system (Novell, Inc.) MHTGR modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor MHTS main heat transport system MHW mixed hazardous waste MI - MK MI manufacturing instruction MI Mariana Islands MI Micom MI mineral insulated MI minority institution MI multiple-instruction-stream computer MIA magazine index assembler MIA manual incident action/actuation MIAC maintenance information and control MIB management information base MIB Military Intelligence Board MIBK methyl isobutyl ketone MIC metal inert gas MIC methyl isocyanate MIC microbiologically induced corrosion MICCS Management Information and Commitment Control System MICE management information capability for enforcement MICE money, ideology, compromise, ego MICM master interface control matrix MicMac microscopic-macroscopic (modeling code) MICN mobile intensive care nurse MICR magnetic ink character recognition MICROMORT (one chance per million of death from an environmental hazard) MICROTOX (bio-monitoring system) MICV mechanized infantry combat vehicle MIDAS mobile instrumentation data acquisition system MIDEP mine detection by energetic photons MIDI musical instrument digital interface MIE major item(s) of equipment/expense M&IE meals and incidental expenses MIG metal inert gas MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system MILNET military packet network MILO magnetically insulated line oscillator MIMAS Multifield Integrated Meltdown Analysis System MIMD multiple instruction multiple data MIME multipurpose Internet mail extension MiniFCM minature flow cytometer MINIMARS (small design for tandem-mirror advanced reactor study) MINX multigroup interpretation of nuclear x-sections MIO material integration office MIP material in process MIP microwave-induced plasma MIPR military interagency purchase request MIPR military interdepartmental purchase req. MIPS million instructions per second MIR major impact report MIR maximum individual risk MIR Midday Intelligence Report (CIA) MIRA Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy MIRA Monthly Index of Russian Accessions MIRA multifunctional inertial reference assembly (USAF) MIRL medium intensity runway lighting MIRP military interdepartmental purchase request MIRR materials issued review report MIRV multiple independently targetable/targeted re-entry vehicle MIS management information system MIS microwave incinerator system MIS modified in situ MISGS multiple isotope segmented gamma ray scanner MISS moderator isotope separation system MIST multiple-loop integral system test MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT materials interaction test MIT mitigation instrument tree MIT multifunction instrument tree MITE Mathematics Institute for Teacher Enhancement MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan) MITR Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor MITRE MITRE Corp. (USAF think tank) MITV Microsoft interactive television MJTG Mitigation Joint Test Group MK, Mk Mark (number; weapon nomenclature) MKS meter-kilogram-second ML - MO ML material list ML maximum likelihood ML military leave (attendance code) MLAP migrant legal action program MLBW multi-level Breit-Wigner (cross section) MLC Military Liaison Committee MLCK myosin light chain kinase MLD master logic diagram MLD median lethal dose MLD Military Liaison Department (SNL) MLD multilayer dielectric MLID multiple link interface driver(s) MLIS molecular laser isotope separation MLM Mound Laboratory, Miamisburg, Ohio MLNSC Manual Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center MLOA medical leave of absence MLP multi-layer perceptron (neural net) MLRS multiple-launch rocket system MLS multilevel security MLSS mixed liquor suspended solids MLU memory look-up MLV magnetic levitation vehicle MLVSS mixed liquor volatile suspended solids MLWM medium-energy light-water-moderated industrial nuclear reactor (U.K.) MM meeting maker (software) MM metadata manager for HPSS MM modified Mercalli M&M Maintenance Management Committee M&M monitoring and mitigation (agreement) MMACS multi-media access centers MMAD mass medium aerodynamic diameter MMC maximum material condition MMC metal matrix composites MMC Middle Management Council MMCD multimedia compact disk MMD mass median diameter MMH monomethyl hydrazine MMI man/machine interface MMI modified Mercalli intensity MMIC microwave monolithic integrated circuit MM II Minuteman II MMM Materials Management Manual MMMF man-made mineral fiber MMO Maintenance Management Office MMP Masters in Management Program MMP Meteorological Monitoring Plan MMRBM mobile medium-range ballistic missile MMS mineral management service MMS monolithic microwave systems MM&S management, medical & security (report form; PSAP) MMT million metric tons m/n moneda nacional (peso) MNIA multinational nuclear incident agreement MNP maximum negative pressure MNP Microcom Networking Protocol MNS master nuclear schedule MO magneto-optical (hard drive) MO Mars Observer MO mixed oxide MO molecular orbital M&O management and operating (contractors) M&O management and oversight MOA memorandum of agreement MOC maintenance, operations, and construction MOC margin of control (criticality) MOCVD metal oxide chemical vapor deposition MOD Ministry of Defense, United Kingdom MOD miscellaneous obligation document MOD modification MODCAP (programming language) MOE margin of exposure MOI maintenance operating instruction MOI memorandum of information/intent MOIV motor-operated isolation valve MONAL Mobile Nondestructive Assay Laboratory MOO multiuser object-oriented MOP maintenance outline procedure MOPA master oscillator power amplifier MOR modulus of rupture MORT management oversight (and) risk tree MOS margin of safety MOS metal oxide semiconductor MOS military occupational specialty MOSES massive open systems environment standards MOSFET metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor MOST Maynard operation sequence techniques MOSTAB modular stability derivative program MOT Ministry of Transportation (Japan) MOTIS message oriented text interchange system MOTR multiple object tracking radar (phase array, VAFB) MOU memorandum of understanding MOV motor-operated valve(s) MOVPE metallorganic vapor-phase epitaxy MOX mixed-oxide (fuel) MOXE monitoring x-ray experiment MP - MS MP maintenance procedure MP major project MP management plan MP massively parallel MP medium energy physics MP Medium Energy Physics Division, 7/65­?/93 MP melting point MP Meson Physics (TA-53) MP Meson Physics (former division) MP military police MP miscellaneous processing MPA magnetospheric plasma analyzer MPAI maximum permissible annual intake MPBB maximum permissible body burden MPBX multiple-point borehole extensometer MPC major procurement MPC maximum permissible concentration MPC multimedia personal computer MPCA maximum permissible concentration in air MPC&A materials protection, control, and accounting/accountability MPCS moderator primary coolant system MPD magnetoplasmadynamic MPD maximum permissible dose MPE major program element MPE maximum permissible exposure MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group MPF maximum probable fire MPF Meson Physics Facility (TA-53) MPFB microwave plasma fluidized bed MPGS multi-purpose graphics system (Cray) MPI message passing interface MPIF Metal Powder Industries Federation MPL master parts list MPL maximum permissible (concentration) level MPL maximum possible loss MPL Metals Preparation Line MPN most probable number MPP massively parallel processing MPPF multipurpose processing facility MPR multiprotocol router MPRSA Marine Protection, Research & Sanctuaries Act (1972) MPS multiple protective structure MPT magnetic particle testing MPT Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications (Japan) MPV mobile packaging van MPW Macintosh Programming Workshop MPWG Mechanical Properties Working Group MPX multiplexer MQ medical questionnaire (respirator) MQL method quantitation limit MQW multiple quantum well MR magneto-resistive (recording heads, Fujitsu) MR Mail and Records Group, 7/49­10/70 MR material regulation MR Mini-Review MR modification request MRA military research associate MRA Military Research Associates MRA minimum retirement age MRA mission risk assessment MRB Materials Review Board MRBM medium-range ballistic missile MRC Medical Research Council (Great Britain) MRC Mission Research Corporation MRD Management Review Division (DOE) MRDC Medical Research and Development Command (U.S. Army) MRF materials recovery facility MRF Metal Recovery Facility MRI magnetic resonance imaging MRL Medical Research Laboratory (TA-32) MRM miscellaneous radioactive material mRNA messenger ribonucleic acid MRO maintenance repair order MRO medical review officer MRP manufacturing resource planning MRP medical radioisotope program MRP multi-roller press (sludge dryer) MRR material receiving report MRR minimum residual radioactivity (weapon) MRR motorized rifle (all-arms) regiment (Russia) MRRP Medical Radioisotopes Research Program MRRR mixed residue reduction report MRS medium resolution spectrometer MRS military requirement schedule MRS moderator recovery system MRS monitored retrievable storage MRSID multiresolution seamless images database MRT maintenance response team MRT mean radiant temperature MRTI Moscow RadioTechnical Institute MRV multiple re-entry vehicle MS mail stop MS manuscript (LA-series report designator) MS margin of safety MS mass spectrometer/spectrometry MS matrix spike MS mean square MS medical services MS Microsoft (Microsoft, Corp. trademark) MS milestone MS military standard MS multilateral staff M&S materials and services MSA major support area MSA major systems acquisition MSA Maritime Safety Agency (Japan) MSA metropolitan statistical area MSA Mine Safety Appliances Co. MSAD mechanical safe & arm detonator MSAM multikeyed indexed sequential file access method MSB modern strategic bomb MSB molecular sieve bed MSB most significant bit MSBE Molten Salt Breeder Experiment MSBR molten salt breeder reactor MSCA Multi-Site Cooperative Agreement MSD microwave spray drying MSD molten salt destruction MSDA mechanical safing and arming device MSDS material safety data sheet MSE material safety experiments MSE molten salt extraction MSF management system factor MSF Microcomputer Support Facility (SM-30, Electronics Maintenance) MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration MSI maintenance standard instructions MSI medium scale integration MSIV mean steam isolation valve MSL main steam line MSL Management System Laboratory MSL Materials Science Laboratory MSL mean sea level MSLD mass spectrometer leak detector MSO major sponsoring organization MSO molten salt oxidation MSO multiple system operator (cable television) MSR mammalian selectivity ratio MSR material ship/shipping reporting MSR material status report MSR molten salt reactor MSR monthly status reports MSR multiplicity shift register MSRF modular size reduction facility MSRS molecular sieve regeneration system MSS mobile satellite service MSS modified scram system MSSA master safeguards and security agreement MSSG message MSSM minimal sypersymmetric standard model MSSR milestone schedule and status report MST materials science and technology MST Materials Science and Technology Division, 8/82­ MSTI miniature seeker technology integration MSTT molten salt thermal treatment (method) MSW Microsoft Word (word processor) MSW Mikheyev- Smirnov- Wolfenstein (effect; neutrino oscillation, mass) MSWLF Municipal Solid Waste Landfill MT - MZ MT magnetic (particle) testing (NDE method) MT measured time MT measurement technology MT megatons MT moderator detritiation MTA Macintosh telephony architecture MTA major technical area MTAC Machine Technology Access Center MTAG Manufacturing Technical Advisory Group MTB Materials Transportation Bureau MTBE methyl tertiary butyl ether MTBF mean time between failures MTC main tritium column MTC moderator temperature equivalent MTC modified total cost MTCR missile technology control regime MTD manufacturing technology development MTD maximum tolerated dose MTD minimum tolerated dose MTE measurement and test equipment (also M&TE) MTF magnetized target fusion MTF mean time to failure MTF memorandum-to-file MTF modulation transfer function MTG media task group MTHM metric tons of heavy metal MTI maintenance team inspection MTI multispectral thermal imager/imaging MTL Materials Division (see MST) MTR materials test reactor MTS mechanical threshold stress (model; Mesa Code) MTSAA multidiscipline technical safety assurance appraisal MTTP maximum total trihalomethane potential MTTR mean time to repair MTU maximum transmission unit MTU metric tons of uranium MTU mobile treatment unit MTV mobile technology vehicle MU makeup MUD multiple-user dimension (network) MUD multi-user dungeon (network) MUF material unaccounted for MUFFIN multi-user file for interagency news MUR mock-up reactor MUSE multiuser system MUSIC multiple signal characterization MUSIC multiple signal classification (method) (RF direction-finding algorithm) MUTCD Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices MUX multiplexer MVA motor vehicle accident MVA multivariate analysis MVAPCA Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act MVDM multiple virtual DOS machines MVM matrix-vector multiplier MVP multimedia video processor, Texas Instruments MVRS marine vapor recovery system MW maximum window MW mixed waste MW molecular weight MWB maximum window burp M&WBE minority and women-owned business enterprise MWC municipal waste combustor MWDC multiwire drift chamber MWDF mixed waste disposal facility MW dry microwave drying MW(E) megawatt electric MWG milliwatt generator MWG model working group MWIR medium-wave(length) infrared MWL municipal waste leachate MWMF mixed waste management facility MWO maintenance work order MWPC multiwire proportional chamber MWR method of weighted residuals MWSDF mixed waste storage, disposal facility MWTA Medical Waste Tracking Act MWTP mixed waste treatment project MW(Th) megawatt thermal MX mail exchange (record) MX metal-halogen MX missile experimental (mobile missile; Peacekeeper ICBM) MY million years MYBP million years before present MYDP multiyear development plan MYPP multiple-year program plan N Return to Alphabet N East Receiving Yard (TA-31) N (LLL code for unclassified data) N (marker for CNWDI nuclear weapon data) N normality N Nuclear Rocket Propulsion Division, 4/55­6/73 N Nuclear Technology and Engineering Division, 2/87­12/93 NA National Archives NA nonattainment NA North American [identification number] NA not applicable/available (also N/A) NAA neutron activation analysis NAA nonattainment area(s) NAA nuclear accidents agreement NAAG National Association of Attorneys General NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards NAAS nitrate aqueous actinide separation NAB National Association of Broadcasters NAC national agency check NAC National Asbestos Council NAC Nevada Administrative Code NAC nonproliferation and arms control NACE National Association of Corrosion Engineer NACS National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors NACS Northwest Academic Computing Consortium NAD nuclear accident dosimetry NADB National Atmospheric Data Bank NADC Naval Air Development Center NADIR Network Anomaly Detection & Intrusion Reporter NADP National Atmospheric Deposition Program NADW North Atlantic deep water NAE National Academy of Engineering NAEP National Association of Educational Progress NAFB Nellis Air Force Base NAFB Norton Air Force Base NAFBR Nellis Air Force Bombing Range NAFR Nellis Air Force Range NAHIP Native American and Hispanics Internship Program NAK negative acknowledgment NAL National Aerospace Laboratory (Japan) NAL National Agricultural Library NALF Naval Auxiliary Landing Field NAM National Atomic Museum (KAFB, Albuquerque) NAM nitric acid monohydrate NAMA National Air Monitoring Audits NAMS National Air Monitoring Station NAMS National Air Monitoring System NANCO National Association of Noise Control Officials NAP network access point NAPA National Academy of Public Administration NAPAP National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program NAPBP National Air Pollution Background Program NAPL non-aqueous-phase liquid NAR National Asbestos Registry NARA National Archives & Records Administration NARM Naturally Occurring/Accelerator Produced Radioactive Materials NARP nuclear weapon accident response procedure NARR narrative (teletype transmission) NARS National Asbestos-Contractor Registry System NAS National Academy of Sciences NAS National Audubon Society NAS nuclear assembly system NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASDA National Space Development Agency (Japan) NASIG Numerical Analysis Special Interest Group NASP National Aerospace Plane NASQAN National Air Stream Quality Accounting Network NASS numerical aerodynamics simulation system NAT nitric acid trihydrate NAT nuclear assembly test NATALSCO National Loss Service Corp. NATICH National Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NAVAID navigational aid (nondirectional beacon) NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command NAVELEX Naval Electronics System Command NAVI Nuclear Arms Verification Instrument NAVMIC Naval Maritime Intelligence Center NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSTAR navigation satellite system using time and ranging NAWAS National Warning System NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center NAWDEX National Water Data Exchange NAWQC National Ambient Water Quality Criteria NB - ND NB nuclear boiler NBAR nonbinding allocation of authority NBB no bulk boiling NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical NBI neutral beam interface NBL New Brunswick Laboratory NBP normal boiling point NBS National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) NC neutron controller NC nitrocellulose NC no charge NC noncarcinogen NC nonconvective NC normal cleanup NC normally closed NC not calculated NC nuclear chemistry NCA National Coal Association NCA National Command Authority NCA Network Computer Architecture (Apollo) NCA Noise Control Act NCAC National Clean Air Coalition NCADD National Commission Against Drunk Driving NCADD National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence NCAF National Clean Air Fund NCAIC nuclear chemical accident/incident control NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, Colorado) NCAT National Center for Advanced Technologies NCAW neutralized current acid waste NCC National Climatic Center NCC neutron coincidence counter NCCW noncontact cooling water NCD Network Copy Detection (Aldus Corp.) NCF no containment failure NCGIA National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis n.Chr. nach Christus; A.D. (German) NCI National Cancer Institute NCIC National Crime Identification Center NCIC National Crime Information Center NCISC Naval Counterintelligence Support Center NCLR Netherlands Center for Laser Research NCM notice of commencement of manufacture (TSCA) NCMS National Center for Manufacturing Sciences NCNR National Center for Neutron Research NCO negotiated consent order NCO NEPA Compliance Office(r) NCO noncommissioned officer NCP National Contingency Plan (CERCLA) NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan NCP net community productivity NCP noncompliance penalties (CAA) NCP nonconformance penalty NCR National Cash Register, Inc. NCR noncompliance report (CWA) NCR nonconformance report(s) NCR notification of change report NCRA National Cooperative Research Act NCRC National Defense Research Committee NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection NCRPM National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements NCRW neutralized cladding removal waste NCS National Communications System NCS network computing system NCS nuclear criticality safety NCSA National Center for Supercomputer Applications NCSC National Computer Security Center NCSC Nuclear Criticality Safety Committee NCSL National Conference of State Legislatures NCSU North Carolina State University NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTTA National Competitiveness and Technology Transfer Act (1989) NCV nerve conduction velocity NCVECS National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety ND network diagram ND nondispersion ND not detected/detectable ND not determined NDA national defense area (FEMA) NDA no detectable activity NDA nondestructive assay NDAA National Defense Authorization Act NDB nuclear depth bomb NDCNR Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources NDD negotiated/negotiation decision document NDDN National Dry Deposition Network NDE nondestructive examination/evaluation NDEP Nevada Department of Environmental Protection NDEW nuclear directed-energy weapon NDH Nevada Department of Health NDHPA Nevada Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology NDI nondestructive inspection NDI Non-Industrial Disability Insurance NDIR nondispersive infrared analysis NDM nondeployed missile NDOSH Nevada Division of Occupational Safety and Health NDP neutron detector package NDRH Nevada Division of Radiological Health NDS National Dioxin Study NDS national disposal site NDS Netware Directory Services NDS neutron discrimination sensor NDS NUDET detection system NDSL Nevada Division of State Lands NDST network dedicated systems time NDT net data throughput NDT nondestructive test(ing) NDTT nil-ductility transition temperature NDW Nevada Department of Wildlife NDWR Nevada Division of Water Resources Nd:YAG neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet (laser) NE - NI NE nuclear energy NE Nuclear Energy (DOE office) NEA National Energy Act NEA negative electron affinity NEA Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD) NEAR near-Earth asteroid rendezvous NEC National Ecology Center NEC National Electrical Code (high voltage) NEC Nippon Electric Co. (Japan) NED Nuclear Engineering Department (SRL) NEDM nuclear event detonation monitoring NEDO New Energy Development Organization (Japan) NEDS National Emissions Data System (CAA) NEEC National Environmental Enforcement Council (NAAG) NEEJ National Environmental Enforcement Journal (NAAG) NEIC National Enforcement Investigations Center (EPA) NELA nuclear-explosive-like assembly NEM nodal expansion method (3D TRAC) NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. NENIX Northern New Mexico Environmental Information Exchange NEMP nuclear electromagnetic pulse NEOP nuclear explosive operating procedure NEP National Energy Plan NEP National Estuary Program NEP noise equivalent power NEP nuclear electric propulsion NEPA National Environmental Policy Act, 1969 NEPSTP Nuclear Energy Propulsion Space Test Program NER National Emissions Report NERC National Ecology Research Center NERD network event recording device NEROS Northeast Regional Oxidant Study NERP National Environmental Research Park NERSC National Energy Research Software Center NERSC National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (formerly NMFECC) NERVA nuclear engine for rocket vehicle applications (Westinghouse, ROVER) NES National Energy Strategy NES nuclear engineering section NESC National Electrical Safety Code NESC National Energy Software Center (obsolete; see ESTSC) NESF normal engineered safety feature NESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants NESP National Environmental Studies Project NESS nuclear explosives safety study NEST nuclear emergency search team NET network entity title (telecom.) NET90 network modernization project NETA National Environmental Training Association NetBIOS network basic input/output system NETG National Education Training Group (Napierville, IL) NETR Nuclear Engineering Test Reactor NETTING (emissions reduction credit trading) NEVIS nuclear detonation verification & intelligence system NEW Nuclear Energy Women NEWNET neighborhood environmental watch network NEWS network extensible windowing system NExT natural excitation technique (Sandia) NeXT NeXT, Inc. NF neutron flux NF-1 Nuclear Furnace NFA no flow assembly(ies) NFA no further action NFAD nuclear forces analysis division NFAN national filter analysis network NFC no further consequences NFCR National Flow Cytometry Resource NFCSRR National Flow Cytometry and Sorting Research Resource NFFE National Federation of Federal Employees NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program NFPA National Fire Protection Association NFR no further requirement(s) NFRP Natural Fission Reactor Program NFS net feet squared NFS network file server NFT Nuclear Filter Technology, Inc., Golden, CO NG nitroglycerin NG noble gas NGA NATO (mutual balanced force reduction) Guidelines Area NGI Norges Geotekniske Institute (Norway) NGP National Grid Project NGP nearest grid point NGR neutron generator report NGRTI Nuclear GES Requirements Technical Information NGRVA Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Applications (NERVA) NGTT National Gas Taper Thread NGV natural gas vehicle NGVD national geodetic vertical datum NGWIC National Ground Water Information Center NHC Numatec Hanford Corp. NHF New Hydrostructure Facility NHCD National HUMINT Collection Directive NHE normal hydrogen electrode NHMFL National High Magnetic Field Laboratory NHP Nevada Highway Patrol NHPA National Historical Preservation Act NIC Naval Intelligence Command NIC National Intelligence Council NIC network information center NICARE nickel carbonyl release experiment NICET National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies NID National Intelligence Daily, CIA NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse NIE National Intelligence Estimates NIE national-scale information enterprises (ARPA Grand Challenge systems) NIEHS National Institute for Environmental Health Science NIEI National Indoor Environmental Institute NIF National Ignition Facility NIFC National Interagency Fire Center NIH National Institutes of Health NIHL noise-induced hearing loss NII National Information Infrastructure NIIT NII Testbed NIM national impact model NIM nuclear incident monitor NIM nuclear instrument module NIMBY not in my backyard NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health NIP new ideas program NIP Nuclear Intelligence Panel NIPER National Institute for Petroleum & Energy Research NIPO Naval International Programs Office NIPS Naval Intelligence Processing System NIPSSA Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity NIR near infrared NIS network information services NIS newly independent states (of FSU) NIS noise information system NIS Nonproliferation and International Security Division, 10/93- NIS nuclear instrumentation system NISP National Industrial Security Program NISS NSC (Nuclear Suppliers Group) Information Sharing System NISS Nuclear Information Suppliers System NIST National Industrial Security Program NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (DOC, Gaithersburg, MD) NIST Nonproliferation & International Security Technology Division NIT network interface tap NITO/W Naval Intelligence Tasking Office, Warning & Crisis Management NIUF North American ISDN Users Forum NJ - NN NJOY (Nuclear Data Processing System, nuclear cross-section processing code) NKG Nishimura-Kamata-Greissen NL Numerical Laboratory NLETS National Law Enforcement Teletype System NLGLP National Laboratory Gene Library Project NLLS nonlinear least squares NLM National Library of Medicine (Bethesda) NLM Netware loadable module NLO National Lead of Ohio, Inc. NLQ near-letter quality (printing) NLRA National Labor Relations Act NLRB National Labor Relations Board NLS national launch system NLT not/no later than NLTC no-load tap changer NLU normal latchup NLVF North Las Vegas Facility (assembly) NM nautical mile NM New Mexico NM nuclear materials NM Nuclear Materials and Complex 21 Program Office NMASE New Mexico Alliance for Science Education NMATR New Mexico Alliance for Transportation Research NMC Nuclear Material Convention NMCAF Nuclear Material Control and Accountability Handbook NMCC New Mexico Communicators Council NMCC New Mexico Corporation Commission NMDA N-methyl-D-aspartate NMDO NTS Support Department (JCI) NMDOH New Mexico Department of Health NMED New Mexico Environment Department NMEIB New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board NMEID New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division NMERDI New Mexico Energy Research and Development Institute (DoD) NMFE Nuclide Migration Field Experiment NMFECC National Magnetic Fusion Energy Computing Center (now NERSC) NMFEG Nuclide Migration Field Experiment in Granite NMFET Nuclide Migration Field Experiment in Tuff NMFT new material flight test(s) NMGRT New Mexico gross receipts tax NMHC nonmethane hydrocarbons NMHU New Mexico Highlands University NMHWMR New Mexico Hazardous Waste Management Regulations NMI neuromagnetic imaging NMICC National Military Intelligence Collection Center NMIMT New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology NMINC New Mexico Industry Network Corporation (NM Econ. Development Corp.) NMIPC National Military Intelligence Production Center NMIS nuclear materials inventory system NMISC National Military Intelligence Support Center NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center NML New Mexico legislature NML Nonmagnetic Laboratory (DOC) NMLT new materials laboratory test(s) NMLWDR New Mexico Liquid Waste Disposal Regulations NMM nuclear materials management NMMSS nuclear material management safety & safeguards NMMSS nuclear materials management and safeguards system NMOC nonmethane organic compounds NMODC New Mexico Oil Conservation District NMOS negative metal oxide semiconductor NMP national municipal policy NMP n-methylpyrrolidone NMP Nuclear Materials Production (DOE) NMP nuclear materials production NMPCA New Mexico Pesticide Control Act NMP&M nuclear materials production and manufacturing NMQA New Mexico Quality Award NMR nuclear magnetic resonance NM/RFTO (Los Alamos' Rocky Flats Technology Office) NMRGWS New Mexico regulations governing water supplies NMRT Nuclear Materials Reconfiguration Technology NMS neuromagnetic stimulation NMS neutral meson spectrometer NMS neutron monitoring system NMS nuclear materials safeguards NMSA New Mexico Statutes Annotated NMSEO New Mexico State Engineer Office NMSEP new material and stockpile evaluation plan NMSES new material & stockpile evaluation schedule NMSF nuclear materials storage facility NMSHTD New Mexico State Highway & Transportation Department NMSL nuclear materials safety limits NMSM nuclear materials and stockpile management NMSS Office of Nuclear Material Safety & Safeguards NMST new material system test NMSTG Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group NMSU New Mexico State University NMT Nuclear Materials Technology Division NMTD New Mexico Transportation Department NMTP National Machine Tool Partnership (ESA) NMUSTR New Mexico Underground Storage Tank Regulations NMWCA New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act NMWQCCR New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission Regulations NMWQR New Mexico Water Quality Regulations NMWU nominal molecular weight unit(s) NNC notice of noncompliance (TSCA) NNDC National Nuclear Data Center (BNL) NNDEW nonnuclear directed energy weapons NNDT nonnuclear defense technology NNF nonreactor nuclear facility NNI nonnuclear instrumentation NNM nearest neighbor model NNMCAT Northern New Mexico Consortium for the Advancement of Technology NNMCC Northern New Mexico Community College NNPA Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (1978) NNPI naval nuclear propulsion information NNPSPP National Non-Point Source Pollution Program NNTP network news transfer protocol (ICN) NNWH nonnuclear warhead NNWS nonnuclear weapon state(s) NNWSI Nevada Nuclear Waste Storage Investigation (Project); see YMP NO - NQ NO normally open NOA new obligation authority NOA notice of availability NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration NOAEL non-observed adverse effect level NOC network operations center NOC notice of commencement NOCS Nevada Office of Community Service NOD notice of deficiency (RCRA) NOEL no observed effect level NOFORN (no foreign dissemination allowed) NOG nuclear overhead gantry NOGO not officially government owned NOHSCP National Oil and Hazardous Substance Contingency Plan NOI notice of intent NOI notice of intent to discharge n.o.i.b.n. not otherwise indexed by name NOL Naval Ordnance Laboratory NOL normal operating loss NOLA NCAR online library access NOM noble metal NON notice of noncompliance (TSCA) non obs. non obstante; notwithstanding non seq. non sequitur; it does not follow NOP normal operating procedure NOP not otherwise provided (for) NORC nuclear ordnance record card NORCUS Northwest College & University Association for Science NORM naturally occurring radioactive material NORSAR Norway seismic array Norton SI Norton System Information (program) NOS Network Operating System (Control Data) NOS not otherwise specified NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Center (San Diego) NOTAM Notice to Airmen NOV notice of violation (CAA/CWA/FIFRA) NOV/CD notice of violation/compliance demand NOW nonhazardous oil field waste NOX nitrogen (nitrous) oxide NP natural phenomena NP negative pressure NP new production NP New Production Reactor (DOE office) NP noteworthy practice NP&AA Noise Pollution and Abatement Act, 1970 NPAR Nuclear Plant Aging Research Program NPB neutral particle beam NPBSE neutral particle beam space experiment NPC Nonproliferation Center, CIA NPCA National Paint & Coating Assn. NPCA National Parks & Conservation Association NPCCW negative pressure chilled circulating water NPCP nuclear production contingency plan NPCW negative pressure chilled water NPD neutron powder diffractometer NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (CWA) NPDR nuclear preliminary design review NPDWR National Primary Drinking Water Regulations NPF nuclear power facility NPG Nevada Proving Ground; see NTS NPH natural phenomena hazard NPH normal paraffin hydrocarbon NP-HWR New Production Heavy-Water Reactor NPI nonprecision instrument NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center (CIA) NPIRES National Pesticide Information Retrieval System NPL National Priorities List (CERCLA) NP-LWR New Production Light-Water Reactor NPMA National Property Management Association NP-MHTGR New Production Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor NPN national particulate network NPO NWTS Program Office (DOE) NPP Net Primary Productivity NPP nuclear power plant(s) NPR National Performance Review NPR neutron production reactor NPR New Production Reactor NPR Nuclear Posture Review NPRM notice of proposed rulemaking NPS National Park Service NPS National Permit Strategy NPS nominal pipe size NPS non-point source NPSC National Physical Science Consortium NPSH net positive suction head NPSS Nuclear and Plasma ScienceSociety NPSS numerical propulsion system simulation NPT (American Standard Tape Pipe Thread) NPT (Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons) NPTN National Public Telecomputing Network NPTRC Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference NQA nuclear quality assurance (ANSI/ASME) NQA-1 nuclear quality assurance guideline NQF neutron quality factor NQS network queuing system NQT non-quenched and -tempered (steel) NR - NS NR narrow resonance NR naturally radioactive NR naval reactor NR network report NR nonconformance report NR no recovery NR not reported NRA National Recreation Area NRAC Naval Research Advisory Committee NRAM nonradioactive material NRC National Research Council NRC National Response Center NRC nonreusable container(s) NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRD Neutron REM Detector NRDA Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA Nevada Research and Development Area NRDC National Resources Defense Council NRDS Nuclear Rocket Development Station NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, CO) (formerly SERI) NREN National Research and Educational Network NRF Naval Reactors Facility (Office of Naval Reactors) NRIM narrow resonance infinite mass NRL Naval Research Laboratory NRM normal response mode NRN National Research Network (now NREN) NRO National Reconnaissance Office (DoD) NRO no reorder (status) NROFF new runoff (UNIX text formatter) NRR Nuclear Reactor Regulation (Office of) NRR nuclear regulatory research NRRC Nuclear Risk Reduction Center NRRDS neutron resonance radiography diffraction/spectroscopy (LANSCE) NRRPT National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists NRS national reconnaissance office NRS near reactor shield NRS Nevada Revised Statutes NRSA National Remote Sensing Agency (India) NRT national response team(s) NRTA near-real-time accounting NRW nonradioactive waste NRX nuclear rocket experiment NRZ nonreturn to zero NRZI nonreturn to zero inverted NS name server (for HPSS) NS near side NS neutralized solution NS not scheduled (attendance code) NS not significant NS nuclear safety (office) NS nuclear ship NSA National Security Agency NSA national security area NSA negative security assurances NSA neutron source assembly NSA Nuclear Science Abstracts NSAB National Security Advisory Board NSAC Nuclear Safety Analysis Center NSAC Nuclear Science Advisory Committee NSAP network service access point NSC National Safety Council NSC National Security Council NSC network security controller NSC Network Systems Corporation NSD no structure detected NSDD National Security Decision Directive NSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters) NSF National Sanitation Foundation NSF National Science Foundation NSF National Strike Force NSF Nuclear Storage Facility (TA-55) NSFNET National Science Foundation network NSG Nuclear Suppliers Group NSHCC Nevada State Health & Coordinating Council NSI NASA Science Internet NSI national security information NSIA National Security Industry Association NSIC Nuclear Safety Information Center NSIM Nevada State Inspector of Mines NSIR National Stable Isotope Resource NSL Nevada State Library NSLS National Synchrotron Light Source (BNL) NSM nuclear spectrum measurement NSO nonferrous smelter order (CAA) NSOM near-field scanning optical microscopy NSP native signal processor/processing NSPE National Society of Professional Engineers NSPS new source performance standards (CAA) NSR Neutron Source Reactor NSR new source review NSR new special recovery NSRACF new special recovery-accountability control function NSRB Nuclear Safety Review Board NSRSC National Security and Resources Study Center (now JROSC) NSS nodal switching system (NFSNET) NS/SET Nuclear Subsystem Evaluation Team NSSFC National Severe Storms Forecast Center NSTC National Science and Technology Council (sponsored by the White House) NSTF Near Surface Test Facility NSTL National Space Technology Laboratory NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center NSWMA National Solid Waste Management Assn. NSWP Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact NSWS National Surface Water Survey NT - NV NT near-term NT network NT neutron transmitter NT no time (attendance code) NT nuclear test NT-1 network termination unit NTA negotiated testing agreement NTA nitrilotriacetic acid NTA nuclear track A (film) NTB National Test Bed NTB nuclear test ban NTBWG Nuclear Test Ban Working Group NTC Noshiro Testing Center (Japan) NTE not to exceed NTEC National Tribal Environmental Council NTF New Tritium Facility NTG nuclear test gage NTGS National Technical Guidance Studies NTI National Technology Initiative (DOC) NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration N-TIMS negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry NTIS National Technical Information Service NTISSP National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy NTM national technical means NTMA National Tooling and Machining Association NTN National Trends Network NTN network termination number NTO 5-nitro-2,4-dyhydro-1h-1,2,4-triazol-3-one NTO nitrogen tetroxide NTOF neutron time-of-flight (facility) NTP National Toxicology Program NTP network time protocol NTP normal temperature and pressure NTP notice to proceed NTP Numerical Tokamak Project NTR nuclear test reactor NTR nuclear thermal rocket NTRB Nuclear Technology Reference Book NTS Nevada Test Site NTS not to scale NTSB National Transportation Safety Board NTSC National Television System (Standards) Committee NTSC never twice the same color NTSO Nevada Test Site Office NTT Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (Japan) NTT nuclear testing talks NTU National Technological University NTU nephelometric turbidity unit NTV network television (teleconferencing; Peregrine Systems) NU NU-Site (TA-23) NUA network user address NUCMAS nuclear material accounting system NUDET nuclear detonation NUEX neutron energy measurement NUI network user identification NURE national uranium resource evaluation NUREG Nuclear Regulatory Commission NUS Nuclear Utilities Services Corporation NUSF net usable square feet NUWAX nuclear weapon accident exercise NUWC Naval Underseas Warfare Center NVAFB North Vandenberg AFB NVOD near­video on demand NVOO Nevada Operations Office NW - NZ NW normal waste NWAP nuclear weapons applications & planning NWAP Nuclear Weapons Archival Project NWC National War College NWC Naval Weapons Center NWC nuclear weapons complex (DOE) NWC Nuclear Weapons Council NWCC neutron well coincidence counter NWCF Nuclear Waste Calcining Facility (INEL) NWCF New Waste Calcining Facility NWCnet Nuclear Weapons Complex network NWCSC Nuclear Weapons Council Standing Committee NWD nuclear weapon data NWEF Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility NWF National Wildlife Federation NWI National Wetlands Inventory (USFW) NWMDL Nevada Waste Management Distribution List NW&MTA nuclear weapons and materials technical area NWP nuclear weapons program(s) NWP Nuclear Weapons Program Office NWPA National Waste Policy Act NWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act (1982) NWPO Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office (State office) NWQA nonweapons quality assurance NWRC National Weather Records Center NWRC National Wetlands Research Center NSW National Warning Staff (intelligence) NWS National Weather Service NWS nuclear weapon state(s) NWSM nuclear weapon stockpile memorandum NWSRA National Wild and Scenic River Act NWSS nuclear weapon subsystem NWSSTP NWSS test plan NWT Nuclear Weapons Technology Programs NWTS nuclear waste terminal storage (program) NWU Northwestern University NYU New York University O Return to Alphabet O operations O Ordnance Division, 8/44­8/45 OA operating authorization OA organization and administration OAC Office of Arms Control OAD operational availability date OADR originating agency's determination (is) required OAG Official Airline Guide (travel) OAG other administrative and general (costs) OAI outside air intake OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (EPA) OAR operation assessment and readiness OA&R Office of Air & Radiation (EPA) OARM Office of Administration & Resources Management (EPA) OAS Office Administration Services OASC Office of Advanced Scientific Computing OASDI Old Age and Survivors Disability Income (Social Security) OASES Office of Applied Sciences & Engineering Studies OASN (RD&A) Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition OASS O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase OBA operating basis accident OBC onboard computer OBCS Ocean Bottom Communications System OBE operating-basis earthquake OBE overtaken by events OBERS Office of Business and Economic Research Services (historic term) OBES Office of Basic Energy Sciences OB/OD open burning/open detonation OBS observed OBS optical biopsy system OBS organizational breakdown structure OBSCA one bit spectral correlation algorithm OC - OD OC object class OC on-center OC operating committee OC operating curve OC outer chuck OCA Office of Congressional Affairs OCAPO Office of Compliance Analysis and Program Operations (EPA) OCAW Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers OCB oil circuit breaker OCC other common carrier OCD offshore and coastal dispersion (model) OCD oil conservation district OCE Office of Criminal Enforcement (EPA OECM) OCI object code insertion (Pure Software) OCI organizational conflicts of interest OCI oxide control and indication OCL obligation cost level OCLC online computer library catalog OCLC Online Computer Library Center OCLI Optical Coating Laboratory, Incorporated OCM operational change memorandum OCONUS outside continental United States OCR office of collateral responsibility OCR optical character recognition OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management OCS Office of Community Services (Nevada) OCS outer continental shelf OCSLA Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act OCSR organizational computer security representative OD observable difference OD offsite dose OD optical density OD organizational development OD outside diameter (also o.d.) O&D origin & destination ODA office document architecture ODBC open database connectivity ODC other direct charges ODC ozone-depleting chemical ODE ordinary differential equation ODIF office document interchange format ODS operational design space ODT organizational design team ODTP optical discriminator targets program OE - ON OE operating experience OEA Office of External Affairs (EPA) OECD Office of Economic Community Development OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECM Office of Enforcement & Compliance Monitoring (EPA) OECM-W Office of Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring - Waste OEET Office of Environmental Engineering and Technology (EPA) OEIC optoelectronic integrated circuit(s) OEL occupational exposure level/limit OEL Office of Export Licensing (State) OEL optical evaluation laboratory OEL-C occupational exposure level­ceiling OEM original equipment manufacturer OEPER Office of Environmental Processes and Effects Research (EPA) OER Office of Energy Research OER Office of Environmental Restoration OER Office of Exploratory Research (EPA) OERR Office of Emergency and Remedial Response (EPA) OF optional form OFA other federal agencies (agency) OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (spread-spectrum) OFE Office of Fusion Energy OFE oxygen-free electronic (material grade) OFI Office of Foreign Intelligence (DOE) OFI onset of flow instability OFISCON organization fiscal contact OGR Office of Geologic Repositories OGS off-gas system OGWP Office of Ground Water Protection OH Occupational Health Site(TA-59) OH outer housing OHER Office of Health and Environmental Research OHF operating heat flux OHL Occupational Health Laboratory OHM Office of Hazardous Materials (DOE) OHMT Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation (EPA) OHMTADS Oil and Hazardous Material Technical Assistance Data System OHX operating/output heat exchanger OI operating instructions OI operation instruction (GE specification) OI optical isolator OIA Office of Imagery Analysis (CIA) O&I operations & inspections standard (Pantex) OIC Office of Institutional Coordination OIEA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs OIG Office of the Inspector General OIO Operational Integration Office OIPD Office of Isotope Production & Distribution OIR Office of Information Resources (CIA) OISA Office of International Security Affairs OIU operator interface unit OJT on-the-job training OK odorless kerosene OL office leader OL operating license/limit OLAP on-line analytical processing OLC on-line computer OLE object linking and embedding OLI open link interface (Novell) OLTP on-line transaction processing OLWM Open Look Windows Manager OM operating methods OM operations management OM optical microscopy O&M operation and maintenance O/M oxygen-to-metal ratio OMA Office of Military Application OMB Office of Management and Budget OMC Office of Munitions Control (State Dept.) OMCVD organometallic chemical vapor deposition OMD off my desk OMDO operations manager (JCI) OMEGA Omega Site (TA-2) OMF open media framework (Avid) OMM operation and maintenance manual OMR organic-moderated reactor OMS operations and maintenance services (FSS) ONB onset of nucleate boiling ONCS open network computer server ONEDANT One-Dimensional, Diffusion-Accelerated, Neutral Particle Transport (Discrete Ordinates Code,LANL) ONEST overseas nuclear emergency search team ONI Office of NWTS Integration ONMSS Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards ONR Office of Naval Research ONS Office of Nuclear Safety (DOE) ONTS Office of Nonproliferation Technology Support (DOE) ONU optical network units ONWI Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation ONWM Office of Nuclear Waste Management & Fuel Cycle Programs OO - OS OOD object-oriented design OOK on-off keying OOM object-oriented method OOPS object-oriented programming system OOS out-of-sequence OOS out of service OOW Office of Operations and Weapons OP operating plan OP operations OP operations/operating procedures OP order point OP overnight per diem (NTS/attendance code) OP oxygen pressure OPAC overall performance appraisal certification OPC optical particle counter OPC oscillator power control op. cit. opere citato; in the work cited OPCW Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPD optical path difference OPE open-point expanding OPF official personnel folder OPFM Office Project Facilities Management OPI open prepress interface OPI operator interface OPIT oxide-powder-in-tube (process) OPLAN operating plan OPM Office of Personnel Management OPM Office Procedures Manual OPPE Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation (EPA) OPPIS Optically Pumped Polarized Ion Source (LAMPF Injector) OPR office of primary responsibility OPSEC operations security OPS overpressure protection system OPT optimization OR Oak Ridge Operations Office OR Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant OR office of record OR on-site representative OR operating reactor OR oxygen reduction Oralloy Oak Ridge alloy (enriched uranium) ORAU Oak Ridge Associated Universities (now ORISE) ORC operational readiness/review committee ORC organizational resource counselor ORCON originator controlled ORD Office of Research and Development (EPA) ORD operational readiness date ORD operational requirements document ORE occupational radiation exposure ORE operational readiness evaluation OREX Orbiting Reentry Experiment (Japan) ORFTF Oak Ridge Filter Test Facility ORGDP Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant ORIGEN Oak Ridge Isotope Generator ORISE Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education (was ORAU) ORLA optimum repair level analysis ORM other regulated material(s) (DOT) ORMP Operational Risk Management Program ORMPWG Operational Risk Management Program Working Group ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORO Oak Ridge Operations ORP Office of Radiation Programs ORP oxidation-reduction potential ORPS occurrence reporting and processing system ORR operational readiness review ORRR Oak Ridge Research Reactor ORS occurrence reporting section ORTA Office of Research & Technology Applications ORTEC Oak Ridge Technical Enterprises Corp. ORTP Oil Recovery Technology Partnership ORV off-road vehicle OS Office of Security OS office support (series) OS Open Skies (Treaty, 1992) OS operating system OS operational security OS Operational Security/Safeguards Division 1/80­4?/94 OS organizational support OSA Office of Safety Appraisals OSA operational safety analysis OSAK OSI applications kernel (DECNET) OSBRD off-site burden OSC on-scene commander/coordinator OSCG on-scene control group OSCP on-scene control point OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD operational safety document OSD (AE) Office of the Secretary of Defense, Atomic Energy OS-DO/SPO OS Division Special Projects Office OSE Office of Safety Engineering (DOE) OSE Office of Security Evaluations (DOE) OSF Open Software Foundation OSG operations support group OS&H occupational safety and health OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration/Act (1972) OSHWPP Occupational Safety & Health Worker Protection Pilots OSI on-site inspection OSI Open System Interconnect (standard) OSIA On-Site Inspection Agency OSL on-site laboratory OSM Office of Surface Mining (DOI) OSP occupational surveillance program OSPF open shortest-path first interior gateway protocol (link state routing protocol) OS&Q Office of Safety and Quality, DOE OSR operational safety requirement OSSE oriented scintillation spectrometer experiment OSSO Organizational Safeguards and Security Officer OSSP Organizational Safeguards and Security Plan OST operational suitability test (LLL) OST Outer Space Treaty OSTI Office of Scientific and Technical Information (DOE) OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTS Office of Storage and Transportation Systems OSV onset of significant voiding OSV on-site verification OSVS operating system virtual storage OSW Office of Solid Waste OSWER Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response (EPA) OSWR Office of Scientific & Weapons Research (CIA) OS&Y outside screw and yoke OT - OZ OT object technology OT overtime OTA Office of Technology Assessment OTC offsite training center OTD Office of Technology Development OTDR optical time domain reflectometer (fiber optic communications testing) OTE onset of thermal excursion OT&E operational test & evaluation OTEC ocean thermal energy conversion OTF optical transfer function OTF optimized Thomas-Fermi OTH over-the-horizon OTHSAR over-the-horizon/synthetic aperture radar OTIS once-through integral system OTP operational test procedure OTR optical transition radiation OTRI optical transition radiation interferometric OTS (ESA Experimental Test Satellite) OTSF other-than-system-furnished (materials) OTSG once-through steam generator OU operable/operational unit OUO official use only OUPL operable unit project leader OURS Open Users Recommended Solutions (group) OUSDR&E Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering OUST Office of Underground Storage Tanks OV official visitor OVA organic vapor analyzer OVD organic vapor detector OVEC Ohio Valley Electric Company OVM organic vapor meter (photoionizer det.) OW Office of Water (EPA) OWG operations working group, LANL LLC OWG OPSEC Working Group OWI Office of Waste Isolation OWP Office of Weapons Production OWPE Office of Waste Programs Enforcement OWR Omega West Reactor OWW organic waste wash OYG operating year guidance OZIPPM ozone isopleth plotting package, modified P Return to Alphabet P Experimental Physics Division, 1943­8/44 P Experimental Physics Division, 11/45­ P personnel P Physics Division P primary body waves P proposal (LA-series report designator) P P-Site (TA-13) P swing shift (attendance code) P30 Pollution Prevention Program Office (Waste Minimization) PA performance appraisal/assessment PA personnel action (form) PA Personnel Administration Division, 1/81­ 6/86 PA Picatinny Arsenal PA plant air PA policy analyst PA preliminary assessment PA pressure alarm PA Privacy Act PA production agency PA project authorization/administrator PA property (program) administrator PA protected area PA public address (system) PA Public Affairs Office P&A precision & accuracy PAA priority abatement area PABX private automatic branch exchange PAC potentially adverse condition PAC powdered activated carbon PAC process analytical chemistry PACB personnel access control booth PACE plant acquisition and construction equipment PACE plant and capital equipment PACG Performance Assessment Coordinating Group PACRS Preadmission and Concurrent Review Service (applies to the LAHCP) PACS procurement authorities control system PACT powdered activated carbon treatment (physico-chemical processing) PAD packet assembler/disassembler PAD performance analysis and design PAD Product Assurance Directorate (U.S. Army; Edgewood, Maryland) PADRE particulate data reduction PAF plasma arc furnace PAFB Patrick Air Force Base (Florida) PAFD process accountability flow diagram PAG protective action guide/guideline PAGES Print and Graphics Express Station (ICN) PAGM Permit Applications Guidance Manual PAGOSA (high-speed three-dimensional multimaterial hydrodynamics code) PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PAHL pressure alarm, high limit PAI performance audit inspection (CWA) PAI Physics Applications, Inc. PAID plutonium air inhalation dose PAID purchasing, accepting, invoicing, disbursing system PAIR preliminary assessment information rule PAIRS property accounting, inventory, and reporting system PAKSET (Pakistani Communication Satellite) PAL permissive action link PAL personnel airlock PAL phased alternate line (European video standard) PAL prescribed action link PAM penetration augmented munition PAM postaccident monitoring PAM pressure-alkali monitor PAM pulse amplitude modulation PAMS photochemical assessment monitoring stations PAN passive/active neutron PAN peroxyacetyl nitrate PANDA passive nondestructive assay PANI polyaniline Pantex (Panhandle, Texas; weapons plant) PAO public affairs office PAP papanicolaou (stain) PAP Personnel Assurance Program PAPR powered air-purifying respirator PAR performance appraisal report PAR population at risk PAR precision approach radar PAR process automatic and robotics PAR protective action recommendation (FEMA) PAR purchasing approval request PAR push and release PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox) PARCC precision, accuracy, reproducibility, completeness & comparability PARD protect as restricted data PARIS Parallel Instruction Set (assembly lang.) PA-RISC precision architecture RISC ParkNet (National Environmental Research Park System) PARMILA phase and radial motion in linear accelerators (computer code) PART Paleo-Archeo Research Team (studies Seismosaurus) PAS photoacoustic spectrometer/spectroscopy PA/SI preliminary assessment/site investigation PAS/PTS PAS/photothermal spectroscopy PASS performance assessment support service PASSWORK Parallel SIMD Simulation Workbench PAT packaging and transportation PAT performance appraisal team PAT permit assistance team (RCRA) PAT plutonium air transportable PAT process action team PAT proficiency analytical testing PAT project acceptance transfer PAT purge-and-trap gas chromatography/mass spectrometry PATI p-aminothiophenol PATRAM packaging & transportation of radioactive materials PATREC pattern recognition PATS packaging and transportation services PATS precision automated turning system PAWS PAN AM World Services PAYS Practical Applications for Young Science Journalists PAX private automatic exchange PB particle beam PB photon burst PB physical inventory, beginning PB proportional band PBA process balance area PBB polybrominated biphenyl PBCM pulsed beam current monitor PBE prompt burst experiment PB&E planning, budgeting, and execution PBF Power Burst Facility (INEL) PBF pump, boiler feed PBFA particle feam fusion accelerator, Sandia PBL planetary boundary layer PBL protection ballistic limit PBM Publications Manual (LANL) PBMS photon burst mass spectroscopy PBO&D Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Ouade, and Douglas PBR packed-bed reactor PBR pebble bed reactor PBR/SDP packed-bed reactor/silent discharge plasma (project) PBS project breakdown structure PBSS polyethylene bag sampling system PBT performance-based training PBV postboost vehicle PBW particle beam weapons PBX plastic bonded explosive PBX private branch exchange PC - PE PC personal computer PC planned commitment PC polycarbonate PC position classification PC potential carcinogin PC pressure controller PC process computer/containment PC production control PC program code PC programmable controller PC pulverized coal PC pump, condensate PCA primary component analysis PCA primary control assembly PCA primary coolant activity PCA principal components analysis PCA product change authority PCA (reactor, TA-18) PCAP propagation code analysis program PCAST President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology PC-AT personal computer, advanced technology (IBM, 1984) PCB polychlorinated biphenyl PCB printed circuit board PCC plutonium concentrator concentrate PCC prematurely condensed chromosomes (genome studies term) PCC primary component cooling PCC process chemistry cell PCC psychrometric calorimeter chamber PCCB Project/Plant Change Control Board PCD photoconductive device PCD pollution control device PCD POSIX conformance document (NIST) PCD power control device PCD preliminary coordination draft (LLL) PCD process chemistry development PCD program control document PCDAS process control & data acquisition system PCDD polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin PCDF polychlorinated dibenzofuran PCDP Prototypical Consolidation Demonstration Project PCE perchloroethane (also known as tetrachloroethane) PCE pollution control equipment P&CE plant and capital equipment PCF Parallel Computing Forum PCF prioritized cost format PCI pellet clad interaction PCI peripheral component interconnect (DEC) PCI phase compensation instability PCI presentation context identifier (telecom.) PCI protocol control information (telecom.) PCIOS processor common input/output system PCIS primary containment isolation system PCL permissible contamination limit PCL pre/postwork check list PCL printer control language (Hewlett-Packard) PCLAN personal computer local area network PCM pending contractual matter PCM phase contrast microscopy PCM plug compatible manufacturer PCM project control manager PCM pulse code modulation PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association PCMT primary crisis management team PCN Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. (Japan) PCN procedure change notice PCO planned carryover PCO policy and communication office PCO printing control officer PCO program coordination office PCO project control office PCOC pest control oversight committee PCON potential contractor PCP pentachlorophenyl PCP primary control program PCP primary coolant pump PCP process control plan PCP product change proposal PCP program control procedure PCP public communications publication (DOE category) PCPS photoconductive power switch PCR Plasma Centrifugal Reactor (INEL) PCR polymerase chain reaction PCR pump, circulating PCRV prestressed concrete reactor vessel PCS passive containment system PCS permanent change of station PCS permit compliance system (CWA) PCS personal communications services (U S West) PCS plant control system PCS power conversion system PCS primary coolant system PCS process control sheet PCS program control system PCSA Power Crane & Shovel Assn. PCSCCB Program Cost/Schedule Charge Control Board PCT peak cladding temperature PCT product consistency testing PCT pump, cooling tower PCU pound-calorie unit PCU pound-Celsius or pound-centigrade unit PCV positive crankcase ventilation PCV pressure control valve PCX PC Paintbrush file format PC-XT personal computer, extended technology PCW pump, chilled/coolant water PCWG Personal Conferencing Workgroup PD population density/distribution PD position description/document PD potential difference PD precedence diagram PD preliminary design PD program/project development PD program director PD project description PD public domain PDA Personal Digital Assistant (Apple) PDA preliminary design acceptance PDA preliminary design approval PDA preliminary design assessment PDAS plant data acquisition system PDAT program development action team PDB plant damage bin PDB President's Daily Brief (intelligence) PDC participatory design conference PDC principal design criteria PDC program development computer PDC Program Development Council PDCA plan-do-check-act (Shewhart Cycle) PDCR Project Development Candidate Report PDD projected decision date PDE partial differential equation PDES product data exchange specification PDF plant design factor PDF portable document format (Adobe, Inc.) PDF probability density functions PDFID preconstruction direct flame ionization detection PDH pump, domestic hot water PDHE project design hour estimate PDIF portable document interchange format PDL page description language PDL photodissociation dye laser PDL plutonium discard limit PDM power density monitor PDM problem definition memo PDMN Program Director for Nuclear Materials PDMRL Paul D. Merica Research Laboratory PDMS poly dimethyl sulfate PDP parallel distributed processing PDP process development proposal PDP project definition phase PD/PE program development/program execution PDR particulate data reduction PDR postdoctoral research PDR preliminary design report/review PDR pressurized deuterium reactor PDR program data requirement PDR public document room PDS partial donor scale PDS photodischarge spectroscopy PDS power distribution system PDS processor direct slot (Apple Computer) PDS program design specification PDS protected distribution system PDSIM parallel distributed system simulator PDT product development team PDT proliferation detection technology PDU power distribution unit PDU protocol data unit PDW pump, deionized water PDX printer description extension (file) PE performance evaluation PE physical inventory, ending PE plant and equipment PE polyethylene PE population equivalent PE processing element(s) PE product engineer PE professional engineer PE project engineer P/E plant and equipment PEARL personnel expertise and resource listing PEB performance evaluation board PEC part evaluation cycle PECO Philadelphia Electric Company PECO power, ease-of-use, compatibility, overall use PECSS poisoned emergency cooling system sample PED program elements document PED program evaluation division (Office of Policy, Planning & Evaluation) PE&D plant engineering and design (projects) PEEK polyetheretherketone PEFC polymer electrolyte fuel cells PEG potential for electricity generation PEGK polyethylene glyco-KOH PEGM poly-(ethylene glycol methyl ether) PEI photoelectric injector PEIS programmatic environmental impact statement P.ej. por ejemplo; for example PEL permissible exposure limit PEM partial equilibrium multimarket model PEM personal environment modules PEM personal exposure model PEM polymer electrolyte membrane PEM privacy enhanced mail (electronic) PEM process execution module PEM proton exchange membrane PEMEX Petroleos Mexicanos (Mexican Petroleum) PENAIDS penetration aids P-ENDF pointwise-ENDF (PENDF, data file) PENV PAN AM Environmental PEO plant equipment operator PEO program enrichment office PEP performance enhancement program PEP Positron-Electron Project ("PEP storage ring," Stanford Linear Collider) PEPE prolonged elevated pollution episode PEPR precision encoder and pattern recognition PER performance event report PER Personnel Department, 7/49­12/79 PEREGRINE (USAF Hypervelocity Boost-Phase Interceptor) PERF Police Executive Research Forum Perl (UNIX language/utility) PERM (palladium-silver alloy permeator) PERMS process & effluent radiological monitoring system PERS Public Employees Retirement System (California) PERT program evaluation and review technique PERT program evaluation research task PES photoemission spectroscopy PESTAN pesticides analytical transport solution PET performance evaluation team PET piezoelectric transformer (narrowband transformer) PET positron emission tomography P.E.T. polyethylene terephthalate (recyclable plastic) PETC Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center PETN pentaerythritol tetranitrate (explosive) PETS procedures for evaluating technical specifications PETT payment-equal-to-taxes PEW process equipment waste (system) PEX PHIGS extension to X PF - PI PF partition factor PF penetration factor PF (performance appraisal tracking system) PF Plutonium Facility (TA-55) PF polymer filtration PF potency/power factor PF proposed finding PF protection/production factor PF protective force (PTLA) P/F poll/final PFA phase failure relays PFA planned future action PFA process flow analysis PFC pulse-flow coulometry PFD process flow diagram PFIAB President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board PFISCON Program Fiscal Contact PFL pulse forming lines PFLT paint filter liquids test PFM process facility modifications PFMS precision flexible manufacturing systems PFN pulse-forming network PFP Plutonium Finishing Plant (Hanford) PFPF plutonium fuel production facility PFSS protective force services subcontractor PFT permanent full time PFT piping fabrication traveler PFTE permanent full-time equivalent PG process gas PGDP Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant PGM PageMaker (software) PGM precision-guided munition PGP pretty good privacy PGP Pretty Good Protection (encryption program) PGP Procedures Generation Package PGRT preliminary GES requirements technical PGRV precision-guided re-entry vehicle PGS pressure gradient scaling PGT Princeton Gamma Tech., Inc. ph phase Ph phenyl pH potential of hydrogen (measure of alkalinity or acidity) PH phase PH (telephone) PHA preliminary hazard analysis PHA pulse-height analyzer PHAROS phased rotor spectrometer (LANSCE beam chopper) PHASE 1­7 (weapon development phases) PHC petroleum hydrocarbons PHC principal hazardous constituent PHELIX Precision High Energy-density Liner Implosion Experiments PHEN 1,10-phenanthroline PHERMEX pulsed high-energy radiographic machine emitting x-rays (TA-15) PHIGS programmer's hierarchical interactive graphics system PHL property help line PHNSY Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard PHR preliminary hazard review PHRED Public Health Review Evaluation Database PHS Public Health Service PHSA Public Health Service Act PHTS primary heat transport substation/system PHW pump, hot water PHWR pressurized heavy-water reactor PHY (physical layer protocol) PI parameter identifier (telecom.) PI performance indicator PI physical inventory PI Pinellas (plant, Florida) PI position indicator PI preliminary injunction PI pressure indicator PI principal investigator PI program information PI project identification (number) PI public information PI3 protection index 3 (computer security) PIAT public information assistance team PIC particle-in-cell PIC person in charge PIC pressurized ion chamber PIC products of incomplete combustion PIC programmable interconnection PIC public information center PIC (Lotus graphic file format) PICS protocol implementation conformance statement PICT (Apple graphic file format) PID partial initial decision PID photoionization detector PID piping and instrumentation (diagram) PID process identification (number) PID proportional-integral-derivative PID proportional, integral, differential P&ID piping and instrumentation diagram PIDAS perimeter intrusion detection and assessment systems PIDAS portable intelligent detector analysis system PIE postirradiation experiment/examination PIF program information file PIGMI Pion Generator for Medical Irradiation PIGS pesticides in groundwater systems PIH poison inhalation hazard PII public and institutional interactions PILAC pion linear accelerator PIM personal information manager PIM programmer's information manual PIM project integration meeting PIMS Project Information Management System PIN personal identification number PIN positive intrinsic negative (photodiode used in fiber networks) Pinellas (Florida location of weapon component/ neutron device plant [GEND]) PINEX pinhole neutron experiment PINFET PIN (photodiode) field effect transistor PING packet Internet groper PINS Proliferation Information Network System PIO public information officer PIP path independent protocol (telecom.) PIP performance improvement plan PIP projected intercept point PIP public involvement plan/program PIR post-implementation review PIR program information request/release PIRC permanent internal review committee PIRD Personnel & Industrial Relations Division (DOE) PIRG Public Interest Research Group PIRT phenomena/process identification & ranking table PIRT pretreatment implementation review task force PIS pressure-indicating switch PIS public information specialist PIT Physical Inventory Taking PIT process improvement team (EG&G) PIUS process inherent ultimate safety PIV physical inventory verification PIV post-indicator valve PIVA post-indicator valve assembly PIXE proton-induced x-ray emission PIXEL picture element PIXY pulsed intense (flash) x-ray machine (TA-36) PJ - PN PJA proper job analysis PJI proper job instruction PK Peacekeeper (MX) PKA primary knock-on atom PKP Public Key Partners (Sunnyvale, CA) PL Pajarito Laboratory (TA-18) PL parental leave (vacation or LWOP) PL Patent Law Division, 10/79­ 7/83 PL product loadout PL program leader PL project leader PL property loss PL public law (also P.L.) PLA programmable logic array PLAN Pantex Local Area Network PLATO permanent large array of terrestrial observatories PLATO programmed logic for automated teaching operations PLC preparative liquid chromatography PLC Professional Loss Control (company) PLC programmable logic controller PLG Pickard, Lowe, and Garrick PLIF planar laser-induced fluorescence PLIRRA Pollution Liability Insurance and Risk Retention Act PLM polarized light microscopy PL/M programming language, macroassembler (Intel, 1973) PLO Public Land Order PLOT porous-layer open-tubular chromatograph PLOWSHARE (Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy Program) PLP packet layer protocol (telecom.) PLP power limits program PLS Physics and Life Sciences PLS precautions, limitations, and setpoints PLS pulsed lepton source PLT publications liaison team (obsolete) PLUVUE (plume visibility model) PLV production-level video (Intel) PLYWD precision low-yield weapons design PM particulate matter PM per diem—Mercury (attendance code) PM permanent magnet PM photomultiplier (tube) PM plant miscellaneous PM Presentation Manager PM pressure multiplier PM preventive maintenance PM program/project manager PM protocol machine PMA Power Marketing Administration PMB Project Management Branch (LAAO) PMC programmable machine controller PMC Program Management Center PMCA portable multichannel analyzer PMCS project management control system PMD physical medium dependent PMD program management document PMDB property management database PMDS performance measurement data system PME process and manufacturing engineering PMEL Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory PMF probable maximum flood PMG program management group PMI preventive maintenance instructions PMI principal maintenance inspector (DOE, FAA) PMIS Project Management Information Sheet PMMA polymethly methacrylate PMMU paged memory management unit PMN premanufacture notification (TSCA) PMOA programmatic memorandum of agreement PMP preventive maintenance procedure PMP probable maximum precipitation PMP project/program management plan PMPR project management progress report PMQ permanent magnet quadrupole PMR Pacific Missile Range PMR pollutant mass rate PMR property management regulation PMS Pantone Matching System PMS password management system PMS performance measurement system PMS plant monitoring system PMS preventive maintenance system PMSD Project Management Support Division (T&MSS) PMSF phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride PMT (diffusion transfer print) PMT photomechanical transfer PMT photomultiplier tube PMT pilot management team PMT process management team PM-TPO project manager-technical project officer PMX presentation manager for X Windows PN per diem—NTS (attendance code) PN preliminary notification PN property number P/N part number (also PN) PNAD personal nuclear accident dosimeter PNAH polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PNC Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (Tokai Mura) PNCC passive neutron coincidence counter PND personnel neutron dosimetry/dosimeter PNE peaceful nuclear explosions PNET Peaceful Nuclear Explosion/ives Treaty PNGV Partnership for the Next Generation of Vehicles PNL Pacific Northwest Laboratory (now PNNL) PNM Power Company of New Mexico PNN probabilistic neural network PNNA poly(n-naphtylaniline) PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNP plug and play (Microsoft, Intel) PNP purine nucleoside phosphorylase (enzyme) PNS pre-nesting syndrome PNT Pentagon (Washington, DC; DoD) PNWA Prevention of Nuclear War Agreement PO - PQ PO production order PO program operations PO project officer PO purchase order P&O pyrolized and oxidized POB protected outlet box POC performance objectives and criteria POC point of compliance POC point of contact POC products of combustion POC project overview committee POCE Pantone Open Color Environment POD point of discharge POD proof of development p.o.d. pay on delivery POE peace on Earth POE point of exposure/entry POE purity of essence POET phase one engineering team POF probability of failure POG project officers group POGO privately owned/government operated POHC polycyclic organic hydrocarbons POHC principal organic hazardous constituent POI petroleum, oil, lubricants POI point of interception POLREPS pollution reports polybor sodium polyborate POM packaging operations management POM particulate organic matter POM polycyclic organic matter POM project officers meeting POP parallel ocean program POP peak overpressure POP performance-oriented package/packaging POP point of presence (networking/telephony site) POP post office protocol POP proof of principle POR plutonium organic recycle POR preliminary occurrence report POR proposed ordnance requirement p.o.r. pay on return PORC plant oversight review committee PORS process operations route sheet PORT (Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant) PORV pilot/power-operated relief valve POS plant operating specification POS point of sale POSIX portable operating system for UNIX (IEEE standard) POST power-on self-test Postdoc (postdoctoral research appointment/appointee) POTAS Program for Technical Assistance to IAEA Safeguards POTS plain old telephone service POTW publicly owned treatment works POU/POE point-of-use/point-of-entry POV personally/privately owned vehicle PP pay period PP personnel protection PP pilot production PP Pinellas plant (Florida) PP plenum pressure PP polypropylene PP positive pressure PP primary pressure PP program plan/planning PPA planned program accomplishment PPA primary plate analyzer PPA prior period adjustment PPA Professional Photographers of America PPART plutonium processing automation review team ppb parts per billion (also PPB) PP&BS planning, programming, and budgeting system (federal) PPC personal protective clothing PPC plutonium process cell PPC Power PC PPC project planning and control PPCCW positive pressure chilled circulating water PPCL preliminary protective concentration limits PPCM perimeter portal continuous monitoring PPD production program definition (document) P&PD production and planning directive PPDD preliminary project design description PPE personal protective equipment PPE Personal Protective Equipment Handbook PPF pump pit fire PPG Pacific Proving Grounds PPI plan position indicator PPI process prove-in PPI proposal preparation instructions PPIV positive personnel identity verification PPL Plasma Physics Laboratory (Princeton) PPL priority planning list PPL programmatic project leader ppm parts per million PPO partnership project office PPO polyphenylene oxide PPP pilot production program PPP point-to-point protocol PPP privatization planning panel PPP projects, plans, and policy PPPA Poisonous Packaging Prevention Act (1970) PPPD pilot production program definition PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory PPR prior permission requirement PPS plant protection system PPS primary power system PPS programming procedures and standards PPS pulses per second (also pps) PP&SC program planning & status chart PPSP power plant siting program ppt parts per trillion PPy polypyrrole PQAP procurement quality assurance plan PQE procurement quality engineering PQL practical quantitation limit PQM partial quality management PQM project quality manager PQMI process quality management improvement PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone PQT product qualification team PR - PS PR personal reschedule PR power range PR preliminary review PR pressure recorder PR procurement request PR product record PR progress report (LA-series report designator) PR Protocol Office, 1/84­ PR public relations PR purchase/procurement request PRA Paperwork Reduction Act PRA permanent resident alien PRA planned regulatory action PRA plutonium recycle acid PRA probabilistic risk assessment PRAC programs risk advisory committee PRAM parameter ram PRAM probabilistic risk assessment methodology PRB procedure review board PRBS pseudo-random bit sequence PRC People's Republic of China PRC production requirement category PRC project record center PRCR preliminary repository concepts report PRD presidential review directive PRD program requirements document PRE (destruction removal efficiency, incinerator) PREP Pre-Freshman Enrichment Program PREPP Process Experimental Pilot Plant (INEL) PRESS Pacific Range Electromagnetic Signature Studies PRF Plutonium Recovery Facility PRF property removal/pass request form PRF pulse repetition frequency PRI Partido Revolutionario Institutional PRI primary rate interface PRI primary rate ISDN PRISM Partners in Research for Information Systems Management (Co.) PRISM Personnel Resource Information System for Managers PRISM Preservice Research Institute for Science and Mathematics PRL Physical Research Laboratory (India) PRL professional renewal leave PRM personal radiation monitor PRM petition/proposal for rule making PRM process radiation monitor PRML partial response maximum likelihood (disk drive) PRMP plutonium recovery modification project PRMP process risk management procedure PROD (production information) PROD (production or batch workload manager) PROGRESS Personal Responsibiity and Opportunities to Gainfully Reach Economic Self-Sufficiency PROLOG programming in logic (prog. language) PROM programmable read-only memory PROPIN proprietary information PROPMAN property management (database: PAIRS) PROVE plutonium recovery option verification exercise PRP personnel reliability program PRP potentially responsible party PRP productivity retention program PRR pressure rise rate PRR production readiness review PRR protective response recommendation PRR pyrochemical reduction PRS potential release site PRSC post-removal site control PRT participating research team PRT peer review team PR&TL professional renewal & teaching leave PRUC property record unit catalog PRV pressure reducing valve PRV pressure regulating valve PRV pressure relief valve PS packet switch PS Personnel Services Division, 6/86­?/93 PS personnel system PS plant security PS point source PS polystyrene PS power supply PS pressure switch PS private sector PS procurement schedule PS product/program specification PS proton-synchrotron PS pump, sump P/S POISSON/SUPERFISH (rf cavity accelerator codes) P/S process/status (LANL) P&S planning and scheduling P&S production and surveillance (DOE) PS-2 Personal System 2 (IBM, 1987) PSA phase shift analysis PSA probabilistic safety analysis PSAM point source ambient monitoring PSAP Personnel Security Assurance Program PSAR preliminary safety analysis report PSB pump shaft break P&SB Planning and Scheduling Branch (T&MSS) PSC project status control PSCN program support communications network PSD polystyrene, deuterated PSD power spectrum density PSD power systems demonstrator PSD prevention of significant deterioration PSD pulse shape discrimination PSE packet switching exchange PSE problem-solving environment PSE program subelement PSES pretreatment standard for existing sources PSF point spread function PSG physical science group PSG planning support group PSHIFT polyshift (FORTRAN CM communications) PSI Paul Scherrer Institute PSI pollutant standards index psi pound(s) per square inch PSI preliminary site inspection PSI primary shell integrity PSI Professional Service Industries, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM) psia pounds per square inch, absolute PSICSF pump system installation containment seal fixture psid pounds per square inch, differential PSID preliminary safety information document psig pounds per square inch, gauge PSII plasma source ion implantation PSLV Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (India) PSM phase-step mirror/monitor PSM point source modeling PSN packet switch node PSN proper shipping name PSNS pretreatment standards for new sources PSO program secretarial officer/senior official PSP paralytic shellfish poisoning PSP payroll savings plan PSP plasma separation process PSP pointed soft point (projectile) PSP probability of successful penetration PSQ personal/personnel security questionnaire PSR primary system relief PSR procurement status report PSR proton storage ring (LANSCE) PSR pulsar PSRV pseudorelative response velocity PSS personal safety system PSS primary shutdown system PSS probabilistic safety study PSS pulsed spallation source (LANSCE) PSSD potential significant safety discrepancies PSUP preliminary space utilization plan PSV pressure safety valve PSW pump, sealant water PSWBS Program Summary Work Breakdown Structure PSZ partially stabilized zirconic PSZ perimeter security zone PT - PZ PT packaging and transportation PT part-time PT penetrant test PT penetration test, dye (NDE) PT performance test PT periodic test PT phototransistor PT plant technicians (Pantex) PT pressure transducer/transmitter PT process tool PT product tester PT Protection Technology of Los Alamos P&T packaging and transportation PTB powers that be PTD Process Technology Development (RFP) PTE potential to emit PTF pull test facility PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) PTI permit to install PTI Protection Technology Idaho (contractor, INEL) PTL program/project team leader PTLA Protection Technology Los Alamos PTMAN Packaging and Transportation Manual PTO Patent and Trademark Office (DOC) PTO permit to operate PTO power takeoff PTP peak-to-peak (ratio) PTPM packaging & transportation program manager PTR pressure test record PTS permanent threshold shift PTS photothermal spectroscopy PTS principal tensile stress PTS property transfer slip PTS pulsed-laser photothermal spectroscopy PTT postal telegraph and telephone (organization) PTW Preston-Tonks-Wallace model PUB Public Relations Department, 11/66­10/70 PUB Public Affairs Division, 1/78­8/80 PUC public utility commission PUEC Portsmouth Uranium Enrichment Complex PUF polyurethane foam PUFF Pulsed Ultra High Flux Facility PU KIT plutonium urinalysis kit PUP peak underpressure PUQFUA plutonium body burden (Q) from urine analysis PUR pile-up rejection PUREX plutonium-uranium (reduction) extraction PV pressure valve PV project verification PVA polymerized vinyl acrylic PVA polyvinyl alcohol PVC permanent virtual circuit (see SVC) PVC polyvinyl chloride PVD (dry vacuum pump) PVD physical vapor deposition PVD polyvinyl dichloride PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride PVL physical volume library for HPSS PVM parallel virtual machine PVR physical volume repository for HPSS P-V-T pressure-volume-temperature (also PVT for pressure, volume, temperature) PW potable water PW process water PW production waiver PW swing/weekend shift (attendance code) PWA process waste assessment PWB printed wire board PWDG process water diesel generator PWDR preliminary weapon development report PWDS protected wireline distribution system PWGM process water gamma monitor PWHT post-weld heat treatment PWI Plutonium Waste Incinerator (SRS) PWI public Windows interface PWI pulse-width inspection PWIEG Plutonium Weapons Information Exchange Group PWM pulse-width modulated PWPS process water purification system PWR pressurized water reactor PWS personal workstation PX Pantex (Plant) (form number prefix) PX post exchange PY prior year PYAR person-years-at-risk PZR pressurizer Q Return to Alphabet Q Energy Division, 3/73­2/87 Q Q-cleared/Q-clearance Q Q Site (TA-4) q quad (energy measure) Q (quality factor in the definition of dose equivalent) QA quality assurance QAA quality assurance agency QAAP quality assurance & acceptance procedure QADR quality assurance discrepancy report QAER quality acceptance equipment release (obsolete) QAIA quality assurance inspection agency QAIP quality assurance inspection plan/procedure QAIR quality assurance inspection report QAL quality assurance liaison/level QALAS quality assurance level assignment sheets QANCR quality assurance noncomformance report QAOK (quality assurance acceptable) QAP quality assurance plan/procedure QAPD quality assurance program description QAPP quality assurance program plan QAR quality assurance record QAR quality assurance representative QARMS QA records management system QASC quality assurance support contractor QASL quality assurance Sandia Laboratories QBE query by example QBF query by forms QBS quality based selection QC quality control QCD quantum chromodynamics QCI quality control inde QCL quality class level QCM quartz crystal microbalance QCP quiet community program QD quadrupole doublet QD quantity/distance (explosives storage) QDRO qualified domestic relations order QE quadrant elevation QE quantum efficiency QED quality evaluation for dismantlement QED quantum electrodynamics Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated) QEP quality engineering project QER qualification evaluation release QESHA Quality, Environment, Safety & Health Assurance Division (became ESH) QEST quality evaluation system tester QET quality evaluation tracking (system) QF quality factor QFD quality function deployment QHD quantum hydrodynamics QI - QZ QIC quality inspection control QIC quarter-inch cartridge QID quality instruction directive QIL quality instruction list QIP quality improvement program QIT quality improvement team QKD quantum key distribution QMF Quality Management Forum (DOE) QMP quality management procedure QMS quadrupole mass spectrometer QNCR quality noncompliance report QNCR quarterly noncompliance report QNM Quality New Mexico QOO Quality Operations Office (ES&H) QOS quality of service (telecom.) QP Quality and Planning Program Office QP quality plan QP Quality Procedure QPP quality, policy, and performance QPP quality program plan QPPL quality program project leader QPR quick progress report QQIC Quick Quality Information to Customers (LANL Library abbreviation) QR quality review QRA quantitative risk assessment QRC quick reference catalog (JIT purchasing) QRMC quality records management committee QS qualification sample QSAR quantitative structure-activity relationships QSOU quasi-second-order upwind QSP Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions QSR quarterly status report QT quenched and tempered (steel tank) QUEST Quality Enhancement Simulation Training QV quality verification QVD Quality Validation Division (DOE) QVP quality verification plan QWERTY (typewriter/keyboard layout) R Return to Alphabet R Nuclear Safeguards, Reactor Safety, and Technology Division, 12/75­2/77 R radar (nomenclature) R register (computer memory) R regular (attendance code) R Research Division, 8/44­11/45 R resuspension factor R risk assessment R R Site (TA-15) RA radiological assessment RA reasonable alternative RA reduction area (reduction-in-area) RA regional administrator RA regulatory alternative RA reimbursement authorization RA remedial action RA resource allocation RA risk analysis RAAC rack assembly and alignment complex RAAC (TA-60 tower [rack]) RAC response action coordinator (contractor) RAC risk assessment code RACE Research and Development Program in Advanced Communications in Europe RACT reasonably available control technology RAD radiation RAD radiation absorbed dose RAD radiation assessment dose RadCon radiation control RadCon Radiation Control Manual RADCON Radiological Control Team (U.S. Army) RADEC radiation detection capability RADM random walk advection and dispersion model RADM rear admiral RADM regional acid deposition model RADP radiation physics (DOC) RADS remote acoustic doppler system RAEM radioactive air emission management RAEMP radiological air emissions management program RAGS Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund RAI request for additional information RAIC redundant array of inexpensive computers RAID redundant array of inexpensive drives (Digital Storage Works) RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (AWRE; S. of Oxford, England) RaLa radioactive lanthanum RAM radiation air monitor RAM radioactive material RAM radio attenuation measurement RAM random access memory RAM reliability, availability, maintainability RAM remote area monitor RAM responsibility assignment matrix RAM retrofit attrition material RAMI reliability, availability, maintainability, and inspectability RAMP rural abandoned mine program RAMS radiation alarm monitoring system (Pantex) RAMS regional air monitoring system RAMS Regional Atmospheric Modeling System RAMS remote area monitoring system RAMT Radiological Advisory Medical Team (U.S. Army) RAOPS Resource-Allocation Optimization Program for Safeguards RAP radiological assistance program RAP radon action program RAP remedial accomplishment plan RAP remedial action program RAP remote autoranging picoammeter RAP reserve auxiliary payload RAP resources allocation plan (INGRES report) RAP response action plan RAPS random-access plate system (CAA) RAPS regional air pollution study RAPTOR (unmanned aircraft platform for hypervelocity missile launch) RARA roles, authorities, responsibilities & accountabilities RARE Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne RARP reverse address resolution protocol RAS reactor analysis and safety RAS remedial action selection RAS routine analytical services RASCAL Radiological Air Sample Counting and Analysis Laboratory RAT radiological assessment/assistance team RAT relative accuracy test RATO rocket-assisted takeoff RAZIBB real gas axisymmetric zero incidence blunt body RB - RE RB reactor building RB red border RB re-entry body RBAF relativistic beam accelerator facility RBC red blood cells RBC rotating biological contactor RBCCW reactor building closed cooling water RBCLCW reactor building closed loop cooling water RBE relative biological effectiveness RB/ER reduced blast/enhanced radiation RBMK reaktor bol'shoy mozhnosti kanal'nyye; light-water reactor, graphite-moderated channel (Chernobyl design) RBOC regional Bell Operating Company RBS Rutherford backscattering RC Radiochemistry Site (TA-48) RC reactor control RC reactor coolant RC regional coordinator/counsel RC regulatory compliance RC remedial construction RC report collection RC responsibility center RCA radiological control area (FEMA) RCA root cause analysis RCB retrieval containment building RCC range control center RCC Risk Communication Committee RCE Resource Consultants & Engineers RCG radioactivity concentration guide RCI Resource Communities, Inc. RCIC reactor core isolation cooling RCL radiological control line RCL reactor coolant loop RCM reliability-centered maintenance RCMS Removal Cost Management System RCO radiation control officer RCO Retaliation Control Officer (DHR) RCP reactor coolant pump RCP regional contingency plan RCP remote copy program RCP Research, Development, and Testing Consolidation Panel RCR review comment record RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RCRIS RCRA Information System RCS radar cross section RCSI reactor coolant system integrity RCT radiation contamination training RCT radiation control technician RCU refrigeration cooling units RD Reactor Development Site (TA-52) RD remedial design (CERCLA) RD requirements document RD restricted data RD room air detritiation R&D research and development RDA remedial design and action RDA remote database access RDA Research Development Associates RDAP reactor data analysis program RDB red design bureau RDBMS relational database management system RDD radiation dispersion device RD&D research, development, and demonstration RDDT&E research, development, design, testing, and evaluation (reactor design) RDF refuse-derived fuel RDI retirement disposal instruction RDN relative distinguished name (telecom.) rDNA recombinant DNA RDOS real-time disk operating system RDP retirement disposal instruction RD/RA remedial design and remedial action RD&T research, development, and testing RDT&S research, development, testing, and stockpile RDU regional decision units RDX research department explosive (cyclonite) RE radiation equipment RE rare earth RE reasonable efforts RE remedial engineering RE reportable event REA radiological emergency assistance REA radiologic engineering assessment REA recycle acid REAB regional energy advisory board REACTS Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/ Training Site REAG Reproductive Effects Assessment Group (EPA) REAP regional enforcement activities plan REAPS Reportable Excess Automated Property System REASON rapid evaluation and shipment of nuclear waste REB relativistic electron beam REC rare-earth cobalt RED Reactor Engineering Department (SRL) RED RCRA enforcement division REDAC remote detection and control REDC Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (ORNL) REDD regional economic development & diversification REDI Remote Electronic Desktop Integration REDS reactor electric distribution system REE rare earth elements REECo Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company, Inc. (NTS) REF Radiation Exposure Facility (TA-51; changed 1992 to ERS, Environmental Research Site) REF reference (also ref.) REHR reactor heat removal REHVAS routine environmental high-volume air samples REIL runway end identification light REIRS Radiation Exposure Information Reporting System REL (Authorized for Release to...) REL recommended exposure limit RELAP shortened version of RELAPSE RELAPSE Reactor Leak & Power Safety Excursion code REM remedial planning and construction rem roentgen equivalent man (dose equivalent) REMACS remote emergency monitoring and control system REP reasonable efforts program REP residue elimination program/project REP resonance escape probability REPS regional emissions projection system RER reactor event report RES Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (within the U.S. NRC) RES reimbursable equipment schedule RES (research information) RESC reactor subcriticality RESG Research Engineering Standing Group (DOD) RESL Radiological & Environmental Sciences Laboratory (ID) RESOLVE (Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution [Conservation Foundation]) REST retrofit evaluation system test RET reactor effluent temperature RET renewable energy technology REV representative elementary volumes REV revision, revised (also rev.) REW recycle water RF - RI RF radio frequency (also rf) RF release/response factor RF respirable fraction RF Rocky Flats (plant, Golden, Colorado; operated by Kaiser Hill) RFA RCRA facility assessment RFA Regulatory Flexibility Act RFA Rocky Flats Authorization (to ship) RFAM Rocky Flats assay meter RFAO Rocky Flats Area Office RFA/VSI RCRA Facility Assessment/Visual Site Inspection RFB request for bid RFC request for comment RFC Rocky Flats control (number) RfD reference dose (values) RFEMC Rocky Flats Environmental Monitoring Council RFETS Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site RF-FEL radio-frequency free-electron laser RFI radio-frequency interference RFI RCRA facility investigation RFI request for information RFI/RI RCRA Facility Investigation/Remedial Investigation RF/LATO Rocky Flats/Los Alamos Technology Office RFML Radio Frequency Measurements Laboratory RFO Rocky Flats Office RFP radio-frequency plasma RFP reasonable further progress/programs RFP request for proposal RFP reversed field pinch RFP Rocky Flats Plant (see RF) RFPM Rocky Flats Policy Manual RFPR reversed field pinch reactor RFQ radio-frequency quadrupole (cavity) RFQ request for quotation RFS reference flight system RFS regardless of feature size RFS remote file system RFSHI Rust Federal Services of Hanford, Inc. RFSI Rust Federal Services, Inc. RFT respirator fit test RFTO Rocky Flats Technology Office (usually NM/RFTO) RG rail garrison RG ramped gradient RG reactor grade RG regulatory guide or reg guide RGA residual gas analyzer RGAP Rio Grande Astronomy Program RGB red-green-blue (color model) RGDTL ramped gradient drift tube linac RGP rare gas plant RGR relative growth rate RGS retained gas sampler RH reaction history RH relative humidity RH remote handled/handling RH Research Highlights RH Robin Hood (KIVA algorithm) RHA rolled homogeneous armor RHEED reflection high-energy electron diffraction RHF remote handling facility RHHP Reproductive Health Hazards Program RHI relativistic heavy ion RHIC relativistic heavy ion collider RHO Rockwell Hanford Operations RHR residual heat removal RH-TRU remote-handled transuranic(s) RI reactor incident RI reconnaissance investigation (CWA) RI remedial investigation/inspection RI resonance integral RI Rockwell International RIA radioimmunoassay RIA reactivity-initiated accident RIA reactivity insertion accident RIA regulatory impact analysis/assessment RIA relativistic impulse approximation RIACS Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science RIB reference information base RIC Radon Information Center RIC Research Triangle Park Information Center RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RIDS record inventory destruction schedule RIDS Records Inventory & Disposition Schedule RIF recoverable irradiated fuel (spent fuel) RIF reduction in force RI/FS remedial investigation/feasibility study RIG risk-based inspection guide RIL research information letter (NRC) RIM relative importance measure RIMS regional ionospheric monitoring system RIMS resonance ionization mass spectroscopy RIP raster image processor RIP RCRA implementation plan RIP routing information protocol RIPE Reseaux IP Europeene (TCP/IP) RIPS radioisotope power supply RIPSO revised Internet protocol security option RIR reference intensity ratio RIR remedial investigation report RIR rights & interest records RIS resonance ionization spectroscopy RIS report/ing identification symbol RISC reduced instruction set chip/computing RISC Regulatory Information Service Center (OMB) RISO (national laboratory, Denmark) RI-TOFMS resonance ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry RJ - RR RJE remote job entry RK reaction kinetic (solution) RKA relativistic klystron amplifier RKO/A relativistic klystron oscillator and amplifier RL Richland Operations Office RL U.S. DOE Field Office, Richland, Wash. RLG Research Libraries Group RLG ring laser gyro RLIN Research Libraries Information Network RLL rapid and large leakage (rate) RLL run-length-limited (data recording) RLO Richland Operations RLPG regenerative liquid propellant gun RLS recursive least squares RLU remote latch unit RM radiation monitor RM reagent mix RM records management RM risk management RM rule making R&M redistribution & marketing RMB recreation and morale benefits RMB/NV Resource Management and Budgets/ Nevada Office RMCL recommended maximum concentration limit/contaminant level (old term) RMDC Records Management and Document Control Program Office RME reasonable maximum exposure RME relay mirror experiment (Air Force) RME remote maintenance equipment RMEX radiation monitor, exit RMI radiation monitoring instructions RMI Reactive Metals, Inc. RML radioactive material loss RMM regional mesoscale model RMMA radioactive material management area RMP records management plan RMS radiation monitoring system RMS Records Management Center RMS resource management system RMS root mean square (also rms) RMSAP root-mean-square averaging process RMTF radioactive material transfer form RMTT radioactive material transfer tags RMW radioactive mixed waste(s) RMW regulated medical wastes RNA ribonucleic acid RNM radionuclide migration RO reactor operator RO reliability of operations RO remains open RO remote operations RO reportable occurrence RO required one-time (training) RO reviewing official (UCNI) RO reverse osmosis ROA record of assembly ROC record of communication ROC required operational capability ROCSAT Republic of China Scientific Satellite ROD reactor operations department ROD record of decision (CERCLA/NEPA) ROD record of disassembly ROD report of discrepancy ROE rate of expenditure (operating plan) ROG reactive organic gases ROI radiological operating instructions ROI region of interest ROI return on investment ROM read-only memory ROM regional oxidant model ROM rough order of magnitude ROMCOE Rocky Mountain Center on Environment ROMS reactor operations monitoring system ROP regional oversight policy ROP run of paper ROPA record of procurement action ROR radiological occurrence reporting RORO roll-on roll-off (transport) ROS reactor overflow system ROSA rig of safety assessment (Japan) ROSE remote operations service element ROSS AVIA. Ross Aviation ROSTER remotely observed signatures in the thermosphere of explosive releases ROT residue off-site treatment ROTTRT Reactor Operations and Testing Technical Review Team ROV remotely operated vehicle ROW right of way RP radiological protection RP release point RP report pay (attendance code) RP respirable particulates RP responsible party RPA Radiation Protection Act RPA random-phase approximation RPA request for project authorization RPAR rebuttable presumption against registration (FIFRA) RPC remote procedure call RPD relative percent difference RPE respiratory protective equipment RPF records processing facility RPG radiation protection guide RPG report program generator (IBM language) RPI Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RPI residue processing initiative RPIS Real Property Inventory System (also RPIS2) (DOE) RPIS receiving procurement inquiry system RPM radial power monitor RPM reactive plume model RPM remedial project manager (CERCLA) rpm revolutions per minute R&PM DOE Regulations & Procedures Manual RPO recharge program office RPO Reconfiguration Project Office RPO Reliability Programs Office RPS radiation protection standard RPS reactor protection system RPSI Rust Federal Services, Inc. RPT radiation protection technician RPT reactor production of tritium RPT recirculation point tracking RPT recirculation pump trip RPV reactor pressure vessel RPV remotely piloted vehicle RPW regulator pressure, water RQ reportable quantity(ies) RQD Reactor Quality Department (SRL) RQD rock quality designator RR readiness review RR receiving report RR repair request RRACES Remedial Response Construction Cost Estimation System RRC regional response center RRD (WSRC report no.) RRF regional response force RRMT reactor and reactor material technology RRP residue reduction program RRR reduced-residual radiation RRR reduced surface resistance RRS Regulatory Reform Staff (EPA) RRSS reactor room spray system RRT Rapid Response Team RRT regional response team RRT requisite remedial technology RRT round-robin test RS - RT RS radioactive shipments RS recommended standard (telecom.) RS reprocessing specification RSA runway safety area RSA Russian Space Agency RSAS reactor safety assessment system (NRC) RSC Rocket Systems Corporation (Japan) RSCS regional sample control center RSD relative standard deviation RSD risk-specific dose RSE removal site evaluation RSI repetitive strain injury (see CTD, CTS) RSIC Radiation Shielding Information Center (ORNL) RSKERL Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory RSLAM remotely operated standoff lightweight antiarmor munition RSL/ITS Radiographic Support Laboratory/ Integrated Test Stand RSN Raytheon Services, Nevada RSO re-entry systems operation RSO reported significant observation RSO reservoir surveillance operations RSP render safe procedure(s) RSP (WSRC report number) RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration (DOT) RSR reactor safety research RSR residual/reduced surface resistance RSRS Reactor Safety Research Section (SRL) RSS range safety simulation RSS reactor safety study RSS reactor shutdown system RSS remote supervisory station R.S.S. Regiae Societatis Sodalis; fellow of the Royal Society RSSI Russian Space Science Internet RSWD radioactive solid waste disposal RSWF radioactive scrap and waste facility RT radiographic testing (NDE) RT rational tangent RT reaction time RT reactor technology RT reactor trip RT Red Team RT regional total RT retirement RT room temperature RTAP reactor training and procedures RTCM reasonable transportation control measure RTD Reactor Technology Department (SRP) RTD resistance temperature device RTD return to duty R&TD research and technology development RTDL real-time data link RTDM rough terrain diffusion model RTDP Robotics Technology Development Program (OTD) RTECS Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances RTF rich text format (Microsoft) RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator RTK right-to-know RTM regional transport model RTMS retrofit tool made sample RTNS-II Rotating Target Neutron Source-II RTP request for technical proposals RTP Research Triangle Park (North Carolina) RTR reactor technology report (SRL) RTR real-time radiography RTR return to research (program) RTR roof-top-ratio RTS removal tracking system RTSE reliable transfer service element RTT radiation transport theory RTT resources, trade, and technology (CIA) RTT round trip time RTU remote terminal unit RTV real-time video RU - RZ RU refrigeration unit RU Rice University RULLI remote ultralow light level imaging RULLI/SAT (satellite test of RULLI) RUP restricted-use pesticide (FIFRA) RUS resonant ultrasound spectroscopy RV reactor vessel RV recreational vehicle RV re-entry vehicle RV release valve RVC reactor volume control RVCS recursive vector-flow computer system RVI reverse interrupt (telecom./computing) RVP Reid vapor pressure RVS regular valve, steam RVVV reactor vessel vent valve RW Radiation Work RW raw water RW river water (Savannah River) R/W reimbursable work RWC residential wood construction/combustion RWDP radioactive waste disposal plant RWG reduced waste generation RWG resource working group (LANL LLC) RWIS raw water intake structure RWL reactor water level RWMC radioactive waste management complex RWMIS radioactive waste management information system RWMS radioactive waste management site RWP radiation work permit RWQCB Regional Water Quality Control Board RWS raw waste storage RWS river water system RWST refueling water storage tank RWT radiation worker training RWT Radiological Warfare Treaty RX reactor(s) RY required yearly (training) RYE relevant years of experience S Return to Alphabet S Analysis and Assessment Division, 4/78­7/87 S secondary body waves S secret S sick leave (attendance code) S S-Site (TA-16) S statistical application S. Seite; page (German) SA (departmental administration fund code) SA safety analysis/assessment SA salary adjustment SA Sandia apparatus (nomenclature) SA self-assessment SA service area (for LAICS communications) SA smoothing algorithm SA special assistant SA standby air SA Sunshine Act S.A. Sociedad Anónima; corporation (Spanish) S.A. Sociéte anonyme (French) S&A safing and arming S&A sampling/surveillance and analysis SA-0 townsite/White Rock LAICS service area SA-1 S-site region LAICS service area SA-2 TA-50/Pajarito LAICS service area SA-3 LDCC/TA-3 region LAICS service area SA-4 TA-53 region LAICS service area SAA satellite accumulation area SAAC Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee (UC Regents) SAAM selective alpha air monitor SAAMA San Antonio Air Material Area SAB scientific (science) advisory board SAB secretarial advisory board SABM set asynchronous balanced mode SAC safety advisory committee SAC science advisory committee SAC Senate Appropriations Committee SAC Strategic Air Command (FEMA) SAC suggestion award committee SAC suspended & canceled pesticides (FIFRA) SACA Support Agency Cooperative Agreement SACNET secure automated communications network SACPG Senior Arms Control Policy Group SACT Seabed Arms Control Treaty SAD safety analysis/assurance diagram SAD safety assessment document SAD small-angle diffraction SADAA Science Assistant to the Deputy Administrator (EPA) SADARM sense-and-destroy armor (submunitions) SADM special atomic demolition munition SADREC Safety Analysis Documents Review Committee SADT self-accelerating decomposition temperature (hazardous material) SAE Society of Automotive Engineers SAED selected area electron diffraction SAEOS simplified analytic equation of state SAEWG standing air emissions working group SAF secure automated fabrication SAF/AQS Secretary of the Air Force, Director of Space & SDI Programs SAF/AQT SAF/Director of Science & Technology SAF/AQV SAF/Director of Testing & Evaluation SAFE safety assessment/facility evaluation SAFKEG (safekeg; radioactive materials packaging) SAGA Studies & Analysis Group (JCS) SAGE Soviet-American Gallium Experiment SAGE space-alternating generalized EM (biophy) SAHDH signature authority hazmat driver-highway SAI solution assay instrument SAIC Scientific Applications International Corp. SAIC special agent-in-charge SAID scattering analysis interactive dialin SAL Safeguards Analytical Laboratory SAL screening action level SALP systematic assessment of licensee performance SALT I/II Strategic Arms Limitation Talks/Treaty SAM scanning acoustic microscope SAM self-assembled monolayers SAM site availability mode SAM small aperture module (laser) SAM standard analysis method SAM surface-to-air missile SAMA Scientific Apparatus Makers Association SAME Society of American Military Engineers SAMGR signature authority manager (SAS) SAMOPA single-accelerator master oscillator power amplifier SAMSON simulation & modeling supporting operational needs SAN safeguards accountability network SAN Sandia Canyon Site (TA-20) SAN San Francisco Operations Office SANDAC Sandia Airborne Computer SANDS surveillance accident nuclear detection system SANE Standard Apple Numeric Environment SANE sulfur and nitrogen emissions SANS small-angle neutron scattering SAO San Francisco Area Office SAP sampling/analysis plan SAP scientific advisory panel SAP special access program SAPC Space Activities Promotion Council (Japan) SAPI service access point identifier SAPR stockpile approved product record SAR safety analysis/appraisal report(s) SAR search and rescue SAR special access required SAR start action request SAR structure-activity relationship SAR synthetic aperture radar SARA Service Academy Research Associate Program SARA Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act (1986) SARE simulating accelerator radiation environment SARF supercompactor & recovery facility SARIS Savannah River simulator SARM safety analysis and risk management SAROAD storage and retrieval of aerometric data SARP safety analysis report for packaging SART site assessment & remediation technology SAS semi-annual soils SAS signature authority system (replaces PACS) SAS small-angle (ion) source SAS Society for Applied Spectroscopy SAS special analytical services SAS statistical analysis system SASC Senate Armed Services Committee SASD structured analysis, structured design SASS safety assurance system summary SASS source analysis sampling system SAT semi-automatic trim SAT sulfuric acid tetrahydrate SAT systematic approach to training SATAN system administration tool for analyzing networks SAV semi-annual vegetation SA/V ratio of surface area to solution volume SAVE status assistance & verification element SAW surface acoustic wave SAWAFE satellite attack warning and assessment flight experiment SAWRS supplementary aviation weather reporting system Saxton (power reactor; Saxton, Pennsylvania) SB sick-family bereavement (attendance code) SB small business (vendor liaison office term) SBA Small Business Administration SBB super broad band SBCL space-based chemical laser SBE small business enterprise SBFEL space-based free-electron laser SBGT standby gas treatment SBI space-based (rocket) interceptor SBIR small business innovation research SBKKV space-based kinetic kill vehicles SBLOCA small-break loss-of-coolant accident SBO station blackout SBR space-based radar SBS simulated Brillouin scattering SBS (subsystem to improve laser beam quality) SBSA small business set-aside SBSS science-based stockpile stewardship SBTP surface-based test plan SBU strategic business unit SC - SD SC safety computer SC secondary confinement/containment SC simulated core SC site closeout SC space-charge SC special case SC speed controller SC storage compatibility SC surveillance compliance S/C safety computer (ABS) SCA single-channel analyzer SCA site characterization analysis (NRC) SCA sneak circuit analysis SCA specific collection area SCA state cooperative agreement SCA subcontract administrator/buyer SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCAM scanning and alarm monitoring SCAM simple cordless alpha monitor SCAM surveillance control alarm maintenance SCAP Superfund Compliance Accomplishments Plan SCAP Superfund comprehensive/consolidated accomplishments plan (CERCLA) SCAPS site characterization & analysis penetrometer system SCARA selective compliance assembly robot arm (Adept Technology, Inc.) SCAS semicontinuous activated sludge (test) SCB semiconductor bridgewire SCBA self-contained breathing apparatus SCC satellite communications controller SCC side-chain cleavage SCC source classification code SCC Standing Consultative Commission SCC stress-corrosion cracking SCCO2 supercritical carbon dioxide (extraction) SCD scientific computations department (SRL) SCD single-crystal diffractometer (LAMPF) Sc. D. scientiae doctor; doctor of science SCE saturated/standard calomel electrode SCEM scanning electron microscope SCEPS self-contained chemical energy propulsion system SCF Sample Coordination Facility SCF standard cubic foot (also scf) SCF system control factor scfm standard cubic feet per minute SCG security classification guide SCI San Clemente Island SCI sensitive compartmented information SCI stratospheric circulation model SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility SCILS Sensitive Countries Information Logging System SCL side-coupled linac SCMH standard cubic meters per hour (also scmh) SCMT secondary crisis management team SCO safety condition for operation SCO Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. SCO State cleanup order SCOPE safety-controls optimization by performance evaluation S/COS Space-based Global Change Observing System SCOT satellite communications onboard terminal SCP site characterization plan SCR selective catalytic reduction SCR selenium control rectifier SCR silicon-controlled rectifier SCR site characterization report SCR sodium-controlled reactor SCRA Superspeed Computer Research Association (Japan) SCRAM safety control rod ax man SCRF superconducting radio frequency SCRUNCHER (superconducting rf cavity/energy compressor; low-energy pion channel) SCS safety computer system SCS secondary coolant system SCS shutdown cooling system SCS Soil Conservation Service SCSA Soil Conservation Society of America SCSI small computer system interface SCSP storm & consolidated sewer program SCSU Southern Carolina State University SCTF Slab Core Test Facility (Japan) SCTI sodium components test installation SCUD (medium-range liquid-propelled ballistic missile) SCUS custodial branch (JCI) SCW service clarified water SCWO supercritical water oxidation (also SWO) SCX single charge exchange SCYLLAC (TA-3; used for fusion research) SD sample duplicate SD schedule deviation SD shakedown SD Shops Department, 9/49­3/81 SD shutdown SD software documentation SD Space Division (Air Force, Los Angeles) SD standard deviation (standard design) SD super compact disk (Toshiba/Time Warner) SD supply duct SDA scalable disk array SDAC Space Data Analysis Center (Japan) SDB small, disadvantaged business SDBE small disadvantaged business enterprise SDC segmented drum counter SDC shutdown cooling SDC Solenoidal Detector Collaboration SDC Space Defense Command SDC Strategic Defense Command, U.S. Army SDC structural design criteria SDD system description document SDD system design description SDDR supplier deviation disposition request SDE State Department of Education (New Mexico) SDHX shutdown heat exchanger SDI Strategic Defense Initiative SDID software design implementation document SDIF standard document interchange format SDIO SDI Organization SDK software developer kit SDLC software development life cycle SDLC synchronous data link control (telecom.) SDNS secure data network system (telecom.) SDOF single-degree-of-freedom SDP site development plan SDP sodium dihydrogen phosphate SDP-AS site development plan annual summary SDPS silent discharge plasma system SDP-TSI site development plan technical site information SDR subsystem design requirement/review SDR system design review SDRCSF slurry distributor removal containment seal fixture SDRD subsystem design review document SDRS splash detection radar system SDS shutdown sequencer SDS strategic defense system SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center SDT shock-to-detonation transition SDW Stealth Designers Workbench SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act (1974, '77, '86) SDWT self-directed work team SE - SH SE safety evaluation SE (Secretarial/Contract Services System) SE solvent extraction SE subcritical experiment S&E salaries and expenses S&E scope and estimate S&Es scientists and engineers SEA (Naval Sea Systems Command identifier) SEA state enforcement agreement SEA state/EPA agreement SEAB Secretary of Energy Advisory Board SEAC Safety and Environmental Advisory Council SEAC Scientific & Engineering Advisory Committee SEAG Science Education Advisory Group SEAgel safe emulsion agar gel (LLNL) SEAL sea, air, and land (U.S. Navy forces) SEAM surface, environment and mining SEAOC Structural Engineers Association of California SEAR safety evaluation audit report SEAS strategic environmental assessment system SEB source evaluation board SEC Science Education Center SEC secondary containment SEC Security Office, 9/79­1/80 SECA State Employees Commuter Association SECAM séquential à mémoire; sequential color and memory (French TV format) SECOM secure communications (system) SECY secretary SED Special Engineers Detachment (Manhattan Project) SED stream editor (UNIX utility) SEDI studies of the Earth's deep interior SEDP silent electric discharge plasma SEED Summer Educational Experience for the Disadvantaged SEG Science Engineering Group SEG Society of Explortation Geologists SEGS Solar Electric Generating System (9 power plants in Southern California) SEI Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie-Mellon University) SEI Space Exploration Initiative SEIA socioeconomic impact analysis SEIC system engineer/integrator contractor SEIC systems engineering and integration contract SEID system engineering and integration division SEIG Systems Engineering Integration Group SEIS State Environmental Impact Statement SEL special equipment list Selni (commercial power reactor, Italy) SEM scanning electron microscope SEM secondary emission monitor SEM singularity-expansion method SEM specification exception material SEM standard electronic module SEM standard error of the means SEMATECH Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (consortium) SEM/EDAX scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy SEMP system engineering management plan SEN Secretary of Energy (notice) Sena (commercial power reactor in France) SENAC senior executive nuclear accident course SENRAD (serial number recognition accountability system) SEO science and education outreach SEO source election official SEO State Engineer's Office S.E.O. sauf erreur ou omission; error or omission excepted (French) SEOD site engineering operations division SEP somebody else's problem SEP supplemental environmental project SEP site emergency plan SEP site evaluation panel SEP spherical error probability SEP systematic evaluation program SEPA Southeastern Power Administration SEPWC Senate Environment and Public Works Committee SER safety evaluation report SERA Superfund Emergency Response Actions SERC State emergency response commission SERDP Strategic Environmental R&D Program SERF Solar Energy Research Facility (at Solar Energy Research Institute (Golden, CO) SERI Solar Energy Research Institute (Golden, CO; now NREL) SERP Strategic Environmental Restoration Program SERS science and engineering research semester SERT security emergency response team SERT space electrochemical research and technology SES secondary emissions standard SES senior executive service SES socioeconomic status SES Standards Engineers Society SESAME (equation-of-state library) SESC Site Evaluation Steering Committee SESC SGN Eurisys Services Corp. SET Senior Executive Team SET Standard d'Exchange et de Transfer SETS set equation transformation system SETS site enforcement tracking system SETS stability-enhancing two-step (technique) SEU single-event upset SEU slightly enriched uranium SEW (Air Force Safety Agency) SEWG site evaluation working group SF safety factor SF scale factor SF sick-family (attendance code) SF slope factor SF source factor SF spent fuel sf square foot (also sq ft) SF standard form SF Superfund (CERCLA) SFA salary, fringe, and associates SFA segmented flow analysis SFA single failure analysis SFA spectral flame analyzer SFA standard fuel assembly SFAS safety features actuation system SFC shop floor control SFC space flight center SFC supercritical fluid chromatography SFE supercritical fluid elution SFIAP surplus facility inventory and assessment program (replaced SFMP) SFIR significant finding impact report SFM scanning force microscopy SFMP surplus facilities management program SFR salary factor report (BUCS) SFR significant finding report SFRD secret formerly restricted data SFRFQ strong-focusing rf quadrupole SFT stockpile flight test SFT system fault tolerance SFT-C spent fuel test-climax SG safeguards SG safety guide SG sick grant (attendance code) SG specific gravity (also sp gr) SG steam generator SG strain gage SGA soil gas analysis SGEMP systems-generated electromagnetic pulse SGI Silicon Graphics, Inc. SGML standard generalized markup language SGR sodium-graphite reactor SGR soft gamma repeater SGS segmented gamma-ray scanner SGS steam generator system SGS subgrid scale SGTR steam generator tube rupture SGTS standby gas treatment system SH single heterostructure SH sleeve housings SH southern hemisphere S&H safety and health (Tiger Team subteam) S&H shipping and handling S&H FYP Safety and Health Five-Year Plan SHA solid homogeneous assembly SHA system hazard analysis SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe SHEBA solution high-energy burst assembly SHF storage-handling facility SHF super high frequency SHG second harmonic generation SHG surface heating gain SHiP small, high performance SHIVA (LLNL research laser, 1979) SHMS standard hydrogen monitoring system SHOP Small High-Power Optics Program SHPO state historical preservation office/officer SHRP Scientific Human Resources Board SHSC site health and safety coordinator SHT seal head tank SHTS secondary heat transport system SHTSSG secondary heat transport system steam generator SHWL seasonal high water level SI - SL SI safety/site inspection SI security inspector SI simple interface (Cray-to-UNIX tools) SI site investigation SI spark ignition SI SPARC International SI special instruction SI spray injection SI Systéme International d'Unités; International System of Units (metric standard) SIA salary increase authorization SIA scalable interconnect architecture SIA Semiconductor Industry Association SIA strategic issues analysis SIAC specialized information analysis center SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIC standard industrial classification/code SICBM small intercontinental ballistic missile SICS safety injection control system SID sodium ionization detector SIER special instruction engineering release SIG site integration group SIG special interest group SIG strategic integration group SIGCHI Special Interest Group on Computer and Human Interface (ACM) SIGGRAPH Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (ACM) SIGINT signals intelligence SILAS Secure Interactive Livermore Alarm System SILC spallation-induced lithium conversion SIMD single instruction multiple data SIMM single in-line memory module SIMON Semi-Intelligent Mobile Observing Navigator (a robot at SRL) SIMP simple intermachine protocol SIMS secondary ion mass spectroscopy SIMS Store Inventory Management System SIMSE systematic initiative in math & science education SIMTC Southwest Industries Manufacturing Technology Center SIN Scwerezeresches Institut für Nuklearforschung (Switzerland) SINIO Signals Intelligence National Intelligence Officer SIO serial input/output SIO Stakeholder Involvement Office SIOH supervisory inspection & overhead SIOP single integrated operations plan SIP safety implementation plan (CAA) SIP scientific investigations plan SIP site investigation planning SIP state implementation plan S/IP Strategic/Institutional Planning SIPI scientists' institute for public information SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Initiative SIR safeguards implementation report SIR serial infrared (HP standard) SIR surface-insulation resistance SIRS salary information retrieval system SIRS satellite infrared spectrometer SIS safety injection system SIS space inventory system SIS special inventory system SIS special isotope separation (separator) SIS stay in school (program) SIS surface-ionization-type ion source SIS-EDS special isotope separation engineering demonstration system SISG superconducting image surface gradiometry SIT safety injection tank SIT scientific integrated test SITE Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation SiTR silicon transformation reaction SITREP situation report SIV simian immunodeficiency virus SJ small job (ticket number) SJCO supplemental justification for continued operation SJC-WCD San Juan County Water Conservation District SJP standard job procedures SJT small job ticket SKA skills, knowledge & abilities SKIM spill cleanup inventory SKUA (Pajarito Site) SL safety limit SL Saha-Langmuir (equation) SL Salem Technical Services SL Sandia Laboratories (now SNL) SL section leader SL sick leave SL stationary low (meteorology) S/L solid-to-liquid ratio SLA Sandia Laboratories Albuquerque SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center SLAMS state & local air monitoring stations SLAMS State and Local Air Monitoring System SLAP sounds like a plan SLAT supersonic low-altitude target SLATEC Sandia, Los Alamos, Air Force Weapons Lab Technical Exchange Committee SLB shallow land burial SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile SLBW single-level Breit-Wigner (cross section) SLCM submarine/sea-launched cruise missile SLCS standby liquid control system SLD Scientific Lab Division (Albuquerque, NM) SLD superluminescent diode SLD surreptitious listening device SLEDS Sandia Laboratories Engineering Drawing System SLI Sandia Laboratory instruction SLIP serial line Internet/interface protocol SLL Sandia Laboratories Livermore SLM spatial light modulator SLM standard laboratory module SLM structure location maps SLP shelf life program SLP single link protocol SL/PGAD site layout/plant general arrangement drawings SLPI secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor SLSF Sodium Loop Safety Facility SLSM simple line source model SLT stockpile laboratory test SLT strong Langmuir turbulence SLV satellite launch vehicle SM - SN SM safeguards measurements SM security manual SM Security/Safeguards Policies and Procedures Manual SM sheet metal SM shipping manifest SM South Mesa Site (TA-3) SM staff member SM switching module (telephone) S&M surveillance and maintenance SMAC shipping mobility/accountability collection (transport in group database) SMAC shipment mobility collection system SMAC Suspect Material Action Committee SMART sequential modular architecture for robotics & teleoperation (Sandia) SMART stockpile materials requirement tabulator SMASE system management application service element (telecom./computing) SMAW shielded metal arc welding SMAW submerged metal arc weld SMB server message block (computing/telecom.) SMB Special Metallurgical Building SMC selection and monitoring chassis SMC special manufacturing capability (project) SMC Specific Manufacturing Capability (Rockwell-INEL) SMC stopped muon channel SMCAC-EST (U.S. Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety) SMCB Senior Management Construction Board SMCL secondary maximum contaminant level SMCRA Surface Mining Control & Reclamation Act of 1977 SMDS switched multimegabit data service SME Society for Manufacturing Engineers SME subject matter expert SMES superconducting magnetic energy storage (superconductivity) SMF Sample Management Facility SMG Senior Management Group SMI structure of management information SM&IB Site Management & Integration Branch (T&MSS) SMMP socioeconomic monitoring & mitigation plan SMOA Superfund memorandum of agreement SMP shared-memory multiprocessor SMP Site Management Plan SMP synchronous multiprocessing SMPC Senior Management Planning Council SMPTE Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (time code standard) SMR standardized mortality ratio SMRC Staff Member Review Committee SMRSF special moment-resisting space frame SMS source mass spectrometer SMSA standard metropolitan statistical area SMT surface-mount technology SMTP simple mail transfer protocol SMU solid (waste) management unit (usually SWMU) S/N serial number S/N signal/noise (ratio; also SNR) SNA systems network architecture SNAAQS secondary national ambient air quality standards SNACP (simple network management protocol) SNAP shielded neutron assay probe SNAP significant noncompliance action program SNAP space nuclear auxiliary power (system) SNAP Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Program SNARE (seismic monitoring project) SNARL suggested no­adverse response level SNC significant noncompliers SNCS secure network computer server SNDV strategic nuclear delivery vehicle SNEC Subgroup on Nuclear Export Coordination SNF short-range nuclear forces SNG synthetic natural gas SNGBZ Sierra Nevada-Great Basin Boundary Zone SNI San Nicolas Island SNL Sandia National Laboratories SNLA Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque (Sandia Laboratories to 12/79; now SNL, NM) SNLL Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore (now SNL, CA) SNM special nuclear material SNML Special Nuclear Materials Laboratory SNMP simple network management protocol SNO Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (Canada) SNOW (injector design code) SNQ spallations-neutronenquelle (source) SNR signal-to-noise ratio S&NSB Security and Nuclear Safeguards Branch (LAAO) SNSI secret national security information SNT sensitive nuclear technology SNU solar neutrino unit(s) SNUBS (magnetohydrodynamic code) SNUR significant new use rule (TSCA) SO - SP SO seller's option SO Sollid Optical SO special operations SOB Senate office building SOB start of business SOC sample overview committee SOC synthetic organic chemical (carbon) SOD sediment oxygen demand SOD superoxide dimutases SODAR sound, distance, and ranging SOE safe operating envelope SOE sequence of events SOH state of health S&OH safety and occupational health SOI silicon on insulator SOI supply operating instruction SO/JCO standing order/justification for continued operation SOM strength of materials SONET synchronous optical network SOP standard operating procedure (LA-series report designator) SOP standard/safe operating power/procedure SOPA synchronous-orbit particle analyzer SOQ statement of qualification SOR statement of requirement SOR successive over-relaxation SORT support operations review team SORV stuck-open relief valve SOS strahl-on-strahl SOT systems operation test/testing SOTDAT source test data SOV soil organic vapor SOW scope of work SOW special order weapon SOW stand-off weapon SOW statement of work SOX sound exchange (file/standard) SP sampling point/plan SP security procedure SP self-potential SP self-propelled (vehicle) SP setpoint SP sick-personal obligation (attendance code) SP special purpose SP standard procedure/practice SP Supply and Property Department, 5/48-9/80 SPA Security Plan Assistant SPA Software Publishers Association SPA subsystem performance assessment SPAG standards promotion & applications group SPAN Space Physics Analysis Network SPAO Security Planning & Assessment Office SPAR Science, Philosophy & Religion (symposium) SPAR space power advanced reactor SPAR status of permit application report SPARC scalable processor architecture (Sun) SPARC Space Applications & Research Centre (Pakistan) SPAWAR (Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command) SPC statistical process control SPC Superconductivity Pilot Center SPC suppression pool cooling SPC Systems Planning Corporation SPCC spill control and countermeasures SPCC spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plan SPD Safety Programs Division (DOE) SPD single-purpose device SPD summary plan description SPD symmetric and positive definite SPDL standard page description language SPDU session protocol data unit (telecom.) SPE secondary particulate emissions SPE solid-phase extraction SPEAR surface profile analysis reflectometer SPEC specification SPECT single-photon-emission computed tomography SPEERA Secretarial Panel for the Evaluation of Epidemiologic Research Activities SPERT (experimental test reactor, Idaho) SPF skin protection factor SPF site population factor SPF Sodium Process Facility SPF standard project flood SPG specific gravity (also sp gr) SPH smooth particle hydrodynamics SPI schedule performance index SPI Security Profile Inspector (LLNL) SPI standard practice instruction SPI strategic planning initiative SPINE shared program information network SPL spare parts list SPIE Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers SPLMD soil-pore liquid monitoring device SPM scanning probe microscopy SPM site prioritization model SPM standard preparation module SPMD single-processor multiple-data SPMS Safety Performance Measurement System (EG&G Idaho) SPMS Strategic Planning and Management System SPO safety project office (LANL) SPO special project(s) office SPOC single point of contact SPP site personnel protection SPP standard practice procedures SPR Sandia Pulsed Reactor SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve SPRAA Strategic Plans & Resources Analysis Agency (JCS) SPREFS space resolving framing spectrograph SPRPS Site Program Resource Planning System SPR III Sandia Pulsed Reactor III SPS safety precedence sequence SPS Southwestern Public Service (Pantex) SPS special project superintendent SPS state permit system SPS surface plasma source SPSE Society of Professional Scientists & Engineers SPSS short-pulse spallation source SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SP/ST single pole/single throw (also SPST) SPT salvage property transfer SPT standard penetration test SPTE special purpose test equipment SPU special purpose unit SQ - SR SQA software quality assurance SQAR safety quality assurance representative SQBE small-quantity burner exemption SQC statistical quality control SQG small-quantity generator SQL standard/structured query language SQ&R safety, quality, and reliability SQUG Seismic Qualification Utility Group SQUID superconducting quantum interference device SQW strained quantum well SQWFET strained quantum well field effect transistor SR safety rod SR Savannah River Operations Office SR Savannah River (Plant) SR search and rescue SR service request SR shielded receiver SR source range SR special recovery SR spray recirculation SR state route (roadway) SR status report (LA-series report designator) SR suppressed radiation S/R safety/relief S/R stacker/retriever SRA Society for Risk Analysis SRAM short-range attack missile SRAM static random access memory SRAP Superfund remedial accomplishment plan SRAP supplemental remedial action plan SRB safety review board SRB solid rocket booster SRBM short-range ballistic missile SRC safety review committee SRC sample receiving custodian SRC Semiconductor Research Corporation SRC solvent-refined coal SRCS shipper/receiver confirmatory system SRD secret restricted data SRD service release date SRDO snow removal duty officer (JCI) SREF Spallation Radiation Effects Facility SREL Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (U. of Georgia) SREP Stockpile Reliability Evaluation Program SRF service response force (FEMA) SRF Size Reduction Facility (Waste) SRFQ superconducting radio-frequency quadrupole SRG Safety Resource Group SRG signal reference grid SRG spectrum-X-gamma (x-ray observatory) SRI Stanford Research Institute SRI SRI International SRIE system requirements & integration engineering SRI-2 Stanford Research Institute SRIM simulated radar image SRL Savannah River Laboratory (WSRC) SRL site rehabilitation levels SRL special recovery line S.R.L. Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitata SRM standard reference materials/method SRO Savannah River Operations SRO senior reactor operator SRO specification release order SRP Savannah River Plant SRP special repair procedure SRPS space reactor power supply SRR Site Recommendation Report (DOE) SRR submittal review record SRR system requirements review SRRO Savannah River Restart Office (DOE) SSRPO Salt Rock Project Office (Columbus, OH) SRRSPO Savannah River Restart Special Projects Office (DOE) SRS salary review system SRS Savannah River Site (see SRP, SRL) SRSS square root of the sum of the squares SRT spent resin tank SRT solids residence time SRT spill response team SRT strategically relocatable target SRTB Savannah River technical baseline SRTBI (SRTB documents issues) SRV safety/relief valve S/RVO safety/relief valve open SS - ST SS safe and secure SS safety/security interface SS safety stock SS sample station SS settleable solids SS shift supervisor/superintendent SS site safety SS source & special material SS special source SS special studies SS specific specification SS stainless steel (also ss) SS storage server for HPSS SS superfund surcharge SS suspended solids S&S safeguards and security S/S stabilization/solidification SSA sole-source aquifer SSA source selection authority SSAB site-specific advisory board SSAC self-scanning electron-array collector SSAC soil site assimilated capacity SSAC State's Systems of Accounting & Control SSAR standard safety analysis report SSAT Steady-State Advanced Tokamak SSBN (nuclear-powered submarine, ballistic-missile-bearing) SSC scientific support contractor/coordinator SSC Space and Siting Committee SSC stainless steel carbon SSC state Superfund contract(s) SSC Stennis Space Center SSC structures/systems, and components SSC Superconducting Supercollider SSC surface storage casks SS&C sand, slag, and crucible SSCL Superconducting Supercollider SSCLAB Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory SSD safety scoping document SSD solid-state storage device (memory) SSD standards support document S/SD samples and sample duplicates SSDC Safety System Development Center SSDO Support Services Department (JCI) SSE safe-shutdown earthquake SSE safe-shutdown event SSEE subcontractor safety and environmental evaluation SSFI safety system functional inspection SSI screening site investigation SSI site screening investigation SSI size-selective inlet SSI small scale integration SSI steady-state irradiation SSI Supercomputer Systems, Inc. SSI suspect site inspection SSIA single-stage implosion assembled SSJ sole-source justification SSM specialist staff member SSM storage system manager for HPSS SSMP/RIFS site-specific monitoring plan/work plan, remedial investigations/feasibility studies SSMS spark-source mass spectrometry SSN social security number SSNM strategic special nuclear material SSO site safety officer SSO Space Sciences Office, 3/81­10/81 SSO space shuttle orbiter (Soviet) SSO special security office SSO special systems operation (Intel) SSOD special session on disarmament SSP site-specific plan SSP stockpile sampling plan SSP Strategic Systems Programs (U.S. Navy) SSP subsurface science program SSPS solid-state protection system SSR satellite system receiver SSR secondary system relief SSR site suitability report SSR slow-strain rate (test) SSR specification status report SSRI Special Supporting Research Initiatives SSRL Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory SSRT single-stage rocket technology SSS safe shutdown system SSS secondary sampling system SSS seismically qualified shutdown system SSS sensitized stainless steel SSS shield and seismic support SSS special safeguards study SSS supplementary safety system (ink) SSS support services subcontractor SSSA site safeguards and security agreement SSS ink supplementary safety system (neutron poison solution; see Ink) SSSP site safeguards & security plan SSPC Steel Structures Painting Council SSRR safeguards and security readiness review SST safe secure transport (trailer) (SNM) SST single-shell tank(s) SST site-specific (radiation) training SST Space Science and Technology Division SST station service transformer SST supersonic transport SSTS Space Surveillance and Tracking System SSURO stop sale, use, and removal order (FIFRA) SSVCO side-shooting virtual cathode oscillator ST short term ST sleeve target ST static topology ST STORES (on-line ordering and catalog system) S&T science & technology STA Science and Technology Agency (Japan) STA shift technical advisor STA station (distance along longitudinal axis from reference point/center of gravity) STA surface- and time-averaged S&TA Science and Technology Alliance STAPPA state and territorial air pollution program administrators STAR (stability wind rose) STAR state acid rain projects STARS satellite tracking & ranging station STARS State Technology Assistance Resource System (Economic Development Department, New Mexico) START safety and technical assessment for readiness of technology START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty STB Science and Technology Base Programs STC single-trip container STC Society for Technical Communication STC Space Technology Center (Air Force) STC standard transportation commodity STC Superconductivity Technology Center STD standard (also std) STDM statistical time division multiplexing STE system test equipment STEL short-term exposure limit STEM scanning transmission electron microscopy STEP Skills Training and Employment Program STEP Standard for the Exchange of Product (Model Data) STEP Systematic Training for Effective Parenting STET "let stand" (proofreading mark) STF solar test facility STG scanning thermogravimetry STGWP state and tribal government working group STI scientific and technical information STI Space Technology Initiative STI Spectra Technology, Inc. STI Superconductor Technologies, Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA) STI surveillance test interval STIP Summer Teacher Internship Program STIS Scientific and Technical Information Service STLC soluble threshold limit concentration STM scanning tunneling microscopy STM short-term memory STM stack tritium monitor STN (active matrix color display) STN (information access system) STN scientific and technical information network STOCK (Laboratory Supply Warehouse; SM-30) S.T.O.P. safety training observation program, JCI STORES (LANL on-line stores ordering system; not an acronym) STP sewage treatment plant STP short-term program STP spent target pool STP standard temperature and pressure STPA STP-absolute STPG STP-gauge STPP sodium tripolyphosphate ST&RP stockpile test & repair parts STRS stimulated thermal Rayleigh scattering STS significant threshold shift STS silicon tracking system STS site tracking system STS standard technical specifications STS stockpile-to-target sequence STSP stauroporine (life sciences) STTP small (business) technology transfer program STTP source-term test program STU secure telephone unit (STU-III) STU sled test unit STU systems test unit STV standard test vehicle STV surface transport vehicle SU - SZ SU standard unit SU supervisory (duties) S/U startup SUBASE submarine base (FEMA) SUBWOG (U.S./U.K. sub­joint working group) SUCI sensitive use-control information suFET superconducting field-effect transistor SUN Stanford University Network SUN Sun Microsystems Inc. SUP standard unit of processing SUP supplement/supplemental SUPARCO Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Pakistan) SUPERFISH (accelerator code) SUPERFUND (established by CERCLA) SUPERHET super high-energy transport SUPO (built from the HYPO water boiler nuclear reactor; 1951­1974 neutron source) SURE sulfate regional experiment program SURF spent unreprocessed fuel SURV Space Utilization Research Center (Japan) SUSSP Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics SV sampling visit SV schedule variance SV Sierra Vista SV space vehicle SV suggested viewing (training) S/V survivability/vulnerability SVA single-value first-actuation SVAFB South Vandenberg Air Force Base SVC special verification commission SVC switched virtual circuit (see PVC) SVD singular value decomposition SVGA super video graphics array SVI sludge volume index SVID System V interface description SVOC semivolatile organic compound SVR4 (UNIX System V, release 4) SVRR (Russian intelligence service) SW secondary waste SW slow wave SW solid waste SW surface water S/W steam/water SW-846 (EPA-approved test methods for solid waste as per EPA-SW-846) SWA Solid Waste Act SWAT (software for armor/anti-armor tests) SWAT solid waste assessment test/team SWC settlement with conditions SWCS sanitary wastewater consolidation system SWD solid waste disposal SWDA Solid Waste Disposal Act SWEIS Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement SWEPP Solid Waste Examination Pilot Plant SWG safety working group SWIE Southern Waste Information Exchange SWIMS solid waste information management system SWL static water level SWLF solid waste landfill SWM slow wire monitor SWMS solid waste management system SWMU solid waste management unit SWO service work order SWO stop-work order SWO supercritical water oxidation SWOOPE students watching over our planet Earth SWOP special weapons operating procedure (U.S. Navy) SWP safety/special work permit SWP solid waste processing SWP State Water Plan SWQB Surface Water Quality Bureau (NMEID) SWR Special Water Reactor SWR standing wave ratio SWRB stormwater retention basin SWRF stored waste retrieval facility SWRI Southwest Research Institute (Texas, also SwRI) SWS salt water system SWS scientific workstation SWS service water system SWSA solid waste storage area SWSC sanitary wastewater systems consolidation SWU separative work unit SX solvent extraction SXR specification exception release SYNCH (synchronous communications concentrator) SYS system SYSOP system operator T Return to Alphabet T technology administration (DOC) T telephone T test equipment (nomenclature) T Theoretical Division, 1943­ T thesis (LA-series report designator) T transition metal T travel, official (attendance code) T T-Site (TA-240) TA teaching assistant TA technical area TA technical assistance TA terminal adapter TA test authority/authorization TA timing algorithm TA transfer aisle TA transverse-acoustic TA travel authorization T&A time and attendance TA-1 Old Main Technical Area TA-2 Omega West Reactor TA-3 South Mesa Site TA-4 (removed, 1950) TA-5 Beta Site (abandoned 1960) TA-6 Two-Mile Mesa Site TA-7 Gomez Ranch Site (abandoned 1945) TA-8 Anchor Site West TA-9 Anchor Site East TA-10 (removed 1963) TA-11 K Site TA-12 L Site (abandoned 1953) TA-13 P Site (now part of TA-16) TA-14 Q Site TA-15 R Site TA-16 S Site TA-17 (canceled) TA-18 Pajarito Laboratory TA-19 (removed 1975) TA-20 Sandia Canyon Site (abandoned 1957) TA-21 Disposal of Plutonium TA-22 TD Site TA-23 (removed 1950) TA-24 T (now in S Site) TA-25 Y (now in S Site) TA-26 (removed 1966) TA-27 Gamma Site (abandoned 1945) TA-28 Magazine Area A TA-29 Magazine Area B TA-30 (removed 1946) TA-31 (removed 1954) TA-32 (removed 1954) TA-33 HP Site TA-34 (canceled) TA-35 Ten Site Laboratory TA-36 Kappa Site TA-37 Magazine Area C TA-38 (canceled) TA-39 Ancho Canyon TA-40 DF Site TA-41 W Site TA-42 Incinerator Site (abandoned 1970) TA-43 Health Research Laboratory (HRL) TA-44 Los Angeles Shop (abandoned 1956?) TA-45 (removed 1967) TA-46 WA Site (TA-46) TA-47 Bruns Railhead (BR) Site TA-48 Radiochemistry Site TA-49 Frijoles Mesa Site TA-50 Waste Management (WM) Site TA-51 Radiation Exposure Facility TA-52 Reactor Development Site TA-53 Meson Physics Facility TA-54 Waste Disposal Site TA-55 Plutonium Facility TA-56 Subterrene Basalt Site TA-57 Fenton Hill Site TA-58 Two Mile North Site (proposed) TA-59 Occupational Health Site (OH) TA-60 Sigma Mesa Site TA-61 East Jemez Site TA-62 Northwest Site TA-63 Pajarito Service Area TA-64 Central Guard Site TA-65 TA-66 Central Technical Support Site TA-67 Pajarito Mesa Site TA-68 Water Canyon Site TA-69 Anchor North Site TA-70 Rio Grande Site TA-71 Southeast Site TA-72 East Entry Site (target range) TA-73 Airport Site TA-74 Otowi Site TAA Trade Agreement Act TAC terminal access control TAC training advisory committee TACT technical area coordinating team TACV tracked air-cushion vehicle TAD tactical air defense TADM tactical atomic demolition munition TADP technology assessment development plan TADP technology assessment and development program TAEF traffic accident evaluation committee TAG technical advisory group TAG technical assistance grant TAG technology assessment group TAG test advisory group TAG text and graphics TAG transition advisory group TAH total artificial heart TAL target analyte list TALM temperature alarm monitor TALMS tunable atomic line molecular spectroscopy TALON Theater-Application Launch-On-Notice (hypervelocity missile) TAMS tandem accelerator mass spectrometry TAN test area north TANSTAAFL there ain't no such thing as a free lunch TAO TSCA Assistance Office (EPA) TAP tank advisory panel TAP target advisory panel TAP technical assistance program TAP thermoacoustic projector TAP toxic air pollutant(s) TAP training accreditation program TAPI telephony application programming interface (Intel, Microsoft) TAR technical assistance request TAR travel authorization request TAS technical assistance subcontractor TAS transfer accountability system TASLP technical area structure location plans TASM tactical air-to-surface missile TASP technology assessment and selection panel TASP-PWT TASP­Plutonium Working Team TASS Threat Assessment Scheduling System TAT technical assistance team TATB triaminotrinitrobenzene (insensitive HE) TATD threat assessment training device TB (connecting block) TB technical bulletin TB total body TB turbine building T/B target/blanket T&B top and bottom TBA to be arranged TBC time base corrector/correction TBC to be considered TBCCO thallium-barium-calcium-copper oxide (superconductivity) TBD to be determined TBM temporary benchmark TBM theater ballistic missile TBP tributylphosphate TBP/OK tri-n-butyl phosphate/odorless kerosene TBSCCW turbine building secondary closed (loop) cooling water TBT tributylin TC - TE TC target concentration TC technical characteristics/center TC temperature compensating TC temperature controller TC test component TC thermal conductivity TC thermocouple TC time capture/clock TC total carbon TC tower, cooling TC toxic concentration TC training and certification TC (Weapons Activity fund type code) T/C thermocouple TCA tank, compressed air TCA thermal critical assembly TCA 1-1-1-tetrachloroethane TCB task control block TCB terminal connection box TCDBF tetrachlorodibenzofuran TCDD tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (dioxin) TCDF tetrachlorodibenzofurans TCE trichlorethylene TCG topical classification guide TCI Technology Commercialization Initiative TCIS TIE control and integration subsystem TCL target compounds list TC/LD thermocouple/lead detector TCLP total concentrate leachate procedure TCLP toxicity characteristic leaching procedures TCM toxic and chemical materials TCM transportation control measure TCM trellis coded modulation TCMX 2-4-5-6 tetrachlorometaxylene TCP technical change proposal TCP transmission control protocol TCP transportation control plan TCP trichloropropane TCPI to-completion cost performance index TCPP Tritium Contingency Production Program TCR telephone conversation record TCRI toxic chemical release inventory TCS tank, condensate steam TCSUH/MCC Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston and Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (Austin) TCT thermocouple tree TCTNB trichloro-trinitro-benzene (explosive) TCV temperature control valve TCW tank, condensate water TCWCIS transuranic contaminated waste container information system TCWS tungsten circulating water system TD TD Site (TA-22) TD technology development TD theoretical density TD Theoretical Design Division, 01/71­09/79 TD thermal desorption TD time delay TD time dependent TD total depth TD toxic dose TD Treasury Department T&D training and development TDAS TOW data acquisition system TDB technology database TDC thermal diffusion coefficient TDD technical document description TDD telecommunications device for the deaf TDD test design description TDDE time domain differential equation TDEA technical data export authorization (form) TDF Treatment Development Facility TDG transportation of dangerous goods (Canada) TDG two-dimensional glow (code) TDH total developed head TDIE time domain integral equation TDL target detection limit TDM time division multiplex/multiplexing TDMA time division multiple access (mobile phone standard) TDMCN Theoretical Division Monte Carlo Neutron (old code) TDMP technical data management plan TDOA time difference of arrival TDP technical detail procedure TDR test deficiency report TDR time domain reflectometry/reflectometer TDRS tracking data relay satellite TDS time delay switch TDS total dissolved solids TDTF Thermal Distortion Testing Facility TDTOX tetradichlorooxylene TDY tour of duty/temporary duty TE (Defense Environmental Restoration and Waste Management fund type code) TE target extraction TE temperature element TE thermal expansion TE thermoelectric TE transient event TE transverse-electric TE tritium extraction T/E thermoelectric T&E test and evaluation T&E threatened and endangered T&E training and evaluation TEAM Technologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing TEAM total exposure assessment model TEAP transportation emergency assistance plan TEC technical support series/technician TEC total electron content TEC total estimated cost TECC Training and Education Coordinators Committee TED track etch dosimeters TED transient electrical discharge TEEC training and education coordinators committee TEF Test and Evaluation Facility TEFC totally enclosed fan cooled TEFRA Tax Equity & Financial Responsibility Act TEG tetraethylene glycol TEG thermoelectric generator TEGD technical enforcement guidance document TEL tetraethyl lead TEL transporter-erector-launcher TELEX telephone exchange TEM Texas episodic model TEM thermoelectric electromagnetic TEM transmission electron microscope TEM transverse electromagnetic TEMPEST telecommunications emission security TEN Training and Education Network TENR technologically enhanced naturally radioactive TENV totally enclosed, nonventilated TEP technical evaluation panel TEPC tissue-equivalent proportional counter TEPLA tensile plasticity (model) TEPP transportation emergency preparedness program TER technical evaluation report TERA terminal effects research and analysis TERLS Thumba Equatorial Sounding Rocket Launching Station (India) TES technical enforcement support/services TESS transition efficiencies in safeguards & security TET torqueing electrical terminations Texas-ONE (Texas consortium) TF - TL TF (Materials Production fund type code) TF two fluid T/F (field emission enhanced thermionic emission) TFA total fatty acids TFA transfer function analyzer TFD Thomas-Fermi-Dirac (method) TFE thermionic fuel element TFF Target Fabrication Facility TFF Test Fabrication Facility TFOS Tank Farm Operations Subcouncil TFSG training financing study group TFT thin-film transistor (disp) TFTE temporary full-time equivalent TFTR tokamak fusion test reactor TG task group TG turbine generator TGA thermal/thermogravimetric analysis TGA trace gas analysis TGCS tritium gas containment subsystem TGD technical guidance document TGHS tritium gas handling subsystem TGLD Task Group on Lung Dynamics TGO total gross output TGR toxic gas release TGS tomographic gamma scanner TGSCC transgranular stress corrosion cracking T/H thermal and hydraulic THAAD theater high-altitude area defense THC total hydrocarbons THERP technique for human error rate prediction THF tetrahydrofuran THL thermal-hydraulic limits THM trihalomethane THT token hold time (network) THTF Thermal Hydraulic Test Facility (ORNL) THTR thorium high-temperature reactor THTS tungsten heat transport system TI temperature indicator TI temporary intermittent TI test instruction TI Texas Instruments TI therapeutic index TI transport index TIA (National) Telecommunications & Information Administration (DOC) TIAC Technical Identification & Analysis Center TIB temporary import bond TIBL thermal internal boundary layer TIC Technical Information Center (DOE; now OSTI) TIC technical information coordinator TIC tentatively identified compounds TIC time interval counter TIC toxicity identified compounds TIC Transportation Information Center TID tamper-indicating device TID total integrated dose TIDE tactical international data exchange TIE technical information exchange TIE Technical Integration Program TIE technology integration experiment TIFF tagged image file format TIG terminal Internet gateway TIG the Installation Group TIG tungsten inert gas TIGR thermally induced gallium removal TII time interval inspection TILI TeraPlex Intermediate Language Interface TIM time interval meter TIM training implementation matrix TIMS thermal ionization mass spectrometry TIN triangulated irregular network TIP technology investment program TIP terminal Internet protocol TIP total ionizables present TIP transportation improvement program TIP treaty implementation plan TIPP transionospheric pulse pair TIR Technical Information Release (form) TIR total indicated runout TIR total indicator reading TIR totally internal reflecting/reflection TIROS television & infrared observation satellite TIS (National) Technical Information Service (DOC) TIS technology investment strategy TIS total integrated scattering TIS tube ion source TISE take it somewhere else (see NIMBY) TITANS Theoretical Institute for Thermonuclear and Nuclear Studies TK tank TK Tektronix, Inc. TKN total Kiedahl nitrogen TL time limited TL tritium loadout TLA three letter acronym TLCC total life cycle costs TLD thermoluminescent dosimetry/dosimeter TLE treaty-limited equipment TLI transport-level interface TLI treaty-limited item TLS transfer-line spill TLS transparent LAN service (networking) TLU table look-up TLV threshold limit value TLV time, length, and value (telecom.) TLV-C threshold limit value - ceiling TLV-STEL TLV - short-term exposure limit TLV-TWA TLV - time-weighted average TM - TO TM technical manual (U.S. Army) TM technical memorandum TM technical monitor TM telemetry TM temperature monitor TM thematic mapper (Landsat images) TM trademark TM transition metal TM transverse-magnetic TM tritium monitoring TM turbomolecular TM Two-Mile Mesa Site (TA-6) T-M time and materials T&M time and materials TMA transfer mass allocations TMAC Toxic Materials Advisory Committee TMA TFMS tetramethylammonium trifluoromethanesulfonate TMC Thinking Machines Corp. TMD theater missile defense TMD transient mass distribution T&MD Tooling & Machine Design Department (Pantex) TMDL total maximum daily load TMI Technology Maturation Initiative TMI Three Mile Island TMIS technical management information system TMLB (risk assessment: station-blackout transient) TM/LP thermal margin/low pressure TMRS target-moderator-reflector-shield TMS tool-made sample TMS transition metal systems TMSS technical manual specifications and standards T&MSS Technical & Management Support Services TMT thermomechanical treatment TMU transmission message unit TMV toxicity, mobility, or volume TN thermonuclear TN thermoplastic nitrile TN Tracor Northern TN3270 (telnet variant for IBM mainframe) TNC thermal neutron counter TNF theater nuclear forces TNF tumor necrosis factor (life sciences) TNR thermal neutron radiography (LANSCE) TNT 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (explosive) TNT trinitrotolual/trinitrotoluene TNW theater nuclear weapon/war TO task order TO technical order TO transverse-optic TO travel order T/O turnover TOA time of arrival TOA trace organic analysis TOA type of address (telecom./computing) TOAC tritium operations advisory committee TOC tactical operations center TOC technical overview committee TOC total organic carbon TOC total organic compounds TOC toxic organic compound TOD theoretical oxygen demand TOF time of flight TOFI time-of-flight isochronous (spectrometer) TOFMS time-of-flight mass spectroscopy TOPAZ (temperature analysis code) TOPAZ (Russian space research reactor) TOPS (file-serving program; TOPS, Inc.) TOPS Teacher Opportunities to Promote Science TORT test operations review team TOS type of service (telecom.) TOSCA (3-dimensional magnet code) TOSCA Toxic Substances Control Act (also TSCA) TOSPAC Total System Performance Assessment Code TOT time of travel TOT total on-time TOTO tongue of the ocean (AUTEC) TOV total organic volatile TOW tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile TOX tetradichlorooxylene TOX total organic halides/halogens TOXLINE toxicology information on line TP - TR TP technical publication TP test plan TP test pressure/procedure, total pressure TP thermographic phosphor TPA third-party administrator TPA transuranic package area TPA tri-party agreement TPC Technical Program Committee TPC temperature profile capsule TPC temporary procedure change TPC total project/program costs TPCI Transportable Cesium Irradiator TPCS tungsten primary coolant system TPD tons per day TPD Toxics & Pesticides Division (EPA) TPDU transport protocol data unitt (telecom.) TPG Technical Program Group (NRC committee) TPI technical proposal instructions tpi tracks per inch TPL transient protection limit TPL Tritium Processing Laboratory (Japan) TPM technical program manager TPM test planning meeting TPM thermal power monitor TPO technical project/program officer TPO test program office TPQ threshold planning quantity TPR technical project review TPS tritium processing system TPSAA test, pack, ship, assembly & acceptance TPT temporary power tap TPTF Two-Phase Test Facility (Japan) TPTH triphenyltinhydroxide TPX Tokamak Physics Experiment TPY tons per year TQAR technical quality assurance representative TQM total quality management TR technical representative/review TR Tech Reps TR temperature recorder TR Thunder Range TR time restraint TR Times Roman (font) TR topical report TR traffic TR trainer (nomenclature) TR transformer room TR (records) transfer request (form) TR travel request (form) TR tritium recovery TR tubular reactor T-R transformer-rectifier TRA test reactor area TRAC teacher research associate(s) TRAC training and analysis command TRAC transient reactor analysis code TRACER Transportable Remote Analyzer for Characterization and Environmental Remediation TRADE Training Resources and Data Exchange TRADE Tri-Area Association for Economic Development TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (U.S. Army, Ft. Gordon) TRAIN Transportation Assessment and Integration TRAM transient multiplexer TRANSX transport cross section (NJOY/ENDF) TRANSIMS Transportation Analysis and Simulation System TRC technical review committee TRC total recordable cases TRD technical records database (JCI) TRD technical requirements document TRD transition radiation detector TRD transit routing domain (telecom.) TRE total rare earths TRE turbidity removal evaporator TREAT transient reactor test TRED Technology-Based Regional Economic Development (Sandia) TREE transient radiation effects on electronics TRF temporary relocatable facility TRG technical review group TRG test review group TRI time-reversal invariance TRI toxic release inventory TRIB transfer rate of information bits TRIPS Travel Reporting/Information/Planning System TRIPSII Travel Reporting Information Planning System TRIR toxic relief inventory reports TRISP time-resolved infrared spectral photography TRIUMF Tri-Area University Meson Facility TRIUMF Tri-Universities Meson (Physics) Facility/ Factory (British Columbia, Canada) TRIV time-reversal invariance violation TRL Tritium Research Laboratory TRLN Triangle Research Library Network TRM Trailmaster (program) TRM trial run model TRM training reference manual TRM transuranic-mixed (waste) TRO temporary restraining order TROFF text/typesetter runoff (UNIX formatter) TRP technology reinvestment project TRP Tokai Reprocessing Plant (Japan) TRP tuition reimbursement program TRR test and research reactor TRRS time-resolved reflection spectroscopy TRS total reduced sulfur TRT token rotate time (network) TRU transuranic nuclides TRU transuranic/transuranium TRUEX transuranic (component) extraction TRUPACT Transuranic Waste Package Transporter TRUSAF Transuranic Storage & Assay Facility TRW TRW Inc. TS - TT TS technical specifications TS technical support (series) TS test specification TS top secret TS toxic substance TS treatment system TS tritium storage TSA (Alcoa ceramic composite) TSA target software agent(s) TSA technical safety appraisal TSA technical security area TSA technical support area TSA Technology and Safety Assessment Division, 10/93­ TSA Transuranic Storage Area TSAT saturation temperature TSC task sequence controller TSC Training Steering Council TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act (1976) TSCG Telecommunications Satellite Corporation of Japan TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures TSCM temperature scram circuit monitor TSCO top secret control officer TSD technical support document TSD transportation, storage, and disposal TSD treatment, storage, and disposal (also T/S/D) TSE technical surveillance equipment TSE tritium science and engineering TSEP Teachers' Summer Employment Program TSF Tritium Salt Facility TSF Tritium Separation Facility TSFF Tritium Science & Fabrication Facility TSG technical steering/support group TSH target sleeve housing TSI technical site information TSI TEMPEST security index TSI Transportation Safety Institute TSIG Trusted Systems Interoperability Group TSL Ten Site Laboratory (TA-35) TSM technical staff member TSM Tonopah Spring Member TSO technical support office TSP thrift savings plan TSP total suspended particles/particulates TSP training section procedure TSP treatability study plan TSP trisodium phosphate TSPA total system performance assessment TSPO Technical Support Program Office TSQ training staff qualifications TSR technical safety requirement/review TSR technical specification requirement TSR terminate-and-stay-resident (program) TSR thermal shock rig TSR total stress range TSRC technical security resources center TSS terminal security system TSS timesharing subsystem/system TSS total suspended solids TSS Transportation Safety System TSS tritium separation system TS&T technical, scientific, and trade study report TSTA Tritium Systems Test Assembly TSTE target source term experiments TSU Tsentral'noye Statisticheskoye Upravleniye; Central Statistical Administration TT temperature transmitter TT test temperature TT transition technologies TT tube trailer tt tube turns TTA Tiger Team Assessment TTAP Tiger Team Action Plan TTBT Threshold Test Ban Treaty TTC Transportation Technology Center TT&C telemetry, tracking, and control TTCAP Tiger Team Corrective Action Plan TTCS technology transfer & commercialization staff TTF transient time flowmeter TTFA target transformation factor analysis TTFN ta-ta for now TTG technical task group (State) TTHM total trihalomethane TTI technology transfer initiative (DOE) TTL technical team leader TTL time to live (IP packet header) TTL transistor-transistor logic (chip) TTLA Tiger Team at Los Alamos TTLC total threshold limit concentration TTO total toxic organics TTOC Tiger Team Operations Center TTP technical task plan TTR thermal test reactor TTR time to repair TTR Tonopah Test Range TTS temporary threshold shift TTS time-temperature-sensitization TTV tenth thickness value TTY teletype message TTY teletype/teletypewriter TU - TZ TU temporary unit Tuballoy "Tube Alloys Limited"; natural (or depleted) uranium TUI Trans-Uranium Institute TV time variance TVA Tennessee Valley Authority TVC Technology Ventures Corporation (1993, Martin Marietta) TVL tenth-value layer TVO total volatile organics TW tare weight TWA time-weighted average/authority TWA two-way alternate (see TWS) TWC tank, water, chilled/city/cool TWC Texas Water Commission TWF transuranic waste facility TWFM traveling wire flux monitor TWG technical working group, LANL LLC TWG test working group TWH tank, water, hot TWISP Transuranic Waste Inspection Project (Area G, TA-54) TWODANT Two-Dimensional, Diffusion-Accelerated, Neutral Particle Transport (Discrete Ordinates Code) 2,4,5-T trichlorophenoxyacetic acid TWRS Tank Waste Remediation System TWS two-way simultaneous (telecom.) (see TWA) TWT tank, waste treatment TWT traveling wave tube TWTSF transuranic waste treatment & storage facility TWX teletypewriter exchange service TWX teletype transmission TX tank, expansion/compression TY type (nomenclature) TZ treatment zone TZM The Zia Manual (Zia Co. Health & Safety Manual) U Return to Alphabet U uncleared U unclassified U unit (nomenclature) U up (quark) UA University of California Audits u.a. und andere; and others (German) u.a. unter anderem; other things u.a. unter andern; among others (inter alia) UAC user advisory committee UAE unrecoverable application error UAM urban airshed model UAP uranyl ammonium phosphate UAQI uniform air quality index UARG utility air regulatory group UARS Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (NASA) UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter UAS urban airshed (model) UBC Uniform Building Code UC unclassified UC University of California UCA ultraclean air UCB University of California at Berkeley UCC ultra clean coal UCC Uniform Commercial Code UCC utilities control center UCD University of California at Davis UCDI unemployment compensation disability insurance UCDRD University of California Directed Research & Development UCG underground coal gasification UCI University of California at Irvine UCIP Undergraduate Co-op/Intern Program UCL upper confidence level UCL upper control limit UCLA University of California at Los Angeles UCN ultra-cold neutron UCND Union Carbide Nuclear Company UCNI Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information UCOP UC Office of the President UCPAP UC Personnel Assignment Program UCR unconditioned response UCR undercolor removal UCR unit carcinogenic risk (probability per dose unit of producing cancer) UCR University of California at Riverside UCR usual, customary, and reasonable (health care charges) UCRL University of California Research/ Radiation Laboratory UCRP Univ. of California Retirement Plan UCRS Uniform Contractor Reporting Service (DOE) UCRS Univ. of California Retirement System UCS unconditioned stimulus UCS unconfined compression strength UCS Union of Concerned Scientists UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara UCSC University of California at Santa Cruz UCSD University of California at San Diego UCSF University of California at San Francisco UCSP upper core-support plate UCT universal coordinated time UDBR Upper Demonstration Breakout Room UDH Utah Department of Health UDP user datagram protocol (transport layer) UDRI University of Dayton Research Institute UE - UR UE uniform elongation UE United Electric UEIC Unplanned Event Information Center (RF) UEL upper explosive limit UF ultrafiltration UF uncertainty factor UF urea-formaldehyde UFIS user-funded interim storage UFL upper flammable limit UFSAR updated final safety analysis report UFT ultrafast track UGEX Underground Experiment (see AGEX) UGS undergraduate student (program) UHE ultrahigh energy UHF ultra-high frequency UHG ultra high gain (antenna) UHTREX Ultra-High-Temperature Reactor Experiment (1969) UHV ultrahigh vacuum UHVP ultrahigh-velocity projectile UHWM uniform hazardous waste manifest/material UI UNIX International UI unnumbered information UIC underground injection control (programs) UIC University of Illinois at Chicago UICC Union Internationale Contre le Cancer UIG underground injection control (SDWA) UIS user interface specification U.K. United Kingdom UKAWE Atomic Weapons Establishment (U.K.) UL Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. UL upper level ULAC uranium/liquid-argon calorimeter ULD upper level discriminator ULH unit labor hours ULISSES Uranium Line for Separation Science of Enriched Scrap ULMS undersea long-range missile system ULP unfair labor practices ULP upper layer protocol ULR Unassigned Land Reserve (TA-0) UMDO Utilities Department (JCI) UMT uranium mill tailings UMTRA uranium mill tailings remedial action UMTRCA Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act UN United Nations UN uranyl nitrate UNAMAP Users' Network for Applied Modeling of Air Pollution UNC University of North Carolina UNCERT (FLOWTRAN-FI with uncertainties) UNDP United Nations Development Program UNE underground nuclear explosion UNEP United Nations Environment Program UNGA United Nations General Assembly UNH uranium nitrate hexahydrate UNICOM unified communications UNICORN UNICOS Real-time NADIR UNICOS UNIX-based Cray Operating System UNILAC (accelerator in Darmstadt, Germany) UNLV University of Nevada at Las Vegas UNM University of New Mexico UNMA unified network management architecture UNM/LA University of New Mexico/Los Alamos branch campus UN/NA # United Nations/North America number UNR University of Nevada at Reno UNWMG Utility Nuclear Waste Management Group UO University Outreach UOGF uranium off-gas filter UOI utilities operating instruction UOR unusual occurrence report UORS unusual occurrence reporting system UP Union Pacific Railroad UP2, UP3 Usines (Unités) de production de plutonium (la Hague, France) UPC Uniform Plumbing Code UPC universal product code UPI upper plenum injection UPL unacceptable pollutant level UPO Utilities Program Office UPR uranium production reactor UPS uninterruptible power supply/system UPS ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy UPS United Parcel Service UPTF Upper Plenum Test Facility (Germany) UPW uniform present worth UR University Relations UR unsatisfactory report UR user requirement URA ultrareduced redundant array URA uniformly redundant array URA uniform resource address URA Universities Research Association URA uranium recycle acid URC ultrasonic resin cleaner URD underground residential distribution URL uniform resource locator (Web/Internet) URMA utilities replacement & modification accord URMF Underrepresented Minority and Female Program URN uniform resource name (Web) URR utilities external review board URSE University Relations & Science Education URSI Union of Radio Science International (French) URT upper respiratory tract URV unit risk values US - UZ U.S. United States (also US) USA United States Attorney USABC U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium (Chrysler, Ford, General Motors & EPRI; consortium) USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers USACM (U.S. Public Policy Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery) USAEC United States Atomic Energy Commission USAF United States Air Force USAKA United States Army, Kwajalein Atoll USASDC U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command USATHAMA U.S. Army Toxic & Hazardous Materials Agency USB universal serial bus USBM United States Bureau of Mines USC uniform (unified) soil classification U.S.C. United States Code USC University of Southern California U.S.C.A. United States Code Annotated USCG United States Coast Guard USC&GS United States Coast and Geodetic Survey USCS United States Commercial Standard U.S.C. Supp. United States Code Supplement USD upper structure dynamics USDA United States Dept. of Agriculture USDW underground source(s) of drinking water USEF Institute for Unmanned Space Experiments Force Flyer (Japan) USENET UUCP network USFS United States Forest Service USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service USGS United States Geological Survey USH universal sleeve housing USIA United States Information Agency USMA United States Military Academy (West Point) USN ultrasonic nebulization USNA United States Naval Academy (Annapolis) USNCB United States Naval Construction Battalion (SEABEES) USNR United States Naval Reserve USNRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission USNRDL United States Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory USPHS United States Public Health Service USPTO United States Patent & Trademark Office USQ unresolved/unreviewed safety question USRADS ultrasonic ranging and data system USS United States ship U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (obsolete) (also USSR) UST underground storage tank USTA U.S. Trademark Association USTENN University of Tennessee Center for Biotechnology USTR United States Transuranium Registry - Richland, Washington USWB United States Weather Bureau UT ultrasonic testing/transducer UT universal time (zulu, GMT) UTB uranium tritide storage beds UTC unit type code UTC universal time coordinated (GMT) UTCG Underground Testing Coordinating Group UT/CSD United Technologies/Chemical Systems Division UTIC universal tool interface coupling UTM Universal Transverse Mercator (coordinates) UTOS United Technology Optical Systems UTP unshielded twisted pair UTP urban transportation planning UTR university training reactor UTS ultimate tensile strength UU ultimate use/user UU ultimate user (packaging specification) UofU University of Utah UUCP UNIX-to-UNIX Copy program/network UURI University of Utah Research Institute UUT unit under test UV ultraviolet (also uv) UV undervoltage UV-A ultraviolet radiation-A range UV-B ultraviolet radiation-B range UV-C ultraviolet radiation-C range UVP ultraviolet peroxide UVSC uranium ventilation scrubber cell UV-VIS ultraviolet-visible (absorption spectrum) (also UV-vis) UWB ultrawideband UWO Undersea Warfare Office UWSFC United Way of Santa Fe County UXO unexploded ordnance UZ unsaturated zone UZM unsaturated zone monitoring V Return to Alphabet V vacation (attendance code) V V-Site (TA-25) VA Veteran¹s Administration VA vital area VA vulnerability assessment VAD ventricular assist device VADM vice admiral VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base VAFC VESA Advanced Feature Connections VAL vehicle administrative liaison VAM vibration acoustical monitoring VAMS Visits & Assignments Management System VAN value-added network VAR vacuum arc remelt VAR value-added reseller (agreement) VAR variance analysis report VAR visual-aural range VASA visual approach slope indicator VAT value-added tax VAT vinyl asbestos tile VAX virtual address extension (DEC computer) VB valance band VB vapor barrier VBE/AI VESA BIOS extension/audio interface vBNS very-high-speed backbone network server VBR variable bit rate VC vaporizer concentrate VC virtual circuit V/C vaporization/condensation VCA voluntary corrective/cleanuup action VCM vinyl chloride monomer VCO voltage-controlled oscillator VCP vitrified clay pipe VCR variable compression ratio VCR video cassette recorder VDI video device interface VDISK virtual disk VD/OS vacuum distillation/overflow sampler VdP Van der Pol VDT video display terminal VDTT velocity, density, thermocouple tree VDU video display unit VE - VJ VE (Isotope Production & Distribution fund type code) VE value engineering VE vertical elutriators VE visual emissions VENTSY ventilation system unavailability VEO visible emission observation VEOR variable efficiency output rhomb VER volume expansion ratio VERIP voluntary early retirement incentive program VERONICA very easy rodent-oriented net-wide index to computerized archives VES vapor extraction system VES Visitor and Educational Services, 08/80­ VESA Video Electronics Standards Association VF vaporizer feed VFC variable-flow cooling VFD volunteer fire department VFI void fraction instrument VFQ variable-field quadrupole VFR visual flight rules VFW video for Windows (Microsoft) VG vacation grant (attendance code) VGA video graphics array (IBM standard) vgl. vergleiche; compare (German) V&H vertical and horizontal (coordinates) VHAP volatile hazardous air pollutant VHEU very highly enriched uranium VHF very high frequency VHN Vickers hardness number VHO volatile halogenated organics VHRA very high radiation area VHS vertical & horizontal spread model VHSIC very high speed integrated circuit VHT vehicle-hours of travel VHT very high temperature VI vent isolation VI viscosity index VI visitor vi visual editor (UNIX) VI Visual Interface V&I verification and intelligence VIC vector in commander VICTORIA (fission-product transport code) VIDI/O video input/output VINES Virtual Networking System (Banyan) VIP very important person VIS visitor VISAR velocity interferometer system for any reflector VISTTA visibility impairment from sulfur transformation & transport in the atmosphere VITA Volunteers in Technical Assistance VITC vertical interval time code (SMPTE standard) VIV variable inlet vane VK - VR VKT vehicle-kilometers traveled VL various locations VL video local (Video Electronics Standards Association local bus standard) VLA very large array VLBA very long baseline array VL&C vulnerability, lethality, and countermeasures VL&E vulnerability, lethality, and effects VLF very low flow VLF very low frequency VLFC very low flow constant VLIW very long instruction word VLP viruslike particle VLS vertical launch system VLSI very large-scale integration VLSIC very large scale integrated circuit(s) VM virtual memory VM volatile matter VM voltmeter VMC valve maintenance corridor VM Channel video media channel (Video Electronic Standards Association) VME Versa Module European VME virtual memory extension VMOS vertical metal oxide semiconductor VMS Virtual Memory System (developed by Digital Equipment Corporation) V-MT vitrification using microwaves and thermal energy VNIIE (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Electric Power Engineering) VNIIEF (All-Russian Scientific Institute of Experimental Physics, Arzamas-16) VNIITF (All-Russian Scientific Institute of Technical Physics) VOA Voice of America VOA volatile organic analysis VOA Volunteers of America VOC (voice file, digital recording) VOC volatile organic contaminant/compound VO-COOP vocational cooperative student program VOF volume of fluid VOG vessel off-gas VOH volatile organic hydrocarbons VOM volt-ohmmeter VOS virtual operating system VOST volatile organic sampling train VOTS VAX OSI Transport Service VP vapor pressure VP variance propagation VP velocity pressure VP vice president VPCE vapor phase catalytic exchange VPM video profile monitor VPN virtual private network VPP Voluntary Prevention Program VQ vector quantization VR vehicle representative VR ventilation and radiation VR volume reduction VRAM video random access memory VRC vertical redundancy check VRE vibrating reed electrometers VRML virtual reality modeling/markup language VRS vacuum relief system VS - VZ VS vacation sick (attendance code) VS vapor suppression VS virtual storage VS VSM; visiting staff member VSAT very small aperture terminal VSD variable speed drive VSD virtually safe dose VSF virtual file system (POSIX) VSI visual site inspection VSM virtual shared memory VSM visiting staff member VSP vehicle survivability program VSP vertical seismic profiling VSP Vision Service Plan VSS volatile suspended solids VSSC Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (India) V/STOL vertical/short takeoff and landing VSWR voltage-standing wave ratio VSX verification suite for X/Open VT virtual terminal VT visual testing VT voting time (attendance code) VTC video teleconference (center) VTI Dzerhinskiy All-Union Institute of Health Engineering VTS vacuum thermal stability VTS vertical tube storage VU vector units VU veeder units (control rod position) VUL vulnerability (unit) VUV vacuum ultraviolet VV vapor volume VVCS vacuum vessel coolant system VVER vodo-vodyanoy energeticheskiy reaktor; Russian pressurized-water reactor VWE vanadium wire equilibration VWO valves wide open VWR VWR Scientific, Inc.; Van Waters and Rogers (in-plant store) VZMW vadose zone monitor well W Return to Alphabet W warhead (designator) W waste W Weapons Engineering Div, 7/48­9/72 W weekend shift (attendance code) W Westinghouse Electric Corporation W W Site (TA-41) W-2-W wall-to-wall (property inventory) W3 World Wide Web W-70 Lance missile warhead W-79 artillery shell warhead W-82 howitzer shell warhead W-84 GLCM warhead W-87 MX warhead WA (General Science & Research fund code) WA WA Site (TA-46) WA washer, air WA weapons assembly WA work assignment WAA waste accumulation area WAAS wide-area augmentation system (global satellite positioning) WABI Windows Application Binary Interface WAC waste acceptance criteria WAC WIPP acceptance criteria WACC waste acceptance criteria committee WACS work authorization control systems (DOE) WAD weak acid dissociable WAD work authorizing document WADS work authorization directives (DOE) WADTF Western Atmospheric Deposition Task Force W-AESD Westinghouse-Advanced Energy System Division WAFFOG wire and fluorescent fiber offset grid WAG waste area grouping(s) WAG wild-assed guess WAIS wide-area information server WAN wide area network WAND waste acceptance for nonradioactive disposal WANTO Weapons Agencies Nondestructive Testing Organization WAO wet-air oxidation WAP waste acceptance process WAP waste analysis plan (RCRA) WAP weapon appraisal process WAPA Western Area Power Administration WAPR weapon assembly product record WAPS waste acceptance preliminary specifications WAS work authorization system WASP waste accountability, shipping, packaging WATCHCON watch condition (intelligence) WATS wide-area telephone system WAV (sound wave file) WAVE (particle code) WB wet bulb WB whole body WBC white blood cell WBC whole-body count WBCN wide band communications network WBE women-owned business enterprise WBL Whitham-Bdzil-Lambourn WBNS water-boiler neutron source WBS work breakdown structure WC - WI WC water closet WC water column WC weather condition WCA Workers' Compensation Administration WCC Woodward-Clyde Consultants WCED World Commission on Environment & Development WCF waste-calcinating/calcining facility WCO wet catalyzed oxidation WCR weapons complex reconfiguration WCR/DC WCR/Washington, DC WCS waste compaction station WCWS window circulating water system WD ED-Site (TA-45) WD (Nuclear Waste fund type code) WD waste disposal WD weapon data WD wiring diagram (drawing no. prefix) WD withdrawn WDAS waste drum assay system WDC weapons depreciation costs WDID weapons diagnostic instrumentation and development (building) WDRG Washington Defense Research Group WDS water disposal system WDS wavelength dispersive x-ray spectroscopy WDSP Weapons Design Standardization Panel WDV water dilution volume WE weapon engineering WEAF Waste Examination Assay Facility (OR) WEC Westinghouse Electric Corporation WED waste engineering development WEFF Waste Encapsulation and Fractionation Facility WEL Women's Executive Leadership (Program) WELL Whole Earth Electronic link WEMPE wideband electromagnetic pulse environment WEP water-extended polyester WERC Waste Management Education and Research Consortium WERF waste experimental reduction facility WERL waste engineering research laboratory WESF Waste Encapsulation & Storage Facility WESST Women's Economic Self-Sufficiency Team WESTPO Western (Governors') Policy Office WET waste extraction test WET Weapons Engineering Tritium (S-Site) WETF Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (TA-16) WEU Western European Union WF2C WorkForce 2000 Council WFO waste facilities operations WFO work for others WFPM Western fine particulate monitoring WFQ waste form qualification WG waste gas WG water/wire gauge WG weapons grade WG working group (work group) WGA Western Governors' Association WGC working group coordinator WGI within-grade increase WGWA Working Group for Waste Acceptance WH warhead WH Westinghouse WHAP whole arm proximity sensor (Sandia) WHB waste handling building WHC Westinghouse Hanford Company WHIMS wet high-intensity magnetic separation WHO World Health Organization (UN) WHPP waste handling and packaging plant WHPP Wellhead Protection Program WHTS window heat transport system WI water intrusion WI weapon initiator WI working instructions WICEM World Industry Conference on Environmental Management WICI Women In Communications, Inc. WinDD Windows Distributed Desktop WIGGLE (time-dependent axial power distribution code based on 1-D diffusion theory) WILT waste interface leaching test WIMS Winfrith improved multigroup reactor (code) WIN waste information network WINCO Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company WINSOCK Windows sockets WIP work in progress WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (Carlsbad, NM) WIR weapon information report WIS weapon information system WIS Women in Science (program) WISE Women in Science and Engineering WISR Westinghouse Independent Safety Review WJ - WR WJSA W.J. Schafer Associates WKB Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (see also JWKB) WKS worksheet WKS workstation subsystem WL warning letter WL working level(s) (radon measurement) WLA wasteload allocation WLA/TMDL wasteload allocation/total maximum daily load WLD Water and Land Division (EPA) WLM working level month WLT weakest link theory WM waste management WM WM Site (TA-50) WM women-owned minority business WMAP waste minimization award program WMC waste management coordinator WMC waste minimization coordinator WMCO Westinghouse Materials Company, Ohio WMD Water Management Division (EPA) WMD weapon of mass destruction WMDO Work Management Department (JCI) WMF Windows metafile format WMFU Waste Minimization Facility Upgrade WMIN waste minimization WMIS waste management information system WMM weapon materials and manufacturing WMO waste management operations WMO World Meteorological Organization WMOSD Waste Management and Operational Surety Division (DOE) WMP waste management plan WMPO Waste Minimization Program Office WMR welding material requirement WMSC Waste Management Steering Committee WNINTEL (Warning Notice: Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved) WNR Weapons Neutron Research (facility at LANSCE, TA-53) WNRC Washington National Records Center WNT waste neutralization tank WO waste operations WO work order (request) WOC weapons operating costs WOCC waste operations control center WOG water, oil, or gas WORM write-once read-many (optical drive) WOS work order system WP warm pipe WP Warsaw Pact WP waste package WP waterproof WP word processor/ing WP work package/procedure WP work plan WPAS Work Package Approval System WPC Warrior Preparation Center (U.S. Army) WPC Weapons Programs Control (Rocky Flats) WPCF Water Pollution Control Federation WPCG Waste Package Coordinating Group WPCS window primary coolant system WPD weapon program description WPE word processing equipment WPF Waste Preparation Facility WPF waste profile form WPM words per minute WPR waste profile request WPR weapon product record WPRA wavy plate reactive armor WPRS waste profile request (form) WPS welding procedure specification WPSO WIPP Project Site Office WPTP work package task pages WQA Water Quality Act (1987) WQC water quality criteria WQCC Water Quality Control Commission, NM WQR welder qualification record WQT welder (performance) qualification test WQ&T water quality and testing WR war reserve WR Western Range WR wide range WRA water reducing admixture WRAP waste receiving and processing plant WRC Water Resources Council WRDA Water Resources Development Act (1986) WRD&T weapons research, development & testing WRI World Resources Institute WRITE Waste Reduction Innovative Technology Evaluation WRITE Writing Resources Interlaboratory Talent Exchange WRM wide-range monitor WRSM Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting WRSS water removal and storage system WRT with respect to WS - WZ WS weapon science WS width skew WS Women in Science (also WIS) WS worker safety and health (OSHA) WS work status WS World Services W&S wisdom and sense WSA wilderness study area WSC Washington Science Center (Rockville, MD) WSC waste stream characterization WSC World Space Congress WSCC Western States Coordinating Council WSCP water-soluble chelating polymer/ultrafiltration WSCS window secondary cooling system WSD Wage and Salary Dept, 09/54­01/80 WSF water-soluble fraction WSL Weapons Subsystems Laboratory WSMR White Sands Missile Range WSQ wavelet scalar quantization WSRC Westinghouse Savannah River Company WSRIC waste stream & residue identification & characterization WSS Windows sound system WSS work smart standards WSSRAP Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project (St. Louis) WT wall thickness WT waste transfer WT watertight WT weapon testing WT wild type WT work ticket WTE waste to energy WTF waste treatment facility WTPF Water, Toxics & Pesticides Staff (EPA) WTS wastewater and tank systems WTSHRD Water & Toxic Substances Health Research Division (EPA) WV West Valley WVDP West Valley Demonstration Project WVHLW West Valley high-level waste WVN water vapor nitrogen WVP waste vitrification projects WVQ wavelet vector quantization WWEMA Waste & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association WWF World Wildlife Fund WWG weapons working group WWMCSS worldwide military command and control system W/WTSD Westinghouse Waste Technology Services Division WWTP wastewater treatment plant WWW World Wide Web (network [CERN]) WX Design Engineering Division WYSIWIG what you see is what you get WYSIWIS what you see is what I see X Return to Alphabet X Applied Theoretical and Computational Physics Division, 10/93­ X Applied Theoretical Physics Division, 10/79­10/93 X Explosives Division, 8/44­8/48 X X-Site (TA-17) XA extended architecture XA (Uranium Enrichment fund type code) XAFS x-ray absorption fine structure XANES x-ray absorbtion near-edge structure XAS x-ray absorption spectroscopy XCL (command languages and shells) XCMD external command (HyperCard) XCS experimental contamination studies XDR external data representation XEDS x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer XENIX (SVID-compliant operating system) XFCN external function (HyperCard) XGA extended graphics array (IBM; obsolete) XID exchange information (telecom.) XINU (XINU is not UNIX) XIP execute in place XLO ex-cell-0 XLPE cross-linked polyethylene XMM x-ray multimirror XMTR transmitter XNET extended network (access system) XNS Xerox Network System XOR exclusive or XPG X/Open Portability Guide XPS x-ray photoelectron/photoemission spectroscopy XPVM executable parallel virtual machine (visualization tool) XR export reactor XRD x-ray diode XRD x-ray diffraction (techniques) XRF x-ray fluorescence XRPL x-ray proximity lithography XT extended technology (IBM, 1983) XTAL crystal XVS X/Open validation suite XU x units XUI X-Windows user interface XUNET experimental university network (AT&T) XUV extreme ultraviolet XUV x-ray ultraviolet XUV/FEL extreme ultraviolet free-electron laser X-WAV UNIX sound format Y Return to Alphabet Y (nuclear) yield Y yaw Y-12 (Oak Ridge uranium enrichment plant) YA (Energy Supply R&D fund type code) YAC yeast artificial chromosome(s) YAG yttrium aluminum garnet (laser) YBCO yttrium-barium-copper oxide (ceramic superconductor) YBP years before present Y/C luminance and chrominance (S-video) YLF yttrium lithium fluoride-trillium crystal YM Yucca Mountain YMCK yellow magenta cyan black YMMV your mileage may vary YMP Yucca Mountain Project YOW your own words YP yellow pages YR year YS yield strength YTD year-to-date YUV (tv color space in PAL, some NTSC formats) Z Return to Alphabet Z atomic number Z Ordnance Division, 7/45­3/48 Z Zulu; Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Coordinated Time z.B. zum Beispiel; for example (German) ZBB zero base budgeting ZEA zero energy assembly ZEM zero-effort miss ZGS zero gradient synchrotron ZHE zero headspace extractor ZID zone of initial dilution ZISC zero instruction set computer Z lock (device for temporarily securing classified material) Z number (LANL employee number; "Zia number") ZOI zone of incorporation ZOTT zeroing in on the truth ZPA zero period acceleration ZPG zero population growth ZPM zone project manager ZPSS Zion Probabilistic Safety Study ZRL zero risk level ZTO zero time outage